OOnly two of the largest cities in Sub-Saharan Africa are megacities. They are:
Lagps and Kinshasa
All of the following are major problems in most sub-Saharan African cities except:
maintaining subway systems and trolley lines
As cities in Sub-Saharan Africa have grown since independence:
patterns of government dominance have been replaced by more reliance on private enterprise
In terms of morphology, cities in sub-Saharan Africa are trending toward the:
hybrid model
The oldest region of urban settlement in sub-Saharan Africa was:
Upper nile and ethiopia
The historical centers of urbanization in Southeast Africa include cities on which one of the following lists?
kin, tim
“Desert ports on a network of caravan routes that crisscross the Sahara”: Which one of the following historical cities would be included under this heading?
Trading posts (and eventually cities) developed on the Atlantic coast of Africa as a result of contact with European nations. What nation was the first to sail south along Africa’s coast?
Beginning in the 9th century, cities on Africa’s Indian Ocean coast developed economically, culturally, and politically as a result of trade with:
The Arabian Peninsula and Persian Gulf
It grew into the “island metropolis of Eastern Africa” as the center of a mercantile empire whose tentacles stretched to the Congo. It later was refashioned by the Portuguese and then became a British colonial capital. To what city-state do these facts apply?
The township of Roma is now inhabited by Lusaka’s professional class. Under the British, it was inhabited exclusively by privileged whites. In both cases, Roma’s maids and gardeners come from the informal settlement to the northwest. This is an example of:
how segregation by race has been replaced by segregation by class
Which of the following statements is not true about sub-Saharan African cities?
Women are almost unrepresented in government and the professions
Dodoma, Lilongwe,Yamoussoukro, and Abuja are all:
new capital cities
Some cities such as Dakar, with nearby Goree Island, and Elmina, with its castle, are witnessing the growth of a tourism industry built on:
the history of the slave trade
French remains the national language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its cities as a result of being held by Leopold II, the king of:
Much of what comprises Kinshasa in both physical and economic terms is undocumented, giving rise to discussion of it as:
an Invisibile City
The first city in Africa to become the capital of a newly independent nation after World War II was:
Accra, Ghana
In the late 20th century, Ghana began to follow the World Bank’s recommendations for economic reform. As a result, Accra:
all of the above (decline in state-controlled business, new roads, foreign investment)
Lagos in the 20th century and Accra in the 21st century began benefitting from a new source of international earnings that enriched each nation’s economy. What industry was responsible for those new earnings?
offshore oil and gas
Of the following cities, which one had the smallest number of European settlers and therefore is the most deserving of being called “a bona fide African city”?
Which one of the following best describes the proportion of the population in sub-Saharan Africa which lives in cities?
only about 4 out of 10 people in sub-saharan Africa live in cities
has never been considered by Africans as a suitable place to live
In Nairobi during the colonial era, what group took up residence in the center of the city, becoming shop owners and merchants?
Apartheid in South Africa:
involved an effort to more efficiently utilize Black labor in the formal economy
The first European settlements along the coast of sub?Saharan Africa included St. Louis, Luanda, and Lourenco Marques (now Maputo). From what country did the settlers come?
Before 1956, Dakar served as the capital of the Federation of French West Africa. After 1956 it had been reduced to serving only as the capital of:
Which one of the following has been proposed to curb migration into Dakar?
Developing ecovillages in the countryside
The slums of former French-colonial cities in Africa are known as:
Most primate cities in Africa are challenged by:
al of the above (massive rural-to-urban migration, can’t keep pace with demand, wage gap)
“Splintering urbanism”:
means that part of a city is connected to the world economy, but most is not
What country is among the most urbanized in sub-Saharan Africa and has the most developed urban hierarchy?
South Africa
Pretoria came to be governed as part of a metropolitan municipality called Tshwane. Port Elizabeth came to be part of the Nelson Mandela municipality. What event led to this era of political reorganization and place re-naming in South Africa?
collapse of apartheid and beginning of democratic rule
The largest mining and industrial center in Africa, and a city built on gold, is:
Which one of the following is not true of the waste management problem in most large sub-Saharan African cities?
Efforts are being made to teach people how to burn their waste at home
Which one of the following programs could be instituted to reduce the push factors behind rural-to-urban migration in cities such as Dakar?
programs that strengthen agriculture and connect farmers to markets
In urban Africaa, all of the following forces have driven the trend toward ever more people engaging in multiple economic activities except:
government programs that help to reduce family size
Which one of the following sub-Saharan Africa countries has been identified as one of the BRICS?
South Africa
Kinshasa is often used as an example of relocalization. What is relocalization?
when a city becomes a set of distinct neighborhoods cut off from each other
In an example of a trend in using crowd-sourced information to reveal social problems, Kenya’s MacArthur Award-winning Ushahidi employs what technology?
Both A and B (text messaging and geographic information systems)
Elite housing estates on the outskirts of many Africa cities are often built with foreign capital. In the case of Silverest Gardens on the outskirts of Lusaka, that capital came from a company based in:

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