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A widely used separation tool

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Purpose: Given a sample of unknown ink, we were to utilize chromatography paper to find the individuality of the sample. And besides, we were to divide two dyes of different colour utilizing a silicon oxide gel column, made in lab.

Procedure: Lab manual Experimental Chemistry pg.47-50. There were no alterations made to this lab.

Experimental measurings and Datas: See affiliated page of consequences from the chromatography experiment. There was no information or measurings for the separation of the dyes utilizing the silicon oxide gel column.

Calculations and Data analysis: There were no equations used in this lab, it was a chiefly ocular lab. With the chromatography paper experiment, we were given unknown A. After puting both unknown A and a piece with the five pens on it in each of the terra incognitas ( H2O, non-acidic ethyl ethanoate, HCl and NaOH ) we had nice illustrations of capillary action. We looked at the unknown and whether it separated in comparing to all five ink samples.

Ink 1 Ink 2 Ink 3 Ink4 Ink 5 Unknown Angstrom


non-acidic ethyl ethanoate

HCl ( acid )

NaOH ( base )

From this chart, we could see that unknown A hour angle

vitamin D common traits with ink 3 through out each trial, plus by looking at the existent information ( affiliated page ) the colourss separated out and the tallness of the shed blooding column lucifer about identically. I would state that unknown A in ink 3.

With the separation of the different colour dyes in a silicon oxide gel column, we had a few jobs set uping an initial gel column. But after many failed efforts, we eventually got traveling. There was nil more to this portion of the experiment than to watch what would do each dye separate and how they would individually flux down through the silicon oxide gel. We so checked the concluding colour to find the sourness or basic quality of each dye.

Decision: Using the chromatography paper we discovered that unknown A was our ink 3. Judgment by, separation, colourss separated and tallness of the hemorrhage column, there were no close calls. There might hold been room for betterment in this experiment in that we put the ink points below the pencil line, non on the pencil line, so that we had to pt a VERY little sum of each liquid in each beaker, doing certain non to straight touch each point.

In the silicon oxide gel separation, there was room for betterment in merely set uping a silicon oxide gel column. It was hard to find how much glass wool we needed, with nil to travel by.


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