Clarity After reviewing both Coca Cola and Pepsi websites I have arrived at many conclusions. I viewed both sites as equally understanding. They were very similar, and the information given on each was greatly beneficial to each other s product.

Focus Pepsi Company seemed to focus a lot on their advertisements. Ranging from March madness, to Pepsi One sweepstakes. They also offered music, games, and information about the product. Coca Cola s site appeared to focus more on the athletes and famous people that they sponsor. The page was filled with pictures of Lance Armstrong and the famous model Tyrese. In general the Pepsi web page seemed to have a better focus on the points they were attempting to achieve.

Efficiency Both Pepsi and Coca Cola were extremely efficient on their web pages. They were very thorough in the sense of describing their products, merchandise and prizes offered. All were very beneficial to the marketing of each product.

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Concision Both web sites were filled with information that glorified their product. Pepsi s page was straight forward and right to the point. Coca Cola had a more fun approach. While exploring these sites, you receive an impression of honesty. There are no gimmicks to persuade you to be involved in anything other than what you are investigating.

Completeness Coca Cola and Pepsi were very similar. Coca Cola appeared to be a notch higher in completeness. Coke had a link called [email protected], which enabled viewers to read about current events with in the Coca Cola Company. This was very useful and was one of the few differentials between them.

Positivety This was just another aspect of the two websites that was very similar. Each displayed great confidence and trust in their product. The products of each are almost identical.

Accuracy Both Coke and Pepsi conveyed excellent accuracy. Almost all information was short and to the point. All statistics listed on both were very accurate.


Tone Viewing both of these sites two words come to mind, confident and respectful. Each product explains their beliefs on why they are the better choice while still maintaining a respectful image.

Degree of Formality These websites were both formal and informal. When speaking of their sponsors they were both very formal. Talking about contests their language seemed to taper off into an informal style.

Objectivity All data was presented thoroughly on each website. The emotion of Coke s website was bold and exciting. Pepsi s website seemed more bland. Both websites presented their beliefs well.

Confidence They both gave a strong presence in why you should feel safe with their product. Many statistics were listed on each site. Coke seemed to jump ahead in this area again because of the [email protected] link.


Coca Cola Pepsi

Passive Sentences 7% 6%

Flesch Reading Ease 58.3 65.7

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 7.9 5.5


Spacing Pepsi s page used more negative spacing through out the design. It wasn t cluttered and had a clear hierarchy. Coke s was a little jumbled and at times confusing but still interesting.

Heading Like stated above, Pepsi seems to have a clear aspect of the direction of the page. While Coke on the other hand reflected the exact opposite.

Typography Pepsi used certain text for important information and other text for non-important information. This made the direction of the site much clearer. Coke s site was freer and gave the impression of freedom because of the informal jumbling of text.

Justification Pepsi took the lead by showing the path through the website very clear. Coke s use of margins was scattered. The clear path was distorted.

Graphics The graphics for the Coca Cola site were explosive and didn t have a directional pull. Although Coke portrayed this type of feeling Pepsi was easier to follow. Pepsi used specific images to enhance importance.

Colors And Highlighting Like stated above Coke s page looked like an explosion of fun. It had many eye grabbing graphics and sounds. Pepsi didn t execute that aspect as well, but it was still as interesting due to the clarity.


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