To set up and keep a safe. healthy acquisition environment
My end is to supply a safe environment and Teach kids safe patterns to forestall and cut down hurts. To make this I check all playthings and equipment that kids will be utilizing for broken or losing parts frequently to guarantee they remain safe. I guarantee all chemicals and cleansing merchandises are stored in locked cabinets to forestall toxic condition. I teach kids how to utilize playground equipment safely to cut down the hazard of hurt. I am certified in first assistance. CPR. and Infant CPR which makes me knowing of caring for accidents or hurts.

My end is to supply an environment and patterns that promote health and wellness. To make this I make certain kids wash their custodies upon reaching to cut down on sources being brought into the schoolrooms. I make certain all playthings are sanitized daily to forestall the spread of sources. I wash my custodies after assisting kids travel to the bathroom or wipe olfactory organs. I wash my custodies before using baseball mitts when functioning nutrient. I besides make certain that all repasts that are served meet USDA demands.

My end is to make an gratifying environment that encourages drama. geographic expedition. and larning. To carry through this I provide a schoolroom agenda. I provide age appropriate activities that challenge kids but non above their degree. Provide tonss of gross and all right motor activities inside and outside. Provide tonss of books and composing stuffs and give kids ample clip to utilize them. I provide whole group. little group. and work one on one with kids. 270 words

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