Dye brothers holds 93. 7% ownership, Ting brothers own the remaining part. There are seven major divisions of the National Bazaar. The Superstar, Electrical and Appliance Center, Hardware’s, If} Xerox and White Printing, Kodak Express, Pharmacy, and Marketing Distribution which Is an exclusive distributor In La union, for the seven foregoing principals: S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc for 21 years, Laywoman Corporation for 1 6 years, Change Ban Yes & Co. , Inc for 7 years, Standard Appliances Corporation, Automatic Centre, Electrolyte Philippines, Inc, and Dad-Chi Electronics Manufacturing Corporation.

These are situated in three different locations, namely Corner Colas and Someone SST. For the Superstar, Guenon Avenue for Kodak, Superstar, and Grocery, and another Guenon Avenue for EACH, Hardware’s, Full Xerox & White Printing. There are other business interests of National Bazaar. The union Consolidated Resources Dive. Co. , Inc in San Fernando City which is engaged in Real Estate Leasing, the Danish Bakers International, Inc. , also in San Fernando City, which is engaged in Premium Grade Bake Shop and Restaurant. Another business interests are the Nee MME Foods Corporation also located in San Fernando City which Is a Mac Dona’s

Franchise, the Heavenly View Properties Corporation still In San Fernando City engaged in Memorial Park Development, and the Metals Wire Industries Corporation located in Valuable City engaged in Wire Mesh Manufacturing. National Bazaar has four major suppliers. First one is the S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc located at 6371 Estella SST. , Guadalupe Viejo, Magmata City, followed by the Laywoman Corporation at 15 West Service Road South Superhighway Appearance, Metro Manila. The third major supplier Is the Change Ban Yes & Co. , Inc situated at 20 f. Manual SST. , San Juan, Manila, and the last one Is the Alaska Milk Corporation at 6th Floor

Corinthian Plaza 121 Passe De Rosa, Magmata City. The company has thirteen major clients. These are the Luzon Hydro Corporation, Bethink Hospital, Alarm Hospital and Colleges, Oasis Country Resort & Restaurant, Midtown Food Palace, Danish Baker, Bali-Hall Beach Resort, Villa Estella Beach Resorts, China Sea Beach Resort, Puerco De San Juan, Don Marino Marco’s Memorial Resort. There are five Credit banks of National Bazaar namely BPI North, Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. , Racial Commercial Banking Corp.. , China Bank Corp.. , and Banc De ROR. On the other hand, their bank references are Bank of Philippine Islands, Metro

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Bank, Banc De ROR, RCA, and China Banking Corporation. Their trade references are S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. , DRY Sales, Inc. , Laywoman Corporation, Change Ban Yes & Co. , Inc. , and Alaska Milk Corporation. National Bazaar’s delivery equipment are one (1) Issue 10-tuner Truck, two (2) Mit Canter 6-wheeler, three (3) Mit Canter 4-wheeler, and the three (3) Mit L-300 Van. There are three distributor facilities, namely one 700 sq. M. Warehouse located at orgy. Attain, Racial Avenue, San Fernando City. One 800 sq. M. Warehouse located at Racial Avenue, San Fernando City, and one 500 sq. M. Warehouse located at P. Burros SST. , San Fernando City.


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