Communication involves sharing thoughts, ideas ans feelings & many other thinga that every human share, that makes the world a better and suitable place to live in (Ojoma,2004). Apart from this (Odini,1999) identifies communication as one of the core competencies that a call center agent should possess. In a call center industry communication is very essential and known aa the main thing. Aside from language fluency , an employee or a call center agent should have a good because poor accent can lead to misinterpretation of what you really untended to say towards your customer (Ameyo,2015). Most people say communication is as easy as it sounds like but, what makes it complex, difficult and frustrating is the barriers that comes in it’s way. Noise can distract an agent handling a call because it competes with the voice of the customee on the phone and can hinder the agent fron listening effectively especially to the Newly-Hired one. The noise from ringing phones, an agent talking to their own customer’s, an idle agents talking to one another – Are few possible sources of distractions or barrier’s in a call center industry. Noise is also called as Physical Barrier as stated by Shelly Frost (2017)


But not all barriers come from the physical environment of the agent. The state of mind and the well-being of the agent can also determine the succes of the communication process! If the agent is sick or hungry, suffering from any physical pain, he want be able to concentrate on his task, much less talk to customers and attend to their needs. If the agent is thinkong too much about work unrelated matter such as personal problems or priorities outside, an agent is also less likely to give his best efforts in paying attention to the details given by the customer over the phone, that is according to (S.F Scudder) 1980. These barriers of communication may occur at any stage of the communication process that’s why a contact center agent should be aware of it and should know what to do when these barriers come right in the midst of the conversation bet. You (agent) and the customer.


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