Dear Editor I was shocked to read the comments used to describe teenagers in the Daily Mail article. The article informs the reader that young teenage girls are caked in a lot of makeup . 1 don’t think that they should be criticized because it is the girls chooses of what they want to wear if that is not enough we are also told about ‘one panda eyed teenager’ . One alarming point made by you is that girls are described as’ Walking talking dolls’ and one ‘panda eyed teenagers’.

I feel that this article make young teenaged girls who wear a lot of makeup feel like zoo animals. This can also show that young teenagers don’t care about their education and they care more about their appearance. On the other hand the teenaged girls could be wearing a lot of makeup because they might have something to hide behind as they can be really insecure. Also you cannot talk about young teenagers wearing makeup as there is no one in the media that does not wear makeup and now days there is not one person that does not wear makeup everyone does.

When saying walking talking Brat dolls we know that Brat dolls have large heads and have a lot of makeup so the writer is ring to say that the girls are dolls and they all ways want to look good but is there anything wrong with looking good? Frankly I am stunned by the way you make teenagers sound like imbeciles and illiterate beings. What is pie where does it come from’? This makes teenagers sound really uneducated however this question is only asked by one teenager. This is highly stereotypical view point.

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You cannot Judge all school children to… Whole school for just one person as they can be a lot of people that are really educated. By you quoting what the girl had said how do we know if she has any problem or she has a problem with hearing. On the other hand there are many people that don’t know what is pie so there is no problem with someone not knowing what pie is. You don’t show any of the positive things about the school and say anything good but all you have to talk about is ‘bullying, cyber harassment and playground scraps.

This show the reader that teenagers don’t have anything better to talk about and that all that the kids do is bully other kids and talk about a lot stuff that are scrape. Also you don’t talk about the grades that the teenagers have achieved at the time peer cent of the previous year’s GEESE pupils had achieved the equivalent of five or more GEESE t grade A* to c. You don’t talk much about this in the article and you don’t talk about the students that are doing well at school as you only look at the bad things about the school.

On the other hand there are Journalists like Barbara Ellen who understand teenagers and the fact they need time to grow. In her article she says that teenagers are ‘unruly and childish. However she changes her opinion when she says ‘I’ll be changing my ideas now. This shows that Ellen understand teenagers temperate and appreciates that they are growing adults who need time and space to be individuals.


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