In my research for online college application software, I found that Common Application can be a useful tool for students and a good investment for schools. Common App is an online application for undergraduate students who want to apply for colleges and universities. There are two versions; one for freshman applicants, and the other for transfer applicants. Common App is a non-profit organization. There are 488 colleges and universities in United States and other countries that are members of Common App. When a student submits an application to a school the same information can be submitted to many schools at once.

Applicants cannot update information after submission. Its mission is to “promote holistic admission as a path to college access”. It’s free for applicants and secondary schools. Common App has been upgraded to version 3. It’s call CAB. However a new version called CA will be launched by August 2013. CA it’s built because CA is an old system and it cannot support the new technology. CA Is design with a “modern user Interface and will offer many features long-requested by members, counselors and applicants. It can handle the full volume of the entire American college application process. 00 and plus 4-year Institutions, 3 million and plus applicants, 15 million and plus applications and 100 million and plus supporting documents. ” HTTPS:// wry. Company. Org/Company/CA. Asps Common App is divided in five section: The application section: will be different than CA which Is a paper application. The CA version will be an online application. It contains student personnel information, school information, smart questions relevant to the applicant, onscreen support, progress checked and CUBE school search. The supplement section Is customized by the schools requirements.

It can be any information that is not in the application. It can be additional information required by the schools. The writing section allows students to enter five essays. Each essay Is Limited up to 650 words. Students have the ability to compose essay directly with the entire basic format. Also, essay can upload from word document. It is supported by mobile/touchstone devices. Additionally. It content extracurricular questions. The payment section will give access to student to pay online through their bank account or credit card system. The system can process fee waiver for students who are eligible.

The school form section Is where counselor can add school report and supplemental evaluation can be submitted by peers, coaches, instructors or other individuals. I choose Common App for various reasons because is eliminating paper application which is a very hard system to manage. Online application Is more accessible to students. They can use It wherever they go with the mobile devices. It is more user friendly to students it has the formatting features and it allows student to upload their essays from other document such as word and PDF document.

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