Self- Concept is very important to one as Identifying who we are. It Is our own perceptions we have of self and not only physically but emotionally too. I see it like the foundation when you are building a house it’s the first step towards relating and creating relationships. To build and create relationships with others you have to start a relationship with yourself first. Think positively about yourself because how you look at yourself is where It starts and Is how others are going to see you. It Is the most fundamental possession, and without self-concept we cannot relate to anyone or the oral.

It really Is a big factor In Interpersonal communication and I know this very well because I personally had a very bad concept about myself. I can relate because I used to think I was “hideous”. I would look at myself In the mirror and think I am UGLY. I started to hang out with the “click” of Individuals who weren’t physically attractive and thought I was one of them. No one knew I felt this way, I thought everyone thought I was ugly and I didn’t feel Like I was at my full potential. One day a guy who was so attractive came to me and told me I was beautiful.

HIS words help me realized that It’s Just me that thought this and also made me realize how nice everyone has been to me and how they would compliment me the whole time. Self- concept Is a huge deal because It actually affects so much In relationships and how you Interact with others. Self- Esteem has a connection with It as well. Self-esteem Is as well very conspicuous In any sort of relationship. While self- concepts describe what you think about yourself, self-esteem Involves valuation of self-worth. Having little self- regard can lead people to become depressed or to Just all short of their potential.

People with low self-esteem have a disadvantage and can tolerate abusive relationships or situations. But on the other hand, having too much self-esteem can result In an off putting sense of entitlement, people can also not learn from their mistakes because they think too highly of themselves. Neither guarantees Interpersonal success but having high self-esteem Is advisable, better, and makes you produce more positive thoughts. Everything Is better when you have high self-regard because everything Is Just so gradually positive and gives you a leaning of being satisfied with your own ablest.

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Communication and Identity: Creating and Presenting the Self. The concepts and ideas are accurately present in everyone. Who I am as a person starts with myself first which goes back to self-concept and self-esteem. I think this is the two most important factors to building an interpersonal relationship and communication. Everyone should have high levels of evaluation on both of the factors. Self-esteem is so beautiful because it really does make you as a person and gives you such a satisfy feeling.


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