1. Mercantilism- WHO: Colbert “Father of Mercantilism”
WHAT: economic policy designed to convey net income to a state to construct its imperium ; settlements could merely merchandise w/ place state ( Navigation Laws ) WHEN: 1700s
WHERE: Spain. England. France. Dutch
WHY: close authorities control of the economic system that sought to maximise exports and roll up as much cherished metals as possible to enable the province to support its economic and political involvements 2. Atlantic Economy- WHO: Adam Smith “Father of Capitalism” WHAT: displacement of economic power from the Mediteranean to the Atlantic WHEN: 1700s

WHERE: England & A ; France ( Rivals )
WHY: the economic system surged after the Agriculutral and Industrial Revolution ; the turning imperiums and abroad settlements contributed. and the slave trade began 3. Boston Massacre- WHO: George 3rd. English Colonists. British soldiers WHAT: 5 settlers were shot by British soldiers in a hassle on the street WHEN: 1770

WHERE: Boston. Massachusetts
WHY: the British had occupied the English settlements to implement the new revenue enhancements. but the settlers invariably refused which created tenseness and perturbations b/w the soldiers and the settlers 4. Whigs- WHO: Whig = John Locke. George 3rd

WHAT: Whig = Parliament should work under royal ( NOT aristocratic ) authorization WHEN: mid-late 1700s
WHERE: England & A ; American Colonies

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5. Stamp Act- WHO: George 3rd ( King of England ) Parliament WHAT: put a revenue enhancement on legal paperss and other points
Congress = protested the Crown ( no revenue enhancement w/o representation ) WHEN: 1765
WHERE: England ( revenue enhancement on American Colonies )
WHY: settlements resistance to revenue enhancements led to tension b/w them and England which set the phase for the American Revolution 6. Treaty of Paris- WHO: George 3rd
WHAT: England defeated France & A ; France gave up much of it district: Britain received… 1 ) all of Canada. Ohio River Valley. & A ; E of MS River
2 ) gained Florida
3 ) restored Cuba to Spain
WHEN: 1763
WHERE: England

WHY: ended the 7 Years’ War doing Britain a World Power and increasing tenseness b/w France & A ; England 7. War of Austrian Succession- ( 1740-1748 ) War fought between Prussia and the Habsburg Empire over the Ascension of Maria Theresa to the throne. 8. The Flota system- Each twelvemonth. a fleet of commercial vass. controlled by Seville merchandisers and escorted by war vessels. carried ware from Spain to a few specified ports including Portobello. Veracruz. and Cartagena on the Atlantic seashore. Ships were so loaded with gold and Ag for conveyance back to Spain. Trade outside the flota system was banned. 9. Intendant- instituted by Charles III system which relied on loyal. royal administrative officials to function as agents of the royal disposal. 10. Peninsulares: individuals born in Spain who entered the New World to make full stations. which were normally the most profitable occupations in the part. 11. Seasoning- was the procedure through which late arrived Africans were indoctrinated with the thought that they were no longer free.


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