Christa Wolf Essay, Research Paper

Wolf, Christa ( 1929- ) , German novelist and litterateur, known for her novels about Germany during World War II ( 1939-1945 ) . Born Christa Ihlenfeld in Landsberg an der Warthe ( now Gorz tungsten Wielkopolski, Poland ) , she studied at the Universities of Leipzig and Jena from 1949 to 1953. In 1951 she married author Gerhard Wolf. After graduating she worked as a publishing house & # 8217 ; s reader and an editor until 1962, when she became a full-time author. Her first successful novel, Der geteilte Himmel ( 1963 ; translated as The Divided Heaven, 1965 ) , describes a relationship between a adult male who leaves the German Democratic Republic ( GDR ) , or East Germany, and a adult female who stays. Two of her ulterior novels, Nachdenken ber Christa T ( 1969 ; The Quest for Christa T, 1971 ) and Kindheitsmuster ( 1976 ; A Model Childhood, 1982 ) , examine the concluding old ages of World War II and the early development of the GDR. The first of these novels describes the life of a adult female and her early decease from leukaemia, which is described as a psychosomatic response to fortunes in her life that are subtly tied to the societal restraints upon persons in the freshly formed GDR. The 2nd novel is strongly autobiographical and combines mentions to existent events with a desc

ription of life in a conformist provincial town.

Wolf was a member of the governing Socialist Unity Party of the GDR until the party disintegrated in 1989. She was, nevertheless, removed from the East Berlin commission of the GDR Writers & # 8217 ; Union in 1976 after fall ining in protest against the backdown of citizenship from heretical vocalist Wolf Biermann. Wolf & # 8217 ; s controversial novel Was bleibt ( What Remains and Other Narratives, 1995 ) , written in 1979 but non published until 1990, includes an history of being under surveillance by the Stasi, the GDR & # 8217 ; s security service. In Auf dem Weg nach Tabou ( 1994 ; Separating from Phantoms, 1997 ) , a aggregation of essays, letters, and interviews, she reflected on German society after the reunion of East and West Germany and on her engagement with the Stasi. Her other works include Unter den Linden: Drei unwahrscheinliche Geschichten ( Under the Linden Trees: Three Improbable Stories, 1974 ) and Kein Ort Nirgends ( 1979 ; No Place on Earth, 1982 ) . Wolf & # 8217 ; s plants of nonfiction include Lesen und Schreiben ( 1972 ; The Reader and the Writer, 1977 ) , a aggregation of essays on the signifier and map of prose. Wolf was awarded the highest literary award of the Federal Republic of Germany, or West Germany, the George B chner Prize, in 1980.

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