Going to a theater can be an amazing experience. The smell of the popcorn, as well as the excitement of others, gives you a rush of anticipation. Will this movie suck? Will this movie be awesome? These are questions that run through your mind as you sit down. The big screen, and ultra-loud surround sound, bring the movie to life and give you a real immersed experience. You almost feel as if you are experiencing the ups and downs of each of the films’ characters.

As I dated previously, going out to a theater to watch a movie can be an amazing experience, but it can also be Just as horrible. The cost is the most mind numbing example of this. A movie ticket can easily cost you $12. Also, the cost of refreshments is outrageous. So much so, that you end up sneaking snacks in your girlfriends’ purse. The crowds are also a bouzouki, as they can not only overwhelm you in size, but also overwhelm you with rude behavior, such as talking, and moving around during the movie.

Also, you are limited in selection when you go out to a theater. Most theaters only have six options to choose from and that isn’t always up to par. Now, your other option when it comes to a cinematic experience, is watching a movie from the comfort of your own home. Not only is this a popular choice among a lot of people, it’s actually my most desired choice of the two. Yes, the screen is a lot smaller and the sound doesn’t test the limits of your eardrums, but the convenience and comfort of your own home is unmatched.

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The amount of options you have to select from is also a huge selling point. Not only for me, but for almost anyone that chooses to watch a movie from home. Whether it’s Horror, Comedy, or Action, you have an enormous selection at the tip of your fingers. Snacks are cheap, plentiful, and within reach at all times. You can also pause the movie when nature calls, or rewind the movie too part you have missed. As well as, enjoy the movie in your pajamas, or most comfortable clothing of your choice.

I have, however, witnessed people at the heater in their pajamas. Onto good look, folks! As I have pointed out in this essay, there are advantages and disadvantages to enjoying a cinematic experience in a theater, or at home. They are honestly both great choices, as movies are great choices for a plethora of time-killing circumstances. Whether you are on a date, out with family, or Just burning through the hours of the day, movies can help you escape. So please, go enjoy a movie. No matter the atmosphere you choose, it’s sure to be an immersed experience.


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