After watching the movie “The Company Men” during the E-learning week, you need to submit a two-page learning (reflecting) essay online via VILE before the end of the E-learning week (Sunday, September 15, before midnight). Please answer the following three questions. The reading of the E-learning week, Seem (1998), will help answer the questions. 1 . What are the relationships among stock markets (share prices), large-scale layoff, and mergers and acquisitions as presented in the movie? James Clinger’s tactic is to unionizes the company to boost the share price to avoid a merger or acquisition.

Slinger believes that a merger or acquisition will break down the company. The intention with the large-scale layoff is to make investors believe that the company will be more efficient and in return this will maximize the stock value for investors. Why do the relationships become the way they are in the movie? Are there other kinds of relationships among these three phenomena? Since the economy is in a recession there is no other way to boost the stock price than to do some sort of insisting or restructure to prevent a merger or acquisition.

If an unexpected downsizing makes the investors afraid or if big layoffs occurs many times in a short time period stock prize can decrease. If the stock loses value it can increase the probability for merger or acquisition. What are the relationships among these three phenomena in Singapore? Since the article written by Michael Seem (1998) states that the financial market today is globalize I think the relationship between stock market, big-layoffs and acquisition ND merger are pretty much the same in Singapore and the U.

S. 2. What are the differences between GET and the small construction contractor (played by Kelvin Costner)? What makes the differences? GET is owned by the stockholders while Jack Dolan Company is owned by himself. This meaner that Dolan can decide for himself what to do and he doesn’t has to be afraid of a merger or acquisition after the quarterly and annually reports. He doesn’t have to boost any stock prizes either. GET have to consider all shareholder in every decision more or less. 3.

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Facing globalization, international outsourcing and industrial restructuring, do you think the ACT CEO did the right things (exit the industries, lay-off… AND push up the price and sell it)? If not, do you have other alternatives? What would do if you were the CEO of ACT? This is a very interesting question and the answer depends both on a person’s ethical perspective and a profit maximizing opportunity. I think Gene presented some interesting opportunities for the CEO to sell the health care group or the new headquarter building but the CEO refused to do any other changes except from firing people.

It did seem that the CEO didn’t want to do any cuts that could lower his personal satisfaction. I TN greedy. K the CEO became more and more I would have sold the new headquarter building, saved the healthcare group and maybe tried to fire some excess employees. The reason for that is because I would try to avert a merger or acquisition attempt in the time of a crisis since the stock price is probably lower than usual. After the recession I would try to continue to run the company or sell it when the stock price has reached a decent level again.


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