The applicant will need to be well-presented, remaining professional at all times and take punctuality seriously. They will have excellent communicate skills with consideration to peoples’ individual needs at all levels. They will need a good understanding of both verbal and written English.

The applicant will also need to be a confident and approachable individual with excellent communication skills, with the ability to liaise with all persons, both internal and external and within the organization. The applicant will have excellent organizational skills, be able to multi-task, and have the necessary skills to manage and co-ordinate business events. Organizational skills will be key for diary keeping, and keeping to tight time scales and so will need to be good at proportioning their workloads.

They will often be put on the spot to handle last minute travel arrangements and reducing documents so will need to be able to use their own initiative. The applicant will need to be flexible and adaptable as they may be required to work longer hours in order to get jobs done. They will need to be proficient in taking down notes as they will be attending meetings with the General Manager. They will have to deal with all correspondence, incoming and out- going mail, through which some will incorporate managing budgets and so will need financial skills with a good understanding of mathematics.

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Due to handling all mail and e-mail the applicant will need to be fully aware and take into account the guidelines of confidentiality. This position can become a fast pace working environment and so the applicant will need to be quick on their feet, and remain calm under pressure and be able to handle tough situations. They will need to be good in problem solving and be confident in voicing ideas and making decisions. They will need to be confident in doing research and presenting their findings.

The applicant will need to be computer literate ND proficient in programmed such as Word, Excel, Database, Powering and Access. They should also be confident in using email, fax and have an excellent telephone manner and be confident in screening calls The chosen candidate will also be a support system for the administration team and so will need to be on hand to take on tasks as and when required. They should have the prerogative to go the extra mile and attend administration team meetings, so they are up to date with all that the companies got going on at current times.


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