Engage in other activities d. Used a combination of A and B e. No preparation done at all Items 14-16: (For Government Employees only) 14. Category of government office where employed: a. National government b. Local government (province/municipal/ city) c. Government-owned or controlled corporation d. Constitutional office e. State college or university 15. Status of present appointment in government service: d. Contractual a. Permanent b. Temporary e. Substitute c. Casual/Emergency 16. Years of experience in government service: a. Less than 5 years b. 5-9 years c 10-14 years d. 15-19 years e.

More than 19 years Items 17 to 20: In which of the following types of work do you consider yourself best qualified? Choose ONLY TWO (2) from among the options listed in items 17-20. Shade the ovals that correspond to your choices. For example, if you think you are best qualified in budget management, and project planning/management, shade oval B of item 17 and oval C of item 19. Leave items 18 and 20 blank. If you think you are best qualified in research/report including statistical analysis, shade ovals A and B of item 20 on your Answer sheet, and leave items 17, 18 and 19 blank. 17. A. Accounting b.

Budget Management c. Buying/Purchasing d. Coordination e. Computer Operations 18. A. EDP Computer Programming b. EDP System Analysis and Design c. Human Resource Development d. Management and Audit Analysis 19. A. News/Feature Writing b. Personal Recruitment/Selection c. Project Planning/Management d. Public Relation Work e. Records Management 20. A. Research / Report Writing b. Statistical Analysis c. Stenography d. Supplies Management e. None of the Above * TEST BEGINS HERE * Vocabulary Directions: Choose from among the suggested answers the word that meaner most nearly the same as the word in capital letters.

On your Answer Sheet, shade completely the oval that corresponds to your answer. Nag thong LA Y ay melanoma amanuenses as Dungy. A. Main d. Papaya b. Bob e. Signaling c. Flyaway 22. There was BEDLAM in the courtroom after the Jury returned a verdict of not guilty. A. Merriment b. Dread d. Silence e. Contempt c. Commotion 23. The local official condemned the illegal taxes levied on the HAPLESS populace of the island. A. Unfortunate d. Frustrated b. Submissive e. Frightened c. Illiterate 24. The designer of famous line of clothes is the ERSTWHILE owner of a dairy farm. A. Famous b. Former c. Ewe d. Outspoken e. Wealthy 25.

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The whole nation expects the achievement of the economic recovery routine with the expression of apprehension and ALACRITY. A. Changes d. Determination b. Encouragement. Eagerness c. Confidence 26. The renowned princess was RETICENT about her personal affairs. A. Possessive d. Voluble b. Conscious e. Reserved c. Gushing 27. It is nasty to be with someone who makes FLIPPANT remarks. Revolting b. Disrespectful e. Serious irritating 28. Mr.. Richard YOU currently ROLLING IN MONEY. A. Very rich d. Famous b. Lacking money e. Successful in business c. Poor a. Lewd a. Enlighten d. 29. Alert alarm has been given to the police to MOLLIFY local rallies. . Support b. Enrage c. Appease e. Aggravate 30. Some locality experienced such QUAGMIRE situation especially in economic progress. A. Contents d. Trouble b. Gloomy e. Scenic c. Summary Synonyms/Easing-Aqualung Directions: Choose the word closest in meaning with the underlined word. On your answer sheet, shade the oval that corresponds to the number of the correct answer. 31 . Seen seeks vendetta a. Challenge c. Shelter b. Revenge d. Transport 32. Laconically agreed c. Accordingly a. Ignorant b. Stinking d. Repair 3. Myriad experiences a. Innumerable c. Harmless b. Confidential d. Fit 34. Gyrating planet a. Small b. Hot 35. No eon a. Miming b. Loss of air c. Big d. Rotating c. Abundant d. Indefinite time Antonyms/Saluting Directions: Choose the word opposite in meaning with the underlined word. On your 36. Replete facilities a. Full b. Lack 37. Abide a. Forget b. Rich c. Complete d. Content c. Loyalty d. Refuse to endure 38. Terse composition a. Expansive c. Short b. Change d. Abrupt 39. Gibe her with her work a. Provoke 40. Unison a. Melody b. Oblige c. Compliment d. Promote c. Tolerate d. Discord Error Identification/Packaging as Mali Directions: Each of the following sentences contains four/flee underlined parts, one of which may contain an error of some kind.

If there is an error in the sentence, shade the letter corresponding to the correct answer in your answer sheet. If there is no error choose “No Error. ” 41 . The special computer course will designed c for executives. No Error. 42. The examinees that take the test in Kidnap were from Marble. No Error. 43. A house is a dream to anyone, but when they do not come true, it’s sad feeling. No Error. 44. The rains where the farmers had long hoped or began four weeks ago. No Error. 45. It is much better if we go to Honking before first proceeding to Singapore. 46. More than 70 percentage of this task still has to be completed.

No Error. 47. If I were you, I would never permit them to took part on this activity. No Error. 48. Mr.. And Mrs.. Sheller invitation my parent’s and me to their daughter’s 16th birthday party. No Error. 49. Kneeler ten Tanner or one Nils Tour sons Is at fault in the accident. No Error. 50. The bunch of grapes in the fruit basket were ruined because of the fall. No Error. 51 . Gilligan raw nag Young presences as gabbing optimally. Waling mall. 52. Either Mar nor Clara is to be held responsible for the crime. No Error. 53. If he is right, then I was wrong. No Error. 54.

Kay viewed the people who meet him at the airport yesterday. No Error. 55. The leader said that no country have the right to punish its citizen from poverty. Sentence Correction DIRECTIONS: Read each of the following sentences carefully, then choose which among the several choices in each group is expressed most satisfactorily in terms of grammar and correct usage. On your sheet, shade completely the oval that corresponds to your answer. 56. . Bea believed that work sweetens life, that great men make history, and that industrialization spoils relationships b. Bea believed in work as a sweetener of among men. Fife, great men as masters of history, and industrialization as a spoiler of relationship among men. C. Work sweetens Tie, great men make history, and the spoiling of relationships among men by industrialization-these were the things believed by Bea. D. Bea believed that work sweetens life, that great men make history, and that relationships among men are spoiled by industrialization. 57. A. When a principal, in my opinion, has an argument with a student, He (principal) is usually right. B. In the case of an argument between a principal and a student, it is my opinion that the principal is usually right. . I think that when a principal and a student have an argument the former is usually right. D. In my opinion, I think when a principal has an argument with a student, he is usually 58. A. He stepped on the accelerator and soon made the motor purr. B. Soon after he stepped on the accelerator, the motor was purring. C. When he stepped on the accelerator, the motor was soon purring. D. He stepped on the accelerator, and the Sentence Completion Directions: In each of the following sentences is a blank space indicating that a word or group of words has been omitted.

From among the suggested answers choose the word or groups of words that best conveys the concept or meaning of the sentence as a whole. On your Answer Sheet, shade completely the oval that corresponds to your answer. 59. Titan’s friends were crooning d. Clamoring b. Bickering e. Guessing c. Butchering over who among them gets the largest pizza slice. A. 60. The between two brothers’ conduct may not be simply since they a. Similitude— studied in the same school and grew up in the same neighborhood. Fortuitous . Difference—unpredictable c. Closeness—astounding a. Ralston—surprising e. Similarity—expected 61. A. Layman b. Sarnia c. Amdahl 62. Myra d. Stake b. Stay pa nag kilos Eng bag nailing tutu’s. D. Asia e. Making beside me while I was being scolded by my father. A. Stood e. Taken 63. Urethra’s reason for dropping his subjects in school is his schedule are conflict with his work. A. Awhile b. Other than d. That Paragraph Organization/Pigtails c. Because Directions: Read the following groups of sentences carefully and answer the questions that follow. On your answer sheet, shade the oval that corresponds to the umber of the correct answer.

A. You will notice that it has five strings. B. The smallest produces the highest pitch. C. The largest string produces the lowest pitch. D. Each string when plucked produces a sound different from the others. E. Take a close look at a guitar, a familiar instrument to all of us. 64. What should be the first sentence? 65. What should be the fourth sentence? 66. What should be the last sentence? A. Adagio pa riot nag wasting pigtail Eng mega sump’s an amalgam as piggyback-din as amalgamating Salina o vanguards an Gilligan as pusillanimity. B.

Gung pompano nag await at assay ay knaggy bigamy as attain Eng Keynesian billing signing, nag inning as pusillanimity ay mantillas as mammas an passageway-Hanna Eng mega amalgamating Caspian an paragraphing Eng mega taxpaying. C. Simulated, nag gaining Eng pusillanimity ay inhabitant as thong massaged into. D. Nag pusillanimity ay ‘sang signing. N ma Koala an nag Data multinational ay may gargling still Eng passageway Eng Caspian, unguent Gilligan din nag passageway as paginating Eng mega Salina at wasting appear Eng pigtails as tangential. 67. Anon nag kiang backgrounds-sound Eng mega vanguards?


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