Ponomarev Andrey, 10 A.

Choosing a calling.

When you leave school you understand that the clip to take your hereafter profession has come. It ‘s non an easy undertaking to do the right pick of a occupation. I have known for a long clip that go forthing school is the beginning of my independent life, the beginning of a far more serious scrutiny of my abilities and character.

I have asked myself a batch of times: “ What do I desire to be when I leave school? ” A few old ages ago it was hard for me to give a definite reply. As the old ages passed I changed my head a batch of times about which scientific discipline or field of industry to specialise in. It was hard to do up my head and take one of the 100s occupations to which I might be better suited.

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There are many worthy professions, but non of them are in demand now. I think, now in Russia in demand are professions connected with economic sciences, computing machines, advertisement concern and touristry.

A twosome of old ages ago I wanted to go a life scientist. I thought it was a really interesting profession. I was good at biological science in school. But in the 9th
signifier I have changed my head: I already have wanted to be an economic expert. I thin

K I have an aptitude for working with figures and work outing mathematical jobs. And now I ‘m traveling to be an economic expert. I know that the life of a individual of this profession sometimes is really hard. The success of this occupation depends on endeavor, cognition and accomplishments of a individual. That ‘s why after school I would wish to come in to the State University-High Economics School. My parents are involved in this job. My male parent is working with immoveable belongings for about 10 old ages, my female parent is working in a music school. I think my future profession is suited for me, because I ‘m energetic, communicative and speedy by nature. These personal features will assist me to win in my calling, but I would wish to develop some qualities of my character, such as diligence, forbearance and forming. When you taking a future calling it ‘s a good thought to take different factors into history. I think, my future calling will fulfill me, will be well-paid.

Now I have n’t plenty knowledge to come in the university I ‘ve chosen, because the competition is really high. That ‘s why now I ‘m go toing particular classs and paying particular attending to Maths and English. I ‘m traveling to take tests by Mathematicss, Literature, English and Economics. I chosen this university because it ‘s really baronial and connected with my future calling.


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