Is It a person, place, thing, or something else? For me, it’s myself. I know my mental state is a key factor in how my day is going to transpire, and that’s why I try to motivate myself however I can. I have been self- motivated for many years, but I haven’t always used It In a way that’s positive. I believe a time in my life that reflects on my self-motivation, and how it developed positively, was my school experience and realizing how the choices that I make affect I grew up an only child basically, well my sister moved out of the house when I was 5 years old.

I wasn’t spoiled as many only children probably are. I was my parents center of focus, every move I made they knew about. In my early years of school, I was a great student; nothing but Ass and g’s. I think I made good grades more out of fear of what my parents would say or do to me than anything. They also gave me money for every good grade in each semester, so that was always motivating as well. As the years passed. I began the adventure of high school. I was still a capable student, but I started not to take school as seriously.

My own train of thought started kicking in, and school seemed to drop down the ladder of importance as each grade level passed. And the keg parties had an inverse relationship to that. I bet you could lot my grades, along with my attendance, on a graph for each quarter, from 9th until I dropped out at the end of 1 lath, and make a nearly downward straight line from passing to failing, present to absent. I was blind to the fact of how much I was hindering myself.

Two years out of my dropout year, I settled for a good enough diploma, but I was still lost. Tried going back to college, only to drop out immediately, what a useless effort steady Job. I got a few speeding tickets under my belt and I couldn’t afford them, much less my insurance. Soon, my license was suspended. I was still out of control ND my suspended license didn’t stop me from driving until I eventually got caught. Going to Jail was an immense learning experience for me.

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I can say sitting in a room full of dudes, with nothing else to do except think about your life, changed me. Today, I can see how silly I was being; dropping out, losing my license, and going to jail. I live in a totally different manner now. I take life more seriously and accept my responsibilities. Going through those experiences, I had self-motivation, but I never utilized it in the way I should’ve. Today, I can say that I am on the right path, and use that solidification to stay on it.


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