Banks have developed around 200 old ages ago. The natures of Bankss have changed as the clip has changed. The term bank is related to fiscal minutess. It is a fiscal constitution which uses. money deposited by clients for investing. pays it out when required. makes loans at involvement exchanges currency etc. nevertheless to understand the construct in item we need to see some of its definitions. Many economic experts have tried to give different significances of the term bank.

Nature of Commercial Banks

Commercial Bankss are an administration which usually performs certain fiscal minutess. It performs the duplicate undertaking of accepting sedimentations from members of public and do progresss to destitute and worthy people form the society. When Bankss accept deposits its liabilities addition and it becomes a debitor. but when it makes advances its assets increases and it becomes a creditor. Banking minutess are socially and lawfully approved. It is responsible in keeping the sedimentations of its history holders.

While specifying the term Bankss it is taken into history that what type of undertaking is performed by the Bankss. Some of the celebrated definitions are given below:

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Harmonizing to Prof. Sayers. “A bank is an establishment whose debts are widely accepted in colony of other people’s debts to each other. ” In this definition Sayers has emphasized the minutess from debts which are raised by a fiscal establishment.

Harmonizing to the Indian Banking Company Act 1949. “A banking company means any company which transacts the concern of banking. Banking means accepting for the intent of loaning of investing of sedimentations of money from the populace. collectible on demand or other wise and withdraw able by check. bill of exchange or otherwise. ” Commercial bank being the fiscal establishment performs diverse types of maps. It satisfies the fiscal demands of the sectors such as agribusiness. industry. trade. communicating. etc. That means they play really important function in a procedure of economic societal demands. The maps performed by Bankss are altering harmonizing to alter in clip and late they are going client centric and widening their maps. By and large the maps of commercial Bankss are divided into two classs viz. primary maps and the secondary maps. The undermentioned chart simplifies the maps of Bankss.

Primary Functions of Commercial Banks

Commercial Banks performs assorted primary maps some of them are given below 1. Accepting Deposits: Commercial bank accepts assorted types of sedimentations from public particularly from its clients. It includes salvaging history sedimentations. repeating history sedimentations. fixed sedimentations. etc. These sedimentations are collectible after a certain clip period. 2. Making Progresss: The commercial Bankss provide loans and progresss of assorted signifiers. It includes an over bill of exchange installation. hard currency recognition. measure dismissing. etc.

They besides give demand and demand and term loans to all types of clients against proper security. 3. Credit creative activity: It is most important map of the commercial Bankss. While approving a loan to a client. a bank does non supply hard currency to the borrower Alternatively it opens a sedimentation history from where the borrower can retreat. In other words while approving a loan a bank automatically creates sedimentations. This is known as a recognition creative activity from commercial bank.

Secondary Functions of Commercial Banks

Along with the primary maps each commercial bank has to execute several secondary maps excessively. It includes many bureau maps or general public-service corporation maps. The secondary maps of commercial Bankss can be divided into bureau maps and public-service corporation maps. A. Agency Functions: Assorted bureau maps of commercial Bankss are

* To roll up and clear check. dividends and involvement warrant.
* To do payment of rent. insurance premium. etc.
* To cover in foreign exchange minutess.
* To buy and sell securities.
* To move as trusty. lawyer. letter writer and executor.
* To accept revenue enhancement returns and revenue enhancement returns.
B. General Utility Functions: The general public-service corporation maps of the commercial Bankss include

* To supply safety cabinet installation to clients.
* To supply money transportation installation.
* To publish traveller’s check.
* To move as referees.
* To accept assorted measures for payment e. g phone measures. gas measures. H2O measures. etc.
* To supply merchandiser banking installation.
* To supply assorted cards such as recognition cards. debit cards. Smart cards. etc.


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