The department manager holds a regular staff meeting with her four section heads confining each meeting to one chief problem. On this day, the subject was the ‘poor quality of the twenty supervisors reporting to the section heads. “We have a rather poor record in selecting good supervisors,” she began. “We may have five or six who are outstanding, but there are too many who are not. What do you people consider when you recommend candidates to me? ” “l think my best technical people make the best supervisors,” said one section dead. They have the respect of their associates and subordinates, who rate their technical competence highly. They can train new staff members very effectively, and pitch in to do the most demanding Jobs themselves. ” “Maybe that is Just the trouble,” said the department manager. “People like them may never learn to manage because they spend their time on technical work. ” Another section said, “l made my recommendation on the basis of seniority. It has popular appeal because everyone expects to be along this line. Do you think,” said the manager, “that age is the only, or most Important criterion for supervision? Such a practice conveniently Ignores everything learned about managing, or it assumes that the candidate has the capability to become proficient In management after getting the Job. Is this realistic? ” In the course of the meeting, other factors such as getting along with people, making good impression, having the capability for further promotion, and being able to exact responsibility were also considered.

The department manager was clearly restated and, as she ended the meeting, she marked, “Now wonder we have a 40% failure rate In selecting supervisors. ” l. Time Context: March 2014 II. View Point: Department Manager Ill. Statement of the Problem: ‘Poor’ quality of the twenty supervisors reporting to the section heads. IV. Objectives: Long Range Objectives 1. To double the corporation profit for the next 3 years. 2. To earn the target value of profit according on one year profit plan. 3. To expand more the corporation Short Range Objectives 1. To have more products on their corporation. . To serve the customers to the best service they can. 3. To gain the target value on every working month. V. Areas of Consideration: 1. There are still five to SIX supervisors who are outstanding, but there’s much more choosing the supervisors that supervise the corporation. 3. The department manager is not giving a set of goal on supervisors, reason why he is somewhat not satisfied on the supervisor’s action. VI. Alternative Courses of Action: 1 . Schedule a meeting for this situation and talk about how to do a specific good supervising on the twenty supervisors. 2.

The section heads should give the twenty supervisors a special training to be able to do their work on a proper way. 3. The department manager should give a specific requirement on the four section heads on recommending a candidate on the supervisor’s position. VI’. Recommendation: AC The Christian Corporation should help each other about obtaining their goal. They must do the best they can do for them to work properly according to what the department manager want to. VIII. Conclusion: 1 . Christian Corporation should make announcement meeting for twenty supervisors guarding to their special training. . Explain to them what their needs are and must on doing their Job. And give them advice on how they can solve or improve their skills on their Job. 3. Give a seminar that will teach them the advance supervising on the corporation in means of orientation. 4. Assign a good trainer on guiding your twenty supervisors who are lack on supervisor’s quality. 5. According to the result of the training, the twenty supervisors can be stay or demote on their position base on the effect of the training to them. By act la of ups


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