In 1 565 the Ottoman Empire attacked the fort where it was held for 1 month before being turned over. The fort has withstood the weather and wars even up to WI. The fort is now used as a police academy and the other part is used as a museum. This is unlike any museum because they have recreated parts of the battle with dummies within the areas. Being able to be there and see this makes you realize that the battles we fight now are a lot less messy than back in those days. I found an article about the bloodiest siege that used human heads as cannonballs.

This is a psychological warfare effect as well as a good way to spread disease and fear. If you were in a battle and all of a sudden your friend’s head was at your feet from the enemy cannon, and this was used for psychological warfare as much as physical. Many things have happened here, but the best part of it is that it is still standing today which goes for the resilience of it. The structure is never going to be completely restored and it might never be open to the public, but there will always be more things that are learned as the people research the stories, land and even under it.

Having been to this amazing fort, I can tell you that the world might have been a totally different place if it wasn’t for places like this. The limestone that it is built from is very sturdy and while walking by it, I reached out and had to feel it. It didn’t seem like it was as hard off stone as it is. The color helps it to blend into the countryside during that time as well as the armament that was with it could be hidden quickly and easily. I had never known the strength of the limestone and after seeing the other forts in the area it is Just astounding that they are all still standing s a testament to the builders.

In many of the pictures the building blocks were of varying sizes and were able to fit together with some other type of limestone mortar. The design was in such a way that it isn’t really easy to make out what it is from the sea and it is positioned in such a way that it would be lethal to anyone that dared to try entering those harbors. Fort SST Elm is a beautiful piece of architecture and the Well-Tempered Clavier is a wonderful piece of music. The Fort SST Elm is similar to the Well-Tempered Clavier, because of the fact that they have their own purpose.

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They are both ways that are able to entertain people in the present day and they also remind us of how far art and technology has come from the times when these were constructed. If you look at the base of Fort SST. Elm, you see all the little blocks that build the foundation. The Well-Tempered Clavier could have been the music in the video to construct Fort SST. Elm. This is similar to the prelude that as the blocks gets bigger and bigger as they build the walls, it is where it changes to the fugues. The battles of Fort SST. Elm are like the hammers hitting the strings on the clavier or IANA.

The differences are almost obvious with the Well-Tempered Clavier being music from a stringed flat or semi-flat instrument and Fort SST. Elm being mortar and bricks. The music can be the type that puts one person to sleep and the Fort is where many people were laid to rest, permanently. The battles that were fought were those that had high losses on all sides. The Well-Tempered Clavier if played on the original instrument sounds almost off key from the normal tones and sounds we are used to coming from pianos. The walls of the Fort would be best described as an finish the work.


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