In order for kids to experience safe off from place they need a safe environment where they can larn and play comfortably. I am ever watchful and continuously observe the kids at all times. Children must ne’er be left unsupervised. In the category. safety safeguards such as look intoing all tabular arraies and chairs for harm and crisp borders is done hebdomadal. All electrical mercantile establishments that are non being used are covered with safety caps. I guarantee that the children’s work and play countries are free of jumble. When the kids are utilizing scissors. pencils or other instruments. I make certain they carry them in an appropriate mode to forestall hurt. We have on file written permission from the parent’s to take their kid for any exigency medical attention if the nurse isn’t on campus. Outdoor drama countries are checked daily for harmful objects such as bottles. tins. or other litter points before the kids go out to play. In the centre. a fire drill is conducted Once a month.

A Healthy Environment
A healthy environment is indispensable for effectual acquisition. A ocular day-to-day wellness cheque is done each twenty-four hours upon each child’s reaching. I respond instantly to accidents. wellness concerns and exigency conditions calmly. The schoolroom is maintained in a clean and hygienic environment. While working with parents. together we assist the kids in edifice good training wonts b keeping consistent modus operandis at school and promote them to make so at place. Hand rinsing following toileting. rinsing custodies before repasts and brushing dentition is done in the centre to promote healthy demands. Children are able to boom in an environment that influences their growing and development.

A Learning Environment
Children learn by making and by copying each other. their parents and their instructors. I respect and acknowledge each child’s thoughts. concern and feelings. We provide a assortment of stuffs in the category from the books we use to the plaything with which the kids play. Engagement is encouraged without any of the kids experiencing frustrated. An environment is provided where each kid has fun during activities that are allowed and encouraged to take part in assorted activities to appreciate each other’s cultural differences. Each kid display their work around the schoolroom they enjoy seeing their achievements. Open communicating is provided for each kid. I try to do certain the children’s day-to-day agenda is followed. but sometimes we get a small buttocks. Passage from one activity to another is smooth.


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Physcial development is of import for healthy development. Physical activities are designed to be fun for the kids. Children like a batch of physical motion. In the category we schedule clip to utilize both gross and all right motor accomplishments. We plan physical activities during outside clip. such as relay races. leaping rope. Hawaiian dancing basketballs. throwing a ball and merely kick exerting. Play enhances larning both inside and outside. My enthusiasm is shown when I actively play with the kids. In the category. we exercise to music. uniting music and motion. Parents are encouraged to acquire involved in physical activities with their kids. We plan. develop and organize all right and little motor accomplishment activities such as threading big and little beads. cutting with scissors. turning individual pages in books. pulling and seting mystifiers together. Sleep is besides of import for growing. Children need remainder during the twenty-four hours. Quiet clip with music is played in order to assist the kid relax.


Children want replies to their inquiries. Most of their inquiries start with “Why” . As their instructor. I know that it is of import to their inquiries answered. It is their manner of larning. They need to larn how to comprehend different things. In the category we use symbols as portion of groking. Books are used to inquire inquiries and believe about what is being read to them. As portion of our agenda. I let the kids plan their ain activities. They tell me what center they want to travel in and what they plan to make in their centres. Children are given the chance to speak about their parents. friends and things go oning around place and community. On some Fridays we do demo and state or idol Friday. The kids bring points from place and state the category something about the point. We besides bring something to portion ; this manner the kids in bend ask us inquiries. In the category. we sing our Alphabet and sounds vocal. This helps them to larn letters of the alphabet. We play figure games for rote numeration and form searching in the category for forms acknowledgment.


Social Development
Teachers are really of import function theoretical accounts for a kid. Promoting societal accomplishments includes assisting kids begin to understand the feelings and demands of others. In the category. I ever model good societal accomplishments around the kids. Observation is an of import tool while larning how a kid feels and behaves. When a kid tells me no 1 will play with him/her. through observation. the kid is monitored around his/her equals to see if there is a deficiency of societal developing accomplishments. Helping. sharing. demoing concern and cooperation with each other is ever encouraged. Children are rewarded with congratulations for kindness. being helpful and concerted to each other. Each kid is made to experience particular. Addressing societal accomplishments. cognizing the children’s cultural background and environment is really of import to me. Social interactions are provided through drama. Play socially helps kids to collaborate and appreciate each other. Childs have to be able to acquire along with each other in order for the twenty-four hours run swimmingly.

Emotional Development
As a instructor. I try to do a great difference in developing emotional accomplishments in the kids. Children are encouraged to show love. fright. and choler. It is of import for me to assist the kids control both negative and positive emotions. Emotional development through drama is encouraged. It helps kids relieve feelings in a safe environment and promotes assurance. I respect each kid as an person and the natural differences in how kids express their feelings. In the category. marionettes and role-play are used in exhibiting emotions whether positive or negative. in the category. I plan and provide a topographic point for the kids to hold some down clip when they are sing negative emotions.

Positive Guidance
The manner a instructor acts influences the kids. I ever maintain a positive attitude around the kids. The clime of the category is ever relaxed. My tone of voice is unagitated. when talking with the kids. As the instructor in the category. I use counsel techniques such as patterning appropriate behaviour and leting the kids to move their age. Directions are given in a positive manner. The agenda is provided and followed daily so the kids will cognize the everyday and can do passages easier. A helper chart is put up this manner. all the kids portion duty of maintaining the schoolroom clean and orderly. As a group. we together come up with a set of category regulations. which are agreeable with the pupils and me. Children are encouraged to feed and dress themselves. Childs are praised when they cooperated and assist each other. particularly during clean up Time.



It is really of import to me to allow parents and households of the kids I work with know and feel they are a large portion of our plan. The parents every bit good as their kids are of import to me and the overall success of the plan. I encourage a concerted ambiance among each child’s relationships within the household construction. Parents are ever welcome in the schoolroom. Regular communicating with the parents is of import. It is of import to show a united attempt to the household of the kids with whom I teach. Newsletters are sent place on a hebdomadal footing T parents to inform them of upcoming events. A parent intelligence board is set up to supply daily updates to parents on repasts. activities and of import day of the months. In order to keep an unfastened. friendly and concerted relationship with each child’s household we provide parents with chances to go involved in the plans.

We encourage parents to volunteer in the schoolroom. attend workshops. function on policy and consultative commissions. attend field trips and go to parent meetings. During parent meetings suggestions are made for bettering the day-to-day plan. Information about their child’s experiences and accomplishments in the centre is provided to the parents. Reports are distributed sporadically to assist parents understand the advancement of his or her kid. Home visits are made twice throughout the school term to portion activities and stuffs that parents can utilize at place with their kid. Each family’s cultural background. spiritual and parenting beliefs are respected. Parent-Teacher conferences are another agencies of communicating with parents they are besides held twice in a school term. Parents need to cognize and experience they are a portion of the instruction squad in the schoolroom. Together. our common end is ever. the kids.



To guarantee a well-run plan. I maintain an unfastened communicating with my Lead Teacher and other staff members. We work as a squad to supply quality. developmentally appropriate activities and stuffs for the kids each twenty-four hours. I’m ever willing to work with bus proctors. parents and voluntaries. It is of import to me that the kids can boom good in an environment that influences their growing and development. Each child’s nutritionary demands are met. Up-to-date records is maintained on each kid. Each child’s record is kept confidential. Confidentiality secures the privateness of the kids and their households. The parents. staff members Lead Teacher and myself work to place the strengths and demands of each kid. Records and studies refering growing. behaviour. wellness. and advancement of each kid is maintained. This information is shared with each child’s parent. Agendas are posted and followed day-to-day they are where the parents can read them.

This manner. they know what their kid is working on day-to-day. By utilizing appropriated guidelines. I observe the kids for marks of maltreatment or disregard and follow through if needed. Center booklets are distributed to each child’s household. Each child’s advancement is discussed with his/her several parents. Planning is indispensable. A great trade of clip is sent on planning. so that kids will hold their demands met. I guarantee that the schoolroom is clean and safe. The schoolroom is ever prepared before the kids arrive. Mention stuffs. are utilised as needful each twenty-four hours. To excite and actuate the kids. I systematically look for new and advanced methods. I read assorted books and instruction web sites to get acknowledge. It is of import to keep grasp for each child’s cultural background.



As a instructor. I enjoy learning Pre-K. I demonstrate a positive attitude toward the kids and their parents. It is of import to advance quality services. I take advantage of all chances to better my personal and professional growing. This growing is good for the kids I teach. every bit good as their parents. I take advantage for personal development by go toing conferences. in-service preparations. staff meetings and survey groups. I read books. stay in contact with other pre-k instructors and resource coordinators to assist maintain me informed of alterations in the instruction field. Information about the kids. their households and staff is kept confidential. Effective communications and working good with my colleagues is really of import. I perform my responsibilities professionally no affair where I work. While dressing in a professional mode. my hair. nails and garb are maintained clean and attractive. A positive. professional attitude is projected at all times. Cultural differences in the kids are respected at all times. Parents are informed about field trips. place visits and conferences. I ask parents to volunteer in the category. each hebdomad I send place a household activity this keeps them involved in larning about their child’s experiences at school. I am committed to maintaining the kids safe. supplying good communicating. positive counsel and working with the households of the kids. It is of import for the children’s household and me to work together. The key is teamwork. The common end is that the parents and myself will make what is best for the kid.


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