The skit shown in class about two men applying for a job illustrated the concept of
The idea that our past experiences lead us to see the world in a particular way that is difficult to change is called
perceptual constancy**
Aristotle introduced the concept that effective communication is comprised of
Different types of appeals.
(Ethos, Pathos, Lagos)
The SMCRE model of communication identifies
A. communication mediums
B. individuals involving communications
C. variables of communication
D. all of these
D. all of these
Which is the best example of an advertising slogan designed to appeal to the self-actualization need?
“Be all that you can be.”
All e-mails related to this course should be sent
via Webcourses mail**
Perceptual checking is a skill that helps us
Understand another person and his or her message more accurately
In his famous speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., repeated the phrase, “I have a dream.” Using the same word or phrase repeatedly throughout the speech to emphasize the essential point that the speaker seeks to convey is known as:
Which of the following is defined as the idea that what people perceive is influenced by the language in which they think and speak?
Linguistic relativity hypothesis**
According to the NSA, the MAIN lesson to be learned from the “mokusatsu” incident is
every word doesn’t have an analog in every language.
“Her mind is as sharp as razor wire” is an example of:
“Do not underestimate the powers of the emperor, or suffer your father’s fate you will.” This is an example of
In the video shown in class, when Donna said “Everything’s fine” to Eric her nonverbal code __________________ her verbal code.
contradicted (?)
Nonverbal communication is
always silent
Research shows that innocent people being questioned by the police
tend to change details in their story more than guilty people (?)
Kelly got an A in COM 1000, Kim got an A in COM 1000, Tom got an A in COM 1000. Everybody gets an A in COM 1000.
hasty generalization**
The president of the United States is like the CEO of a corporation and his senate is like his board of directors.
false analogy**
Vote or die.
false dilemma**
Everyone knows that taxes are bad for the economy.
Argument Ad Populum**
Because the Great Depression began during the Hoover presidency, his economic policies were the primary cause.
Post-Hoc ergo Propter-Hoc**
Upon walking into a crowded bar on a Friday night, Daniel begins to get uncomfortable because it is so crowded. There are many people very close to him and some even bumping into him as they pass. These people are in Daniel’s
intimate space.**
Which of the following is a metaphor?
A. The dude looks like a lady
B. Your mama is as big as a house.
C. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.
D. Like it or not, coffee is a jump start for the brain.
D. Like it or not, coffee is a jump start for the brain.**
Parallelism involves
A. using words of comparable length.
B. presenting similarly phrased ideas in succession.
C. using direct comparisons.
D. using the same or word or series of words in succession.
B. presenting similarly phrased ideas in succession.**
Who is more likely to use touch as a means of communication?
A. Whit American form Salt Lake City
B. An English gentleman form London
C. A black woman from Puerto Rico.
D. A Frenchman from Paris
C. A black woman from Puerto Rico.**
In the video shown in class during the lectures on Non Verbal Communication, Donna’s movement in relation to Eric and Chrissy’s movement in relation to Mike indicate the concept of
A. paralinguistics
B. physical attraction
C. proxemics
D. cronenics (?)
C. proxemics**
Which of these statements about nonverbal uses of space is false?
A. Strangely enough, people tend to stay far apart in small places like an elevator.
B. Americans tend to stand much closer to each other than people from other countries.
C. Strangely enough, people tend to stand close together in a large space, like an auditorium.
D. back yards…
B. Americans tend to stand much closer to each other than people from other countries.**
When a speaker says “Omina show ya allah the things yer gonna be needing’ to buy,” the speaker is using
A. poor pronunciation
B. poor use of inflection
C. poor use of emphasis
D. poor use of articulation
D. poor use of articulation**
Paralinguistic cues indicate all of the following except
A. emotional states
B. personality characteristics
C. intelligence
D. physical characteristics
C. intelligence**
Which statement about clothing and the perception of others is not verified by research:
A. Clothing is often stylized by woman as the most important characteristic of describing someone’s popularity.
B. Brightly colored clothing is associated with sophistication, immortality & physical attractiveness.
C. Clothing and artifacts are unrelated of how susceptible we find other people to be.
D. Clothing affects others impression of status.
C. Clothing and artifacts are unrelated of how acceptable we find other people to be.**
In the “Seinfeld” episode shown in class, George hooking up with Sylvia after she shows a positive interest in him is an example of the ______ motivation for initiating a relationship.
A. contextivness
B. defensiveness
C. responsiveness
D. complemnatrity
C. responsiveness**
Individualistic cultures tend to be ______ context cultures.
In the “Seinfeld” episode shown in class, Jerry suggest Elaine take the subway home after their bowling expedition. Elaine complains that she ha nothing to read on the subway and would rather Jerry drive her home. This statement on Elaine’s part is an example of compliance-___________.
A. resisting
B. contesting
C. gaining
D. maintaing
A. resisting**
Japan and France are examples of uncertainty-_________ cultures.
In the “Seinfeld” episode shown in class, when Jerry stops himself from saying “scalper” he is exhibiting a communication behavior called ______________.
A. chronemics
B. code sensitivity
C. diatonic transileralism
D. argumentativeness
B. code sensitivity**
Which of the following is the best example of selective attention?
She immediately spotted the guy with the earring who looked so much like someone she had known before.
Which of the following activities does NOT occur in perception?
In reference to chronemics, relaxed people might ___________, whereas task-oriented people ___________.
Arrive and leave late; arrive and leave on time or early
Those cultures that rely heavily on subtle nonverbal cues to convey meaning utilize which of the following orientations?
High context
According to William Schultz, three interpersonal needs that are satisfied through interaction with others are
inclusion, affection, and control
Which of the following best typifies the meaning of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?
Your language shapes your perception
Which of the following is NOT necessarily part of the process of listening?
The receiver responds with a return message
Unique combinations of rituals, religion, thought patterns, and behaviors are known as:
What type of information includes general audience characteristics such as age, gender, and education?
According to the SMCRE model of communication, which of the following best describes the environment of a speaking occasion?
The situation or context in which the speech takes place**
When “Bill O’Reilly” asked “Dr. Susan van Etten” if she had ever been to Alaska, he engaged in a(n)
red herring**
Asked to support his assertion that a particular team will not win the championship, a sports commentator says, “They won’t win because they won’t be able to put enough points on the board.” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
begging the question
“I say the Democratic Party leadership conspired to keep details of the Foley scandal quiet until right before the November election. Can you prove that they didn’t?” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
ad ignoranti
Richard Nixon’s “Checkers” speech is famous for employing what logical fallacy?
red herring**
According to Hiscock-Anisman, an honest person
“Of course we cannot take seriously Senator Smith’s objections to affirmative action; his womanizing is well-known.” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
ad hominem
“It is a mistake to allow assisted suicide. That will just open the door to forced extermination of anyone society feels is too old or too sick.” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
hasty generalization
In the Middle East, a traditional Arab woman knows one of the rules of her culture is that she is to walk a few paces behind her husband. What type of culture is this?
Implicit-rule culture
Which of the following is FALSE regarding our need for intercultural communication.
Increased exposure to others from different cultures requires a need to communicate interculturally.
When Jerry gives Elaine a TV Guide to read on the subway ride home, it’s an example of _____________ behavior.
compliance gaining
When Lisa is out at a restaurant or cafe with her friends she is very informal. At work, Lisa is a completely different person. She dresses and acts professionally. What type of behavior is this?
After arriving in the United States to begin work on his masters degree in business, Shoko found that the best way for her to fit into her new surroundings was to begin dressing like her fellow classmates and developing interests that were similar to theirs. Which type of goal is Shoko attempting to achieve with this behavior as a member of a marginalized group?
The Amish in the United States use the ___________ in order to protect their way of life.
separation goal**
Assif Mandvi’s imitation of an American answering a call for “tech support” was an example of
“Of those polled, 55% indicated that they certainly would buy a gun; another 20% said they would strongly consider it. Clearly, gun ownership is a right that needs to be protected.” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
ad populum
“Mr. Young, I studied my notes and the chapters for 18 hours before taking this exam and all I got was a C. I deserve a higher grade.” This argument fails the standard of
An extrovert being friends with an introvert demonstrates what type of relationship?
Commonly known as the “bandwagon” appeal, the argument that a policy is right merely by virtue of favorable public opinion support is known as what kind of argumentative fallacy?
ad populum
The Frye standard refers to
the admissibility of scientific evidence in court
“Smoking among teenagers is increasing. Teenagers are also more involved in violent crimes than they used to be. We need to ban the sale of cigarettes to kids under 18 before our cities turn into violent war zones.” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
post hoc
Who once said, in a celebration of English royalty, “Give three cheers for our queer old dean?”
The Rev. William Spooner
“FunGals” is an unfortunate employment of what rhetorical device?
Which of the following examples best depicts the denotative meaning of a word?
Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy in the first trimester.
Which of the following is an inference?
The road appears dangerous for travel..**
Semantics can be defined as the
Science of meaning in language
Which of the following would be a good example of self-disclosure?
You tell the person you meet that your parents were originally from Mississippi.
Which of the following statements about language is false?
The meaning of a word does not change once it is included in the dictionary.
These cultures tend to load a lot of meaning into the setting or context of communication and prefer traditions over change.
Which of the following is a reason people terminate relationships?
“I will oppose any effort to build a nuclear waste suppository in this state.” This is an example of what rhetorical device?
On April 17, 1973, Ron Ziegler, President Nixon’s press secretary, was caught in a lie during a press conference. In his attempt to extract himself from an embarrassing situation, Ziegler said the most recent statement was the “operative statement”; the previous one was now “inoperative.” This is a classic example of
Which type of need can only be fulfilled through interpersonal interaction?
Which statement below is NOT an example of ethnocentrism?
American workers get higher pay for less work than most people in the world.
When you analyze the speaker and the situation to make judgements about the message presented, you are engaging in
Critical thinking.
Kelly is listening intently to her friend Sheri, talk about her boyfriend who is leaving for 1-year to serve in the Army. Kelly says “mm-hmm” during the conversation o show Sheri she is listening. She is communicating using:
A good example of hyperbole would be:
I’ve told you a million times not to use hyperbole (?)
All of the following are example son implicit-rule cultures except
Western Europe
As he drove out of the driveway, he saw his wife waving but did not realize that she wanted him to stop to avoid running over the tricycle. He though she was just waving good-bye. The problem in this nonverbal episode is that we
Use the same cue to communicate a variety of meanings.
Guy MacKendrick’s injury makes him, in the British view, unacceptable as an “account man.” The Brits express this by saying:
“He’ll never play golf again.”**
When Conrad Hilton interviewed Don Draper, did he ask any “illegal questions” (according to the textbook)?
Sterling Cooper is an organization with a(n) _____________ orientation.
When Conrad Hilton asked Don Draper, “What do you want?”, Draper responded ethically and effectively with:
“I’d love a chance at your business.”**
When Joan’s husband, Greg, reluctantly discloses to her that he didn’t get the surgical residency he expected, Joan reciprocates with this disclosure:
I married you for your heart not your hands**
Lane Pryce apologizes to the Sterling Cooper employees about the disruption to their July 4th plans. He looks longingly out his office window at New York City. He tells Don Draper he’s been reading “Tom Sawyer.” He seems to identify more with his American co-workers than with his British bosses. Put together, these show Lane may harbor a goal of
Sally Draper is very reluctant to self-disclose to her mother, but not to her father. Why?
Because her father is more empathetic and positive than her mother.**
In the world of Mad Men, which has the more high context culture?
Great Britain**
When Conrad Hilton criticized Don Draper’s answer to his question, “What do you want?”, Draper responded effectively and ethically with:
A metaphor about a hungry snake suffocating on its food**
The downward flowchart positioning of Roger Sterling showed him to be in a(n) _________________ position to Guy MacKendrick. (Hint: DO NOT answer with “downward.”)
The repetition of consonants, usually the first or last letter of a word, is known as
a. alliteration
b. dissonance
c. onomatopoeia
d. assonance
Angela tells Richard that he will not receive a raise unless he agrees to give her a massage. This is what type of sexual harassment?
a. quid pro quo
b. submissive
c. matriarchal
d. hostile environment
quid pro quo
Formal communication consists of all the following EXCEPT:
a. Horizontal communication (x)
b. The grapevine
c. Upward communication
d. Downward communication
the grapevine (?)
The ways in which groups of people both maintain structure and order through their symbolic interactions refers to
a. public communication
b. organizational communication
c. group communication
d. downward communication
organizational communication
All of the following are needs fulfilled by primary groups EXCEPT
a. affection
b. Belonging
c. Achievement
d. Inclusion
Did the President of the United States really have intestinal flu or was it a more serious malady? This is a question of
a. policy
b. fact
c. value
d. interest
d. interest
Research by Ericson ; Gardner (1992) found what percentage of high apprehension college students failed to graduate?
A good example of “corridor culture” would be
a. the working environment at GM in the 1930s
b. the towns and industries that have sprung up along I-4
c. the working environment at Walt Disney Studios in the 1930s
d. the “coyotes” that have prospered along the US/Mexico border
the working environment at Walt Disney Studios in the 1930s (?)
Which of the following statements about emotional labor is NOT true?
a. Emotional labor can decrease job satisfaction
b. Emotional labor can benefit the client
c. Emotional labor can decrease turnover
d. Emotional labor can benefit the organization
Emotional labor can decrease job satisfaction
All of the following are reasons listed in your text for why you should study small group communication EXCEPT
It is more fun to do things with a group of people rather than as an individual
Acme Inc. has a mission statement that is open to interpretation. Many stakeholders identify with it. Their mission statement is:
Ambiguous (?)
______________ suggests that communication apprehension may have a predominantly hereditary basis.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Which of the following is NOT an example of a group norm?
The leader has a very large vocabulary so she practically needs an interpreter for others to understand her
Which of the following is an implicit characteristic of group members?
Cognitive paradigm
Based on what you’ve read in the text and seen in the classroom, which of the following best exemplifies the autocratic style of leadership?
Conrad Hilton(?)
When other members of a group admire and respect a person, that person has
Referent power(?)
The great UNC basketball coach, Dean Smith, was able to win so often because his team understood what the opponent was trying to do on offense and defense. Dean Smith was a master at knowing what types of plays the other team was going to run during the game. What type of power does this illustrate?
Expert power**
During an interview for a waitress job, Mr. Mitchell (the interviewer) asks Kelly (the interviewee) if she is married or has any children. This is a violation of
Bona fide occupational qualifications
The army is what type of organization?
The great UCLA basketball coach John Wooden was able to motivate his players because of his charisma and the high level of respect his players held him in. What type of power does this illustrate?
Referent power
The statement, “I don’t care; whatever you want to do is fine with me” is most likely to be uttered by a ______ leader.
Laissez-faire leader
Which of the following is most likely an example of a primary group?
A group of women playing cards
Which situation invites an emergent leader?
The company has just announced impending personnel reductions, and a small group of recently hired employees have gathered to discuss strategy
Messages between organizational members of the same power level are best described as:
Group problem solving is usually more effective
when the process is systemic and organized**
A conflict management style that involves negotiation is also known as:
Don Draper holds _________________ over Conrad Hilton.
reward power
Which of the following would NOT be considered a leader according to definitions presented in the text?
One member persuading another to sabotage a group goal
A non-profit hospital is what type of organization?
Informal communication consists of all of the following EXCEPT:
Downward communication**
Which of the following is most likely an example of an assigned group?
A group of students asked by the principal to clean the playground
Which of the following is NOT a general interviewing strategy?
Be prepared to discuss salary at your interview
Which of the following statements regarding gender and group interaction is true?
Men are more influential.
Which of the groups below may be classified as a secondary group?
SGA Committee on Improving Campus Parking**
Which of the following is the best example of concreteness?
My hometown is Isle, Minnesota, population 409
The term that refers to the arrangement of words is
The concept that suggests that your roommate is more likely to become your friend than a person ten blocks away is known as
“I say the Democratic Party leadership conspired to keep details of the Foley scandal quiet until right before the November election. Can you prove that they didn’t?” This is an example of what type of fallacy?
begging the question
Which of the roles described below is more an informal role than a formal role?
Kathleen’s role of “taskmaster” due to her ability to maintain focus and not be sidetracked by frivolity and side talk
According to the textbook conditions in the workplace that are sexually offensive or intimidating are known as:
Quid pro quo
According to Mr. Young, too many speeches make the mistake of
using pathos to gain audience interest(?)
If you obtained information for your speech from several websites and failed to cite how much information came from those sources, you are engaging in
incremental plagiarism**
Which of the following is NOT a research-based finding about source credibility?
Audiences are mercifully slow in deciding a speaker’s status or source credibility(?)
The concept of common ground in public speaking is most closely related to which dimension of source credibility?
Hazel, a 70-year-old woman, watches 3 hours of local news on TV every day. This viewing has convinced her that her city is overwhelmed with pedophiles, road-raging drivers, fires, automobile accidents, and robberies. This is an example of _______________.
communication apprehension(?)
The sleeper effect means that the
The speech had a delayed message impact because of separation of speaker from message over time**
Which of the following is NOT a function of a speech introduction?
To state a brief summary of the main arguments you will be presenting**
Statements by someone with special knowledge on a given subject are known as:
Expert testimony**
Which of the following statements is NOT reflected in the research on source credibility?
Source credibility is directly connected with IQ(?)
The definition of dynamism is that the speaker is perceived as
Bold, energetic, active, and assertive**
Which testimonial evidence best meets the criteria for evaluating such evidence?
A cafeteria worker, a student, testifies about conditions in the cafeteria kitchen(?)
Orlando gave his persuasive speech on why the class should participate in the campus recycling program. Initially, the views of very few students were changed. However, after a few months, most of the class was participating. Orlando’s speech could be said to have:
Persuasive Cause**
Inappropriate conduct for interviewing a source for your speech would include
Gaining entry by revealing your purpose: to secure information for your speech(?)
Which of the following is more of a long-range goal than an immediate purpose?
The audience should remember the three main points(?)
Andrew Jackson’s victory at the Battle of New Orleans took place during which era?
Literate Era(?)
Megan is giving her persuasive speech on patronizing local clothing outlets rather than going to the mall. In her speech, she has quotations from two of her friends about the benefits of shopping at local stores. What types of evidence is this?
Which of the following statements concerning source credibility is consistent with the textbook?
Source credibility is an audience perception that must be established every time a person gives a speech to an audience(?)
Which of the following is NOT a criteria for evaluating sources of information?
Is the supporting material personal**
In which of the following surveys should you place the most trust?
A university study by known sociologists that concludes welfare payments are insufficient(?)
“Raiders of the Lost Ark” was used in class as an example of
Aristotelian organization(?)
“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” This is known as
Hanlon’s Razor**
___________ is the process by which attitudes and behaviors are influenced as a result of receiving a message.
According the Elaboration Likelihood Model, a peripheral cue is:
A cue or message (such as fear appeals), which affect the audience’s motivation to elaborate or process the message during a presentation.
Which of the following statements best describe the suggestions for developing Main Points in your speech?
Describing your experience, qualifications, and citing scholarly sources are ways to increase your __________ with the audience.
The audience’s perception of closeness and interaction with the speaker is called________.
speaker immediacy
Which of the following would be most likely to result in long-term persuasion?
A strong argument with high relevance to the audience.
Of the communication elements listed in the SMCRE Model, which is the one over which the speaker has the MOST control?
_____________is the process of receiving , attending to, and assigning meaning to verbal and visual stimuli.
If an audience is made up of people from a Collectivist culture, they will be more likely to:
Value group harmony.
According to the Elaboration Likelihood Model, the two main determinants of a listener’s willingness to engage in elaborating on the message are __________and _________.
motivation and ability
Which of the following is the name for vocal fillers such as “um, ah, and” that become distracting when used repetitively by the speaker?
If you imagine yourself delivering a successful presentation, you are engaging in ___________.
positive visualization
Which of the following BEST describes extemporaneous delivery?
A conversational voice using planned, practiced, and interactive delivery.
According to the Inoculation Theory, your message will be more persuasive with most audiences if you:
Primary sources are best defined as:
Information that comes from the original author.
Which statement best describes the effects of orally citing sources during your speech?
Oral citations have the potential to increase your credibility with the audience.
Which of the following BEST describes the appropriate steps for developing content of an effective speech?
Write an outline of your message, then find sources to support your points.
Organizational cues that alert the audience that you are moving from point to point are called_________.
When using PowerPoint in an extemporaneous presentation, occasionally using the “B” key to blank the screen is recommended:
When you want to create immediacy with the audience.
Which of the following would NOT be recommended for writing text on a PowerPoint slide used in an extemporaneous presentation?
Use complete sentences.

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