I will be talking about common accidents that can happen to you and your mates. These sorts of accidents can lead to death. Teenage drinking Teenage drinking has become a bigger problem in this generation than in the past. Drinking can lead to some dangerous decisions. These decisions could be fatal. Don’t get in the car after you have been drinking. Don’t give in to peer pressure. Vandalism Vandalism is becoming very common in local areas. Vandalism can lead to bad consequences such as: Get caught, Go to Jail and get a big fine.

The smell of paint could also kill brain cells. It should be stopped. Dangerous Driving Dangerous driving is the most common. There are always teens on the news for crashing. These accidents are horrific. There are minor issues that also can be made like getting fines. Water safety Water safety is a thing you should be aware of at all times. Look at how deep the water is before diving. Check diving area is clear of all hard objects. Make sure you are in reach of the bottom. These things are all problems today. Be aware and stay safe. Drugs Drugs can cause many things that can turn horrible for you.

Lung cancer is one of the main causes of death today. Drugs can cause loss of brain cells and you can fail school if you are a teenager. Do not give in to peer pressure, even if your friends do it. Relationships Relationships make school harder when you are having a relationship. It makes you not care about school because you always want to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend. This could also be if you are going through a hard time with your partner and you get depressed. Bullying Bullying leads to depression, suicide, death and low self-esteem. You could also turn into a bully by having problems.

If you get bullied tell a teacher and don’t put up with it. Stand up for yourself and be confident. Not wearing a helmet Consequences of not wearing a helmet can be fatal if you crash and hit your head. If you do not wear or have a helmet do not go fast. If you do crash you can be badly hurt and could lead to going to hospital or a lifetime in a wheelchair. Be safe and wear a helmet. Conclusion All these things can have a big impact on your life. Follow these rules safely and you will be a safe person. I hope you have learnt from this. Common Accidents By dialectical

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