Due to lack of IT and IS they had lagging in the IT and also had old equipment which decrease employee’s productivity. In Order for home depot to improve, they had to do critical changes and invest millions of dollars. They had to upgrade IS to improve in-store technology, improve their website in order to capture the attraction of those customer who browse online before going to the store (e- commerce). With all the money that Home depot had invested in IT/IS, they were able to buy numerous quantity of a handheld device called ‘First Phone” to replace their old in-store computers.

With this device they are able to scan items while waiting in line, it also has a credit card scanner that provides a faster checkout. Also, another improvement was that from being a brick-and-mortar company they became a click- and-mortar, one of reasons were because of an app that they developed (mobile commerce). Analyzing this case as of management of networks for distribution of information for effectiveness of organization we can say that, Home Depot being the world’s largest retailer of home improvement and construction products and service as invested a lot of money to improve their networks.

By improving their networks it give them accessibility for the distribution of information through their entire organization. Since home depot is so big the distribution of information plays an important role, with a good distribution of information they become more effective by helping themselves and costumer. In this analysis we say its effective rather that efficient because they are improving instead of saving cost. With adopting this analysis we know that it is a great advantage for Home Depot because they increase heir profit by satisfying their costumer.

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Also, we can analyze this case by management of people for retrieval of knowledge for effectiveness of organization. If we analyze it this way we can say that Home Depot after investing in their IT/IS systems made people (employees) life easier for the retrieval of knowledge of the organization. Nowadays, most of the employees in Home Depot are equipped with the “First Phone”, having this device on them makes them knowledgeable of what they have in stock and what they don’t, and it can do many other things as well. With this knowledge it’s obvious that they are more effective.

In conclusion, by the different ways I analyzed this case we can see that both way it is an advantage for Home Depot. It increases its effectiveness as an organization which its important because it maintains the costumers satisfied Works cited: “# 1 Commercial Real Estate Information Company. ” Costar. N. P. , n. D. Web. 08 Novo. 2013. Marketing with Faceable I chose this case because its about a website that we use daily that have others functions than social networking. Faceable is an online social networking service that was founded in February 2004 by Mark Seersucker.

Nowadays, Faceable is the most used social networking service by worldwide monthly active users. The main idea of this case is that Faceable has developed a powerful targeted advertising which can be more personal, or “social”, than any previous type of advertising. Marketing has become very popular in Faceable since it has become a medium of advertising as well. The ads in Faceable appear on the right side of the page. Faceable has an automated ad systems that recognizes in what you are interest in called “target market”.

For example, if you are a baseball player and you post on your time-line that you broke your bat at the baseball practice, the automated ad Faceable system will let know some baseball bats developer that you broke your bat and some of their ads might show on your Faceable page. Faceable also has some technologies that we have discussed in class such as AJAX and tagging (product of Web 2. 0). These technologies are the ones that permit portions of the weapon to reload and allow us o tag people, which is really helpful for us.

This case can be analyzed multiple ways; analyzing it as management of policy for distribution of information for effectiveness of organization, we can determine that Faceable has some policies which the organizations who are interested has to agree in order to be advertised. Once they have settle an agreement Faceable has to distribute the information that the company wants with the specifications they required. When this information has been distributed it helps Faceable to be more effective because users realizes that hey can do a lot more things than communicate.

Also, user may see Faceable as an accommodation for what they are looking for and this also makes Faceable more effective because it attracts more users. This case can be also analyzed as management of processes for acquisition of information for efficiency of organization. Management of processes because Faceable being such a big organization which its getting bigger and bigger every day has to go through some processes for acquiring information from users or whoever they advertised.


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