We are all special in a way; it is our duty to discover it! ‘ What makes me special? Actually, there are so many things. The first and the foremost reason for me being special is that in a population of around 6. 6 billion, God chose only me to be ‘Me’. He sent me to this place which is special to me and inevitably, I am special to this place, its people and focuses, myself!

Everyone is born with some special characteristics that makes them unique and enables them to stand out of the crowd. I have my own sets of characters & qualities that make special and unique from every creature on this Earth. I am special because I trust myself. I believe in my abilities & I always do what I commit. My determination, will and commitment towards my work are what make me special. I am special because I got 10 CAP in SST X and aim for more this year.

There are many people who love me care and pray for me, wish for my well being and expect me to rise to success surpassing all the hurdles. Their concern for me denotes how special I am. I am important, both to myself and others. My importance can be understood by the fact that a few days back, I returned to school after a long 15 days vacation and on the first day itself, my friends and teachers told me how much they missed me and the emptiness they felt in my absence. Isn’t it special? I am special because I know what I am doing and where I stand.

I don’t have to tell people about it because my actions speak for me. There are so many who are against me and a lot being talked about me behind my back but I never pay attention because those people and their words make me feel the difference until I am strong enough to Justify myself and my acts. Actually it’s quite simple; when people are jealous of you it Just meaner that you are a step above all of them. Through mistakes I learn, wrong decisions give me an experience so that I never repeat the same mistake twice!

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I am special because I have the courage to take the blames upon me by myself and to amend them, when I feel the time is right. Apart from all this, my smile makes me special. My bag, pen, perfume, pouch, ring, shoes, clothes, water bottle, laptop, key-chain, umbrella, and so many things of such kind may seem so small but they are a part of my life and do make me feel special. To conclude,’ would like to say that each and every single thing related to me creates magic in me and makes me special!


I'm Niki!

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