First, I will compare the countries through their population per doctor. Australia has far less people per doctor which indicates it is a more developed country. It indicates this because it shows that more people receive the education required to become a doctor. Malaysia has around 1500 people per doctor, which shows that it is less developed than Australia, but more than Namibia which has 3390 people per doctor, indicating that it is not very developed, because it has fewer tertiary services like the teaching required to become a doctor.

Australia has a far larger GDP than both Malaysia and Nigeria, showing that there are more higher-paying jobs because the cities are more developed. It also relates to the population because Australia has very few people for a country of its size. Malaysia, although it has a smaller GDP per capita than Australia, still has more than Nigeria, again indicating that it is more developed than Nigeria.

Australia, with 91% of its people living in cities, compared to Malaysia or Nigeria, with less than 60%, shows that the vast majority of the jobs in Australia are in the city, and in Malaysia or Namibia more of the jobs are outside the cities in the country. Australia is one of the most inhospitable countries, so there is relatively little crop farming. The fact that there are more jobs in the city indicates that there are more tertiary and secondary services, and less primary sources. This means that it is more developed.

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Next, as they come in a group, the birth rate, death rate and population growth. Australia’s population growth is relatively low – 6, but Malaysia’s (20) and Namibia’s (14) are higher. This means that families in Namibia and Malaysia are still having many children because of the high death rate. In Malaysia, the birth rate is lower than Namibia, but the death rate is also much lower because it is a more developed place. Australia has a low population growth because it has quite a low birth rate because families want more luxuries and the cost of living is higher, but also a low death rate because there are good medical services.

In Namibia the life expectancy is very low (41) because it is less developed so there are less affordable hospitals and health services. Malaysia has a higher life expectancy (71), which shows it is more developed, but less than Australia (80) because Australia is a highly developed country with good health services.

Finally there is the literacy rate. Australia has a very high literacy rate (99%), but Namibia and Malaysia have lower literacy rates, showing that they are less developed in that area because the educational standards are lower.

Australia is a highly developed country. Namibia is a not very developed country. Malaysia is somewhere in between. Australia and Malaysia are more developed than Namibia because of their geographical position. They are in the open, while Namibia is on the other side of Africa, so the technologies and ideals that contribute towards development in today’s societies reached Namibia later, so it has had less time to develop.

Bibliography 4/05/06

Modern School Atlas 94th Edition. Published Great Britain 2003 by Philips.


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