Hebraism and Islam are two of the world’s oldest. and largest monotheistic faiths. These faiths portion a assortment of imposts. beliefs. and even patterns. But at the same clip. there are adequate differences to do the two faiths and civilizations oppose each other greatly. Even some similarities between the two have been the beginning of struggle for 1000s of old ages.

Both the Judaic and Muslim faith believe in one God. Being monotheistic agencies merely that. the belief in one God. This is the most obvious similarity between the two faiths. In fact a Muslim is defined as anyone who says “There is no God but God. and Mohammed is the courier of God. ” and the basic credo of Judaism says “Hear. O Israel! The Lord is our God. the Lord is one. ”

Hebraism and Islam both have Holy Books from which spiritual instructions are taken. The Muslim Holy Book is called the Quran. it is spelled in English in many different ways Koran. Kuran. this is because Arabic is difficult to interpret. The Quran is the word of God as reveled by the prophesier Mohammed. The Judaic Holy Book is referred to as the Hebrew Bible. The first five books of the Hebrew Bible is called the Torah. This is the portion of the bible lays out a system of moral and spiritual behavior. The Hebrew Bible was put together in the first century A. D. by rabbis and instructors of the Judaic text.

The Hebrew Bible and the Quran both set up a system of jurisprudence for the followings of the Judaic and Muslim religions. The Hebrew Bible. the book of the Judaic religion sets up more of a codification of behavior. a system of moral and spiritual behavior that is called the halavhah. This addresses how households should be run. personal moralss and manners. societal duties. and what people of the Judaic religion should and should non eat. Dietary guidelines are really of import in the Judaic faith. everything that is eaten must be Kosher. intending it is prepared a certain manner.

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The Quran goes one measure further in puting boundaries for it’s trusters. This book of the Muslim religion sets the regulations for an Islamic province. Besides there are rigorous regulations on adult females. households. and day-to-day life that are addressed in deep item in the Quran. Polygamy is accepted in the Quran. a adult male may hold no more that four married womans. And adult females are really supposed to be largely equal to work forces. yet modest. Equality of adult females is non ever practiced in some Middle Eastern and Islamic states.

As with most faiths Islam and Judaism have a assortment of vacations. Some are to mark an event of the the yesteryear. some to observe a new twelvemonth. or possibly the passing of a certain figure of old ages. Ramadan. a vacation celebrated largely by Sunni Muslims. happens during the 9th month of the Muslim twelvemonth. This was the month when the Quran was reveled for the counsel of world. During this holy month Muslims fast and abstain from sex during the daylight hours. It is a really holy clip and is taken really earnestly. In the Judaic religion there is a similar vacation called Passover.

This vacation lasts for seven yearss and commerates the rescue of Israel from bondage. Passover more specifically refers to the eventide when the angel of decease passed over the houses of all in Egypt killing the first Born of each place that did non hold lambs’s blood around the door. During this holiday Jews are permitted merely to ear unraised staff of life called matzah during the daylight hours. much like the Ramadan fasting. Jews besides hold banquets during the first two darks of this vacation.

A house of worship is an of import constituent of most faiths in our universe today. Islam has the Mosque. a topographic point of supplication and instruction. Hebraism has the Synagogue. besides a topographic point of supplication and instruction. In both these topographic points people gather to execute the imposts that are laid out in their spiritual Bibles.

Unlike some faiths in the universe today both Judaism and Islam require their trusters to pray multiple times a twenty-four hours. Jews pray three times a twenty-four hours. one time in the forenoon. one time in the noontime and one time in the eventide. Though this pattern is more of a personal pick than the rigorous guidelines of supplication set in the Muslim faith. In the Quran there are five pillars of the Muslim religion: The first is profession of religion which fundamentally means a Muslims must invariably and openly profess their religion. The 2nd is supplication. which happens five times a twenty-four hours.

The 3rd is giving alms to the needy. The 4th is fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. And the fifth is the pilgrim’s journey to Mecca. The 2nd pillar of religion is the pattern similar to the Judaic pattern. Five times a twenty-four hours Muslims must pray confronting the holy metropolis of Mecca. This nevertheless is a really rigorous supplication. possibly a spot different from the Judaic tradition. but still the same basic construct.

Hebraism is the oldest of the three major monotheistic faiths. The faith began in the clip of Abraham which would hold been about 1900 B. C. over 3. 000 old ages ago. In many ways this has made the Judaic faith and it’s followings really strong in their beliefs. Islam. on the other manus. was non founded until 570 A. D. . some 2. 000 old ages after the beginning of Judaism. Many Judaic trusters will utilize this difference as an statement. They are the older of the two faiths. and so they were the first people in the Holy Land ( Israel/Palestine ) and so they should be entitled to it and no 1 else.

However. Abraham had two boies. Issac the leader of the Hebrew people and Ishmael. the leader of the Arab people. Though non all Moslems are Arab. the bulk of the Muslims in Israel are Arab. So Muslims will utilize this statement by stating that Ishmael was the first boy of Abraham and God told Abraham that He would take attention of his first born. so the Muslims have merely every bit much right to the country as the Jews. no affair who was there foremost.

Though there are many similarities between Islam and Judaism. the few differences nevertheless big or little seem to greatly outweigh the astonishing similitudes for the 1000s of followings of both beliefs. These differences every bit good as the go oning statement over the promised land of Israel/Palestine continue today to intensify the war in the sacred country and drive a cuneus even further between the two groups. The truly scaring portion of all this is that Holy Wars are highly difficult to decide. When two groups are contending over land that was promised to them by a godly entity that’s being can’t even be proven. there aren’t a whole batch of options for peace. All the universe can make is educate themselves and seek to accept the different faiths and go on to look for some kind of via media.


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