All athletes that are good at the specific sport get a scholarship. Which pays for university fees, tuition, meal- plan, room and board, and expensive textbooks that they all will have to share but what about the athletes that are not good at that particular sport and don’t get a dime but go to practice faithfully and go to all the games. Should those players get paid? Yes, they should all get a paycheck once a week or every two weeks because training for a sport is like having a full time job. On a typical day, a player will wake up around AAA. M. Fit some weights, go to class from 1 2-up. M. , eat lunch at up. M. , and have practice from up. M. Until pop. M. , then maybe get some homework or study time in. These students can’t have a job especially if they are typically practicing all day, or lifting weights and having seasonal games. Another reason, why athletes should get paid during any sport season is because they don’t have any extra money, their sport scholarship only pays for the simple school fees but what about as money, spending money like going out to the mall with friends one day.

Most people don’t look at the fact that athletes have to dress up three times in a week but since they can’t work and some player’s parents don’t have any money. Where are they going to get the money to buy causal clothes to wear during the week? Most intuition make college athletes pay for a counselor who will come and talk with teammates individually so they can stay focus while attending school and the counselor also teach the athletes how to engage family and friend situations as well intimate relationships.

Most athletes can’t be in any type of social life because sports are like Lockwood, they only think about eat, sleep, practice, and class. Last reason, athletes should get paid because they bring the school enrollment up because of the athletic programs. Most sports are profitable through ticket sales, advertising the NCAA tournaments, donation, raffle tickets, and breaking school records.

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