Which statement best describes information that must be included in a consent form:
A description of the research’s potential benefits and risks.
Which statement best describes the role of an IRB:
a committee that reviews different types of human subjects research.
As a first step, what must be done before enrolling a young child in a research protocol:
the risks and benefits must be explained to the child’s parents or legally authorized representative.
Which of the following statements most clearly illustrates the principle of beneficence:
Determining whether the benefits of a study outweigh the risks.
Which statement most accurately describes the process leading to the development of the Nuremberg Code:
it was created in response to the harms caused by Nazi researchers around the time of the Second World War.
Which of following protocols is the one that is most likely to require IRB review:
A study to evaluate a newly designed wheelchair by asking elderly individuals to use it.
Which statement best describes what an IRB is responsible for reviewing:
Research involving a human subject.
Which of the following best describes when a protocol may be eligible for expedited review by the IRB:
The study involves no more than minimal risk and meets one of the allowable categories of expedited review specified by the federal government.

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