Many novels have tried to adopt the idea of their story on to a film, such as the novel Lord Of The Flies. It is apparent that in most cases the novel is more successful than the film, since it has a greater capability to attract the readers attention by using literally devices such as symbolism, and meaningful events through out the story. I believed that the novel Lord Of The Flies was far more superior to the film Lord Of The Flies, because it was able to show more character descriptions and symbolic events to emphasize the situations in the novel.

The book and the film had many differences in between them. For example, even though both story started by the boys being stranded on an island, in the film the group of American boys came to the island via a survival raft, after their plane had crashed. However, in the film, the story starts of by Ralph (British boy) meeting Piggy, and calling the other British boys to an assembly. In addition, in the beginning of the film the boys quickly start by searching for food and shelter, where in the novel the group of boys form an assembly and elect a leader (Ralph).

Another difference that was noticeable between the novel and the film was that, in the novel, one of the littl uns dies from being burned by a fire, but in the film one of the survivors dies in a cave as he is mistaken by the beast, and is stabbed to death. Even though many differences could be seen between the film and the novel, there are also many similarities between them. For instance, in the both the film and the novel the boys go on pig runs and kill pigs for food. In addition, in both versions, the conflicts between the boys were shown in detail, and the idea of the boys not accepting each other s suggestions could be seen.

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Another similarity between the book and the novel was the death of Simon. In both versions, Simon dies after he finds out the truth about the beast and tries to inform the other boys about his finding. However, he is stabbed to death in both versions by the boys during a feast. In both the movie and the novel, Simon is mistaken for the beast. Piggy also dies in both versions of the film, but in the novel he dies after he was taunted by Jack s tribe and as a result, a rock falls on his head and results in his death.

However, in the film, Piggy is already on the bottom of the cliff, and Jack orders the boys to drop the rock. Moreover, in both versions, the story ends by Ralph being chassed by Ralph s group and stumbling on to the beach, where they are confronted by a naval officer and are rescued. In conclusion, I believe that the aspect of providing immense character and plot detail, in addition to literary devices, attracts the readers attention more than the film. In addition, leaving out some critical parts of the novel out of the movie, and changing the plot of the novel, makes the viewer have less appreciation for the story.

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