Choosing a college can be a major decision in your life. I say this because your choice will determine the quality of education you will be receiving as well as shape your independence. During this essay, I plan to go over factors that should be acknowledged before selecting an institution of higher education. The items should be considered are deciding between a two year and a four year school, a large or small institution, and a local opposed to a distant university. The first obstacle is deciding which type of degree your after. The two degrees you have an option of pursuing are a two year (Associates) and a four year (Bachelor).

By selecting a two year term you would spend less time in school with an early beginning in your occupation. This means there would be less job opportunities leading to a lower starting salary. A four year degree offers more openings in the work field with a small hike in income. You will have to decide which type of degree suits your interests best. Your next decision should be whether you want to attend a large or a small campus. In large schools there is little student teacher interaction, in or out of the classroom. Smaller schools, however, do offer a bond between Mentor and upil which is needed for a first year student.

The problem with small colleges is that they are not well known and your employment can be effected by your schools status. The larger institutions make you more susceptible to distractions and can cause bad study habits to arise. With this decision you have to know yourself, meaning how dedicated you are in succeeding. The final hurdle your are faced with is deciding how far you want to travel to attend school. A local school offers security, and students with similar backgrounds. This makes it so you do not have to adjust too much.

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Attending a school far away is a reality check because you can no longer run to your parents when you have a problem. There are students with different backgrounds causing you to readjust your behavior to conform. The feeling of independence induces stress in young adults because there is no security blanket. Make sure your ready to be independent before traveling too far. As you can see picking a college is an important decision as well as a difficult one. So explore the options I presented to you first. They are how long, what size, and the distance you are ready to handle. Choose wisely for reality is at your door.


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