While the Indiana University of South Bend has a college acceptance rate of 71% of all admissions, this does not include rates of being accepted into a field of health science. As a recent project for my Junior English class, we are writing a persuasive letter. My purpose for writing the letter to you is simply this: there needs to be more acceptance rates for students pursuing a career in the health sciences department. In 2012, 15% of all students who attended JIBS were enrolled in some type of health professions, which is the third most popular degree.

If you accepted more people onto the health science programs, it would be the most popular degree request here. My dream career is to become a dental assistant as well as a dental hygienist. During an interview with dental secretary Sue Skycap, she told me that over 100 applications are sent in and only 30 are selected. She also told me that the number of applications has decreased because an associates degree is no longer offered.

While I completely understand the need for a more personal level with the students so they are able to get the help needed, a lot of the time the students who are accepted into the dental program realize It Is not the Job they thought It would be. A person may have great test scores and get accepted into the program, but find out they are no longer interested in dental hygiene. Therefore, the student who was not so great at taking tests Is no longer eligible.

You cannot see the passion a person has for a career based on test scores; you need to get to know the person. There needs to be more acceptance rates for students pursuing a career In the health sciences department. Let’s face It, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dentists are always going to be n high demand because the goal of preventative dentistry Is for people to achieve optimal oral health throughout their life, and who does not want healthy, beautiful teeth?

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I feel the need to allow more people Into the dental program because not only would It benefit the college Itself, but It would also benefit the students wishing to pursue their dream career and start supporting themselves as soon as graduation. This Is essential because as previous generations of dental workers retire, my generation Is able to get a Job when they graduate from USB.


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