Title: The Battle of Antietam and Resorting to the Emancipation Proclamation I. The significant major events or actions taken place by the Union at the start of the Civil War were the Blockades, The Battle of Antietam, and the Emancipation Proclamation. A. Concentrating on the south’s principle ports. 1. The North held blockades on the South’s ports and coastal routes. a. It would Holt any economic growth that the South received through trade and commerce such as transportation of cotton. . It would also prevent any plans of attacking around the coastal ports that would hurt the North immensely.

2. The Confederates create the Merrimack. a. It was a US wooden ship that was plated with armor. b. It was a potential threat to Northern blockades since it could break through wooden Union wooden ships. B. The Union quickly responds to the Merrimack 1. The Union’s iron clad ship met the Confederate’s Merrimack to a fight till eradication on March 9th 1863. . The south took no chances so they destroyed the Merrimack before the Union could although both boats weren’t capable enough a longer battle since they needed to be both steamboats and armored. II. The Battle of Antietam’s Outcome A. The Union still has a chance to prevail the Civil War 1. As Robert E. Lee continued to crush the Northern forces battle after battle both forces met again at the Battle of Antietam.

2. General McClellan of the Union was barely capable of holding back the Confederate forces from moving in any further after discovering Lee’s plans now the North had experience and now hope to win the war against the Confederation. B. The Emancipation Proclamation Establishment 1. President Lincoln freed the slaves to undermine the Southern labor and disrupt the South’s dependent economy on the slave trade. 2. Freeing the slaves also worked to the Union’s advantage as Blacks began to be enlisted in the Army to help out the cause of war.

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III. Each of these events or ctions was a big factor in determining the continuation of the Civil War. The Blockades determined whether the war was going to be an easy win for the North, which it was not. The Battle Antietam gave the Union that continuing hope and chance to be able to take the victory of the war from the Confederates and the safety of not having to fight against any other foreign power. The Emancipation Proclamation also helped weaken the South’s economy and add to the North’s workforce and manpower of the war. That is why they are very vital functions of the Civil War at the time.


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