1. The marketing objective at this point in time is to make the brand truly local by using a bespoke marketing campaign. They are planning to do this by advertising in the football leagues. The 7m-sponsorship deal will target the fans of all 72 football teams in the league. They are trying to show the fans that coca cola is supporting them and their team.

2. Coca cola have used various types of information to decide on there objective. One of the main factors was that coca cola believe if they can get football fans to become as loyal to them as they are to there teams they will have a large loyal customer base. Coca cola will also benefit from being able to sell coke at the ground as well as advertising on TV and on merchandise that is linked closely to football.

3. There are various advantages and disadvantage with this form of marketing. An advantage is that football is a global market and people watch the British league from all over the world so this will give coca cola worldwide advertising. They will also hopefully benefit from loyalty from the football fans and even when the sponsorship is over the fans will continue to drink coke. There are a view disadvantages with this campaign such as they have created many different versions of there logo to try and make each club feel individual but this may damage the company mage by making people not sure which symbol is correct and people may think that the coke is different or has changed.

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Coca cola and lifestyle

1. The objective of this marketing campaign is to try and promote healthy living and a healthy diet. They are planning to do this by promoting coke as part of a a balanced diet with diet coke and caffeine free coke. They also are sponsoring lots of sports events which more than 100, 000 people take part in every year

2. Coke have decided to take this approach because of the new trend in healthy living with the government looking to ban adverts for junk food and soft drinks which are aimed for school children. Coke have realised that they will greatly benefit from making there image a lot more healthy so that they are accepted as an every day substance and not something which is very unhealthy.

3. The advantage of this objective is that they are opening themselves up to a new market as a brand which is selling a more health product. They are aimed at the mass market but if parents believe that coke will not harm the kids they are more likely to let them have it on a more regular basis. As they are linking them selves with sports event in great Britain this is also promoting they are aware of health and it is trying to show there product has role in a healthy life style. This marketing objective has also got some disadvantages such as that coke is still not good for you no matter how it is advertised they have brought out more healthy versions but it still isn’t thought of as good for you. So this mat cause the campaign to not be as effective as first thought

Coca Cola and the Football Leagues Extended

4. Coca cola could control and review its marketing success within the football leagues by looking to see if the sales have increased in the areas where they have localised and sponsored a football club. They could also see if the size of the club influences the effectiveness of the campaign. Such as when arsenal win the league do sales of coke increase more in north London opposed to in Bolton who came 12th for example. Because if this was true it may be making the point that coke is a winning product so this would be a plus for coca cola. They could also could see if the new specific logos had any effect such as was the dark red logo proving to be more of a success than a white logo this could be judged on sales per person and the ground with the specific colour logos.

5. An external influence is something that can effect the business but is out of the business control such as a new policy brought in by the government. There are various external influence which may effect coke and influence the chances of success. The market is very competitive so they have to be constantly monitoring the success of other similar products such as Pepsi that if they had a more successful campaign may cause coke to loose the market leader status. So the demand for the product will be falling. This could be cause by social factors such as belief that coke is unhealthy and the exact opposite to what a athlete should be consuming.

It could also make a difference where coke is in the business cycle and if it is in maturity the campaign may keep it in maturity by acting as a extension strategies and prolonging the product life. the macro economy will also play a big part if the e economy is doing very well and there is near full employment more people will be able to afford going to the football so there will be a larger market. So to evaluate I would argue that the external factors can have a large influence of the success because they will greatly effect the demand for the product which is the basis of the strategy, to increase demand for coca cola.


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