In both ‘Slumdog millionaire’ and ‘Millions’ . the manager Danny Boyle explores the topic of brotherhood. Furthermore. in both movies. Boyle makes the same suggestion that the strength of brotherhood bonds is tested when fortunes change to increase force per unit area in the relationship. In both movies. this subject is explored through the development of the characters in the gap scenes. the lifting action and the flood tide.

In the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ we are taken to the metropolis of modern Mumbai and into the life of a adult male named Jamal Malik as he attempts to win the Television game show ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ in order to reunite with his long-lost childhood sweetie. Latika. The movie ‘Millions’ . besides from Boyle. tells us the narrative of how the brothers Damian and Anthony react when a duffel bag bag filled with 1000000s of soon-to-expire British lbs fall from the sky near their house. In the gap scenes of ‘Millions’ . Boyle leads into the subject of brotherhood by presenting us to the characters Damian and Anthony through the usage of camera work.

The movie begins with a collage of many different camera shootings cut together to demo a bike race between the brothers from a train station. to the building site where the foundations of their new house are being laid. This has the consequence of demoing the audience that the brothers have a strong and positive relationship. as they are looking to bask themselves in each other’s company. This introductory collage ends with a high angle shooting of Damian and Anthony lying on the land near following to each other after the race. looking happy and smiling.

This. combined with the collage. has the consequence of taking the audience to believe that the brothers enjoy each other’s company all the clip – whether they are playing. viing or in this instance relaxing. Through these techniques the audience is shown the strong brotherhood bond between Damian and Anthony before fortunes change or force per unit area is added to the relationship. Similarly. in the gap scenes of the movie “Slumdog millionaire” Boyle besides introduces us to the topic of brotherhood. and the bond between Jamal and Salim Malik. once more through the usage of camera work.

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In the early scenes of the movie. a Collage of different shootings is used to demo the brothers running off from guards on an flight strip. after being caught playing cricket with some other childs from their slum. Throughout the pursuit. the brothers stick together. This has the consequence of presenting us to the characters of Salim and Jamal. every bit good as doing us cognizant of their friendly relationship and brotherhood. Early on in this collage. a Medium Close Up shooting is included. demoing Jamal and Salim smiling and high-fiving whilst running off from the guards.

This collage has the consequence of taking the audience to believe that the brotherhood bond between Salim and Jamal is really strong. as they stick together even in the face of danger. in this instance being caught by the guards. Both the Collage and the Medium Close Up shooting address the topic of brotherhood. and demo us the strength of the bond between Jamal and Salim before fortunes change to increase force per unit area in their relationship. In the lifting action of ‘Millions’ the strength of the brotherhood bond between Anthony and Damian is tested when they disagree about how the money should be used.

Boyle once more conveys this altering moral force of the boys’ relationship through the usage of duologue. redaction and camera work. Shortly after the money is discovered. Damian and Anthony are in town when Damian sees a adult female selling transcripts of the Big Issue. “Big Issue anyone? ” she says. to which Damian replies “Here. and maintain the alteration. ” She responds “Thanks mate. I’ve had nil to eat all twenty-four hours! ” to which Damian answers. “We’re traveling to Pizza hut. Want to come? ” At which point Anthony overhears the conversation and interjects “No!

No she doesn’t. she merely wants more money! We haven’t got any more! ” Ignoring Anthony. the lady answers. “I’d fancy Pizza really. Can I convey my friend? ” to which Damian nods. Boyle uses this brief interchange to efficaciously portray the different positions of Damian and Anthony. Damian is shown to be more than willing to assist the hungry adult female by purchasing her nutrient. and doesn’t hesitate when she asks to convey a friend. even though it will duplicate the cost. Contrastingly Anthony lies that they “haven’t got any more to seek and avoid what he sees as a waste of money.

Soon afterwards in the movie. a broad shooting is used to demo the brothers as they leave for school. In the shooting. Damian is in the background. on pes. closing and locking their door whilst Anthony. have oning dark glassess is framed go forthing with an cortege of other childs from school. siting on a motorcycle person else is bicycling for him. This shooting has the consequence of typifying the two different stances the brothers have taken with the money. Damian has decided to go on his life as if the money had ne’er been discovered. whereas Anthony has decided to utilize the money for his ain selfish intents.

Both the broad shooting and the duologue typify two cases in which the brothers disagree about what they should make with the money. Anthony wants to salvage the money unless it is being spent on him. whereas Damian has the exact opposite end. Their different ideals combined with the alteration in circumstance – the find of the money – have increased the tenseness in their relationship and is proving their brotherhood bond. Similarly. the brotherhood bond between Jamal and Salim is tested in the lifting action of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ when and Salim repeatedly betrays Jamal.

Boyle reveals this development of the Malik brothers’ relationship through the usage of duologue. Jamal and Salim have a cozenage. in which Jamal occupies the long bead for every bit long as possible. so people pay Salim to acquire him to come out. Jamal takes to hanker acquiring out. and a possible client foliages. Salim so says to Jamal “You merely lost me a bloody customer” . Jamal is unconcerned. and doesn’t say anything. A unidentified character so shouts “Amitabh’s chopper! That’s Amitabh’s chopper! ” Jamal so exclaims “Amitabh? Amitabh Bachan! Salim places a chair beneath the bathroom’s grip so that Jamal can’t get out. Jamal so yells “Salim. open it! ” We can state by the manner Jamal said Amitabh’s name that he admires him. Salim would hold known this. and so to lock him in the lavatory when he will likely ne’er have the opportunity to see Amitabh once more is really barbarous. As it turns out. Jamal wants to see Amitabh so severely he jumps through the long bead floor and emerges covered in sewage. He so runs up to Amitabh and manages to acquire his autograph. Later. Salim sells the autograph.

When Jamal finds out. he exclaims. “That was my autograph! Amitabh gave it to me! I’ll ne’er get another! ” To which Salim answers “He offered a good monetary value. so I sold it! ” As Salim walks off. Jamal says. about to himself “But it was mine…” This. once more. shows that Salim has really small empathy for his brother. and Jamal was besides really disquieted about what Salim had done. Both these illustrations of duologue have the consequence of leting the audience to see that Salim has betrayed Jamal. non one time. but twice. The Malik boy’s brotherhood bond is being tested due to this is the alteration in circumstance.

In the declaration of ‘Millions’ Damian and Anthony manage to get the better of the obstructions and regain their brotherhood bond. Damian decided to fire all the money. and after he has set it on fire. he sees his dead female parent. He has a brief talk to her. and so Anthony comes out to fall in him. Damian says to Anthony “She said to state you non to worry. everything’s traveling to be all right. ” By go throughing on this message to his brother. it shows that Damian himself agrees with it. Shortly subsequently. a broad shooting is used. demoing the household creeping through the box tunnel to Damian’s garrison.

The garrison was a really particular topographic point to Damian. hence because he is leting Anthony indoors. it can be concluded that Damian has forgiven Anthony. The consequence of the both duologue and the broad angle shooting is to once more turn to the topic of Brotherhood. and to demo the audience the brotherhood bond between Damian and Anthony was strong plenty that when the fortunes changed for the better – the remotion of the money – they managed to recover their old relationship. Contrastingly. in the lifting action of Slumdog Millionaire. Salim and Jamal have a battle. doing the disintegration of their brotherhood bond.

After get awaying from Maman. Salim has had excessively much to imbibe and wants to ‘have his way’ with Latika. so he tells Jamal to go forth. When Jamal objects. he retorts. “I am the senior. I am the foreman. For one time. you do as I say” After throwing Jamal outside the flat. Jamal starts slaming on the door. Salim opens it. and points a six-gun at Jamal’s caput. and says “Shut up! The adult male with the colt 45 says shut up! Go now. or gun maestro Jinan will hit you right between the eyes. Don’t think he wont.

The consequence of both of these illustrations of duologue is to stress to the audience that Salim is more interested in his ain desires than that of his brother. whom he knows loves Latika. From Jamal’s point of position this is the concluding straw. and it seems impossible for the brotherhood bond to return to what it was. In decision. Danny Boyle explores the topic of brotherhood and makes the suggestion that the strength of brotherhood bonds is tested when fortunes change to increase force per unit area in the relationship with both Salim and Jamal Malik in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and Anthony and Damian in ‘Millions’ .

In some ways. the movies are similar. as the brotherhood bond between the two chief supporters is strong at the start. and is tested in the lifting action. The movies are different. nevertheless. because Anthony and Damian manage to retrieve their bond in the declaration. whereas Jamal and Salim do non. Boyle’s remarks on each of the movies are really interesting. and it was impressive to see such varied versions of the subject of brotherhood and the different results of each.


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