In this world many different nations have a set of morals. Though each culture has their own morals they still have the same fundamental principles. Morals in each culture are set by their respective religion leading the people in faithful and honorable lives. The most well known morals would have to be the 10 commandments set by Moses on the mountain. Many Americans have lost their touch with faith of any religion, which has lead to rise in murder, sex, and theft. Without a guiding light for lost souls people lead to artificial happiness such as coke, marijuana, LSD, and most popular, ecstasy.

Countries around the world have lost faith do to new advances in technology and science. At one time religion was to explain the universe and help cope with death, now it doesn t seem to explain anything, so people have lost touch with God. The fact is that without religion as people s main sense of being people start acting on their wants instead of their faith. People act on their sexual desires, wants for drugs, alcohol, and their hate for others. There has been a shocking rise in crimes in the last fifty years that in my opinion is directly do to loss of faith.

People don t see the crime in premarital sex and violence but what is really happening is people are getting amended to their fears. I believe that this country needs a renewal of faith starting with schools! This country has too many school shooting, teen pregnancies and disrespect to elders. I am not saying I am any bit better then the rest because I am just as guilty as the next one for doing morally wrong things but at least I saw the errors of my ways and looked to a higher power for my answers.

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Sin is more powerful than man and people need to recognize that only a higher power can lead then to truly divine happiness not only on earth for eternity. Christianity is a touchy subject in this world these days especially with the ACLU. Such groups like this are what are leading to teen suicides, Manson Music (underground movement), teen sex, and the lack of teen direction. The human s mind is polluted enough without the ACLU telling the masses that people don t even have the natural born right to pray in public.

I don t know how people are so blind to see God s presence. People across the world have lost their sense of value and place in the world. I think that if people could have a reformation then it would be for the better of the nations. Revelations 3:14 states the luke warm Christians shall be spewed out of God s mouth. By this God is meaning that people must be good Christian s not just good people. Countries need to unite and show people the sense of purpose in the world though morals set my religions.


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