Christopher Columbus Essay, Research Paper

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen-hundred-ninty-two. He came over from Spain in three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria and discovered America, or at least that was what I was taught in simple school. Since so there has been much contention traveling on over the issue of conditions or non Christopher Columbus truly “ discovered ” America because when he landed in San Salvador he was non entirely. Native Americans already inhabited the land and they had been at that place long before Columbus, but this doesn? t mean that he should be atacked stripped of his self-respect.

Reed Irvine, chariman, and Joe Goulden, manager of the media analysis for Accuracy in Media, province in the acticle History Should Continue to Acknoledge Columbus as a Inventor:

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The “ presence ” of the North American Continent had been known to the individuals populating at that place for centuries before reaching. But Columbus, and those who followed him, recognized the significance of the New World ; in this sense they surely deserve recognition for holding “ discovered ” America.

Over five hundred old ages ago he landed in the Americas and now we are get downing to oppugn conditions or non he should be given recognition for detecting America. This doesn? T seem menu. After so many old ages without contention it? s merely been late that we have started to oppugn the lagitamitity of his find. What brought on this sudden alteration? Possibly is was the coming of the five hundred twelvemonth jubilation of our state that brought this on, or possibly now some of the Native Americans are eventually get downing to talk out, but no affair what the ground may be it shouldn? T be taking topographic point. Columbus should still be given the recognition for detecting America. It was the first clip that anyone was recognized for set downing on a new continent and he still deserves regard.

Irvine and Goulden feel bad for Columbus, excessively. “ Poor Christopher Columbus. Five hundred old ages after the fact, the adventurer is beng stripped of acknowledgment as the adult male who? discovered? America and the New World. ”

There are many people who believe that Columbus should non be credited for detecting America because the Native Americans were at that place first. They owned and operated the land, therefore they had right to be on it. Columbus had no right to thrust ahead in, take over their small town and destruct all that they knew including them. This may be true, but accordng to Henry Noble Sherwood in Columbus and the Indians:

The Indians thought Columbus and his work forces had come down from Heaven & # 8230 ; [ and ] when Columbus and the crewmans went back to their ships, the Indians followed & # 8230 ; Over five 100s wanted to travel ; they thought they would make Heaven in this manner.

Columbus was like a God in the eyes of the Native Americans and they believed that he could salvage them. They followed him about and wanted to happen out more about these strage people who had landed on there district. The indigens saw no injury in Columbus and his work forces and offered them most of the things they had as gifts. They were willing to give the Europeans anything they wanted. All of the things the Europeans had were new to them. For illustration in Columbus? s ain diary, I Take Possession for King and Queen, he states that:

I showed one my blade, and through ignorance he grabbed it by the blade and cut himself & # 8230 ; They traded and gave everything they had with good will, but it seemsto me that they have really small and are hapless in everything.

Many people believe that since T

he Native Americans were so docile it was easy for Columbus to take advantage of them. However, since this was a new land to him he merely knew that he wanted to suppress it in the name of Spain for Ferdinand and Isabella. He didn? t realize that he was making anything incorrect. He lived ina clip of bondage and that was all he knew. It was a manner of his life, hence he brought it with him to the new universe.

Despite all of the negative conotations people have made in reguard to Columbus there are many good things that have evolved from him set downing in the Americas. Kirkpatrick Sale, a professional author, references in What Columbus Discovered:

What counts, what is perfectly important, is that with this act two immensely different civilizations, which had evolved on continents that had been floating apart steadily for 1000000s of old ages, were suddenlt joined. Everything of importance in the wining 500 old ages stems from that momentous event.

Sale goes on to name over half a twelve events that resulted from Columbus set downing in America, such as “ the rise of Europe, the creative activity of a nation-state and the laterality of scientific discipline ” to call a few. He? s non the lone 1 who believes that despite the agony of the Native Americans good came out of detecting America. Arthur Schlesinger, historian and two clip Pulitzer Prize victor supports Sale, in his article entilted Was America a Mistake? He believes that:

out of torment ( out, excessively, of self-criticism and bad scruples ) have evolved the great liberating thoughts of single self-respect, political democracy, equality before the jurisprudence, spiritual tolerance, cultural pralism, artistic freedom-ideas that emerged unambiguously from Europe but that empower people of every continent, colour, and credo ; thoughts to which most of the universe today aspires ; thoughts that offer a new and gererous vision of our common life on this mutualist planet.

Columbus merely did what was in his bosom. He was a crewman and wanted to happen a manner to India, so he thought that by sailing West he might be able to make India quicker so sailing aroung Africa. Had he non sailed west certainly person else would hold, but it was Columbus who landed in America. He was the 1 who had the inherent aptitude and aspiration to sail West. As Schlesinger put it:

What animated Columbus more so anything else, more than God or glorification or gold, must certainly hold been those cardinal passions of wonder and admiration, the response to the challenge of the unknown, the demand to travel where none had gone earlier. That everlasting quest for new frontiers continues today as tellurians burst tellurian bonds and get down the eternal ocean trip beyond planet and galaxy into the limitless dark.

That desire to travel where no 1 has of all time been earlier is inside of all of us. All of us enjoy researching new teritory that we have ne’er been on before. It? s that bang and exhilaration that fills our bosom and colloidal suspensions.

When Columbus landed on the new land he put a flag in the land claiming it for Spain. Then he met the Native Americans and was really friendly to them. “ I want the indigens to develop a friendly attitude toward us because I know that they are a people who can be made free and converted to our Holy Faith more by love thwn by force, ” Columbus wrote in his diary.

From everything that we know therefore far there isn? t a large plenty ground as to why we should all of the sudden halt acknowledging Columbus as the laminitis of our state. Therefore, he should be given recignition of his accompishments and still be known as the 1 who discovered America.


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