Everyone has the different life style. City lifestyle and state life styles are two different types of lifes. There are some most different thing between life in the state and in the metropolis are the environment. occupation chance. cost of life. and societal life.

The environment in the countryside and the metropolis is really different. There are less pollution. fewer autos. and fewer mills in the countryside. Furthermore. there are many trees while there are many edifices in the metropolis. These full make the environment is better. fresh. and more natural. In the metropolis filled with attentions and mills which are the of import causes of noise and environmental pollution. Peoples would prefer to populate in the countryside far off from the noisy and soiled metropolis.

There are more the occupation chances in the metropolis. The occupation market in the countryside is smaller than in the metropolis. Peoples in the state have their farms or field. and shops that they can do a life. so the occupations in the state are more relax than in the metropolis. However. most people move to the metropolis to happen a occupation because it’s easier. Peoples in the metropolis are proprietor of a large company or work largely in the companies. In the metropolis. most of work requires a high category and people about work with engineering such as computing machine. pressman. phone all twenty-four hours in the edifice. City is a gathering topographic point of a big figure of different professions. Industrialists. little concern proprietors. occupation holders. people related to transit like cab drivers and jinrikisha pullers. physicians. professors. garments workers and many other are found in a metropolis. Working in the metropolis make more money than in the state. but on the other manus. people get more stressed than working in the state. Therefore. the metropolis life has more occupation chances but some people like life in state.

The cost of life in the metropolis is higher than the state. The goods are more expensive. In the state. most people have the sufficient economic system. They can works and strain animate beings so they have the cost of life that is lower and the goods are cheaper. The state life is simple and comfy.

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The dwellers of countryside are ever bound by a sense of community. but they besides suffer from being cut off from the exciting outside universe. They have the advantage of cognizing that there is person to turn to when they need aid and some ideal topographic points to travel when they need to be entirely. The life is simple but cosy plenty. But the inconvenient transit and underdevelopment of economic system deprive villagers the possibility of traveling to a new show or a latest film. and do shopping a major job. City life may engender a frightening feeling of isolation but it can besides concentrate people’s attending. Populating in the edifice. all people can see from the window is sky and the concrete edifice jungle. Gradually they tend to conceal their feelings and do non even say hello to the neighbours or they excessively busy to care about people around ; even though. they do non hold clip with their household. However. compared to the countryside. the metropolis is a centre of manner and events. and an ocean of chances and material prosperity. Besides. the life in the metropolis does non come to an terminal at 10 at dark like it does in the countryside.

These grounds above shown really clearly. The state life style is much better. simpler. and more relaxing than the metropolis life style. In the state. people make less and utilize less. but they enjoy their life with their household. have a peace life without competitory. noise. busy. crowded. and nerve-racking.


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