Chinese BY alai an Anural Rural Brenda Williams Honors English 1 June 2013 Chinese Proverb I sit there bored to death, waiting for my teacher to start teaching. “When will he speak? ” I thought to myself. Tick tock the time went by. Five minutes later, he proceeded to talk about what we were going to learn that day- the concept of velocity. I continued to sit there, zoning out, uninterested on what he had to say and FINALLY the bell rang! I approached to my next class and realized the Mr.. Cole had Just taught me a calculus concept and instead of learning it, I decided to daydream.

This is exactly what the Chinese proverb “Teachers’ open the door, but you must enter by yourself meaner. ” In my definition, this proverb meaner that a teacher can teach you a concept however she can’t make you learn it. Everything in life works the same way, my mom can cook food for me, however it’s my responsibility to eat it. This proverb corresponds to high school because it is a law in the United States for all children to attend some sort of institution, however we, as students are not fulfilling our responsibilities when it comes to learning the material.

An example would be, every ear I come to high school and take different classes, as well as learn different things. What also happens is summer vacation, in which I forget everything I’ve learned. The teachers’ provided me with an opportunity to educate myself (open the door) what I didn’t do is learn it ( enter the door). It’s not a loss to the teachers’ because they get paid for what they do, however, it is I as a student who suffers because I still have to become successful in life. My teachers have already reached success, it is I who still has to reach it because remember education is the key to success.


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