Newss Reporting

B. Thesis Statement:

Why some broadcasters give out remarks and sentiments during intelligence coverage?

C. Trend:

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Many of Filipino broadcasters today seems to bury that a intelligence study is wholly different signifier a commentary. Consciously or unconsciously. they put on air their ain judgements and comments while presenting intelligence.

D. Issues:

If giving remarks and sentiments during intelligence coverage will go on. people might confound intelligence from commentary. Because of that. people’s determination about certain issue can easy be assorted by the ain opinion/s of the broadcaster/s. In short. it will be easy for broadcasters ( whose occupation is purportedly merely to inform people ) to determine the sentiments of the hearers or the televiewers. Furthermore. alternatively of discoursing about the chief issue. people might bury about it and get down speaking about the sentiments of broadcasters. doing their sentiments an issue itself. Surely. it will convey extra confusion to the society.

E. Case

1. GMA forenoon intelligence ground tackle Arnold Clavio became controversial after giving an violative comment against the Filipino-foreign members of the Filipino Azkals during the countrywide broadcast of News and Public Affairs Program ‘Unang Hirit’ last March 2012. “Hindi naman knockout Pilipino. Nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Hindi kayo dito lumaki. Mahirap ‘yun. ” Clavio said while discoursing about Cristy Ramos’ sexual torment instance against Azkals participants Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado. Rhea Santos. Clavio’s co-anchor is besides faced with bad remarks after giving a comment about Filipino adult females: “Yung mga babae… kasi porke guwapo… sikat… minsan aura itapon na nila yung mga sarili doon SA mga lalaki. ” The Philippine Football federation already filed a ailment against GMA Network Inc. . demanding for a written apology to be read on “Unang Hirit. ”

2. The three remarks on the intelligence and exchange gags at the terminal of the show on Television Patrol are so distracting. There was one clip when Korina Sanchez evidently laughed shortly during a intelligence study about a decease of a colza victim.

F. Concerns

Giving sentiments while presenting intelligence is a misdemeanor under the Article 1. Sec 3a of Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster SA Pilipinas ( KBP ) Code of 2007 which states that intelligence studies shall be just. factual. and nonsubjective ; and Article 1. Sec. 3c. which states that side remarks showing personal sentiments while a intelligence point is being reported or delivered are prohibited to forestall the hearer from misidentifying sentiment for intelligence. Besides. harmonizing to the journalist codification of moralss. journalist “shall conscientiously study and construe the intelligence. taking attention non to stamp down indispensable facts or to falsify the truth by skip or improper accent. I recognise the responsibility to aerate the other side and the responsibility to rectify substantial mistakes quickly. ”

H. Conclusion

News coverage is to inform people about of import events. It is non to show your sentiments in a certain issue. It must be just. factual and nonsubjective. However. non all broadcasters obey this regulation. Issues about intelligence ground tackles and intelligence newsmans being accused of malicious statements are really rampant today. It is because they used intelligence plans as locales to show their ideas. which is a misdemeanor under the KBP Broadcast Code of 2007 Article 1. Sec. 3a and Sec. 3c. A broadcaster’s sentiment in a certain issue can make a thousand of people and he/she can utilize this chance to his/her ain involvement. or worse. his/her sentiment might be a start of another issue. Giving remarks while presenting a intelligence study can ne’er be considered as a irresponsible news media for it will merely make pandemonium to the society alternatively advancing national integrity.

Media is excessively powerful that whatever the public see in the telecasting or hear over the wireless can greatly impact their determinations in life. That’s the ground why broadcasters must be careful in whatever they do and state on air.

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