By making this professional profiling faculty I try to make a research and analysis of an Indian Airline company Kingfisher Airlines how it become the most outstanding and qualitative air hoses in Indian subcontinent and besides become universe celebrated Indian air hoses.

I besides stating about the SWOT analysis of Kingfisher air hoses and what are the selling tactics that they were utilizing in their concern field. I besides do an analysis survey of PESTEL in which I find out how the Kingfisher air hoses affected or affected by Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and by Legal.

1.2: Aim

The chief aim of this professional profiling faculty to state how the SWOT analysis relates to Kingfisher air hoses whether it affects straight or indirectly.

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I besides adverting about the PESTEL analysis of Kingfisher air hoses through this Professional profiling faculty.

To analyze how kingfisher air hoses survives from the high competitory field in India and from other force per unit areas by other air hose company in India.

To analyze about in which all Fieldss they wants to do alterations to better and by that they can better a batch in the air hose field and they can go the best air hose in the universe itself.

1.3: Introduction

Kingfisher air hose is an air hose group in India starts by the United Breweries group and its caput office in Vile Parley Mumbai.Kingfisher air hose is one of six air hoses in the universe to hold 5-star evaluation from skytrax.Kingfisher day-to-day operates 400 flights to over 72 finishs by 50 % of low cost.

The selling stratergy that used by Kingfisher air hose is that they were uses the friendly concern tactics towards the invitee ( riders ) by giving a hearty welcome to their offices and flights and give besides “ particular kit ” to the invitee.

The ticket rates all they divided into two categories such as SEC-A and SEC-B ( socio-economic category ) clearly defined mark audience in the age group of 25 above.

2.0 PESTEL Analysis

2.1 Political

Open sky policy

It is chiefly for opening a free market for the air hose companies.

In the domestic air hoses the foreign air hoses were non allowed to purchase the interest.

Closing down of domestic flights due to diminishing in the figure of riders and due to other issues.

Rules and Regulations in the International path lines.

2.2 Economic

Contributes more income to Indian economic system.

It increases the Indian economic system.

Investing in the sector air power.

The growing of the in-between income group household affects the air power sector.

It causes for the deficit of the substructure capacity.

Rising of cost fuel

2.3 Social

It creates a batch of occupation chances in the broad countries.

It makes a batch of safety ordinances.

Developing of metropoliss leads to the better services and airdromes.

The position attached to a plane travel that compares to the other ways of transit.

2.4 Technological

Now the technological system in the air hose system is bettering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

Now the pilotage is based on the orbiter information which brings a batch alterations in the air hoses field.

The new technological methods were found out the new ways of path lines.

The airdromes were modernised and privatised.

They were utilizing the most advanced technological systems for their plants and in the administrations.

2.5 Environmental

It causes for the addition in the planetary heating.

If it is non carried out in a proper manner it may consequences in the pollution like,

Sound pollution

Water pollution

Air pollution

The sudden and unexpected behavior of the ambiance.

The dependence on whether.

2.6 Legal

Inflexible regulations and ordinances

Treaties between the two states-Bilateral pacts.

3.0 SWOT Analysis of Kingfisher air hoses

Here it is the analysis of Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of Kingfisher air hoses.

3.1 Strengths of Kingfisher air hoses

They were supplying the qualitative cordial reception and really good service to the clients which attracts the clients attending towards kingfisher air hoses.

They have both the domestic flights every bit good as the international flights which links to the different parts of the universe.

They supplying the particular publicities during every twelvemonth to the clients.

Kingfisher air hose is the first air hose with the new fleet of aircraft.

They already have the particular preparation academy and good qualified air hostesses crew.

They offers a luxury journey with the inexpensive rate that compares to the other economical air hoses.

3.2 Failings of Kingfisher air hoses.

The chief failings that facing by the kingfisher air hose is their air hose office and caput quarters in the tube Politian metropoliss and in the large metropoliss so they can supply the efficient service who populating in the towns and the tube Politian metropoliss.

They can non supply good service to the people who populating in the rural countries because it is really hard to reach with them due to job in the manner of pass oning each other.

The development of the topographic points affects the proper working of the air hoses.

Kingfisher air hoses is non in a high net income because it is non the chief beginning of transit that compares to the other manner of transit method.

The other chief failings that face by the kingfisher air hose is the slow increasing of the Indian economic system and worsening of the Indian economic system.

High ticket pricing that compares to the other charges of transit so the people besides non interested to travel with it and they besides have some bounds by giving the offers to the riders.

Increasing the monetary value of fuels and the other trade goods.

If the flight is rescheduled the service from the client attention of Kingfisher air hoses to the clients is really weak.

3.3 Opportunities of Kingfisher air hoses

They can increase their net income every twelvemonth by advancing the particular strategies in the rate of air tickets during vacations and during the seasons of one-year careers.

They can get down the new flight trips to the different tourer topographic points because there is a batch of tourer visitants to the tourer musca volitanss.

They can besides get down the flight trips to the different parts of the universe because they did n’t hold much rival as the international flights that compares to the domestic flights.

They want to get down their offices at different topographic points other than the metropoliss and towns they wants to come across the rural countries therefore the people came to cognize about it and therefore they can acquire more clients for their each trip.

They want to better their client attention services by opening it ‘s service for 20 four hours therefore clients can swear the air hoses than any other.

They want to happen the proper solution if the flight is rescheduled and the client loss their things such bags and baggage ‘s.

They want to cognize the clients the advantages of going with the kingfisher air hoses.

They want to give rank or any other exciting gifts to the clients if they were utilizing Kingfisher air hoses for their trips for longer times.

3.4 Menaces confronting by Kingfisher air hoses

The chief menaces that faced by kingfisher air hose is the high competition from the domestic flights to the same topographic points.

They besides endangering about the increasing in the rate of fuels and the addition in the rate of other trade goods.

They besides endangering about the inaccessibility of qualitative and efficient crew ‘s.

The other job faces them by the worsening of economic system and the arising of the in-between category people in the society.

The authorities besides get downing the other methods of transit to the different parts of the state with inexpensive rate.

The authorities exposing heavy revenue enhancements to the private administration specially the air hose companies.

They want to give immense sum to the clients if there is any accident happens during the trip.

They besides endangering approximately unexpected climatic alterations.

Some of the outstanding services done by Kingfisher air hoses other than the other Airlines.

Reservation: It can be done by sing their company or merely by on-line method. The sum can be paid by hard currency or either by debit card and by the recognition card.

There were no distinction in the categories and they merely wants to wait small clip in the land and the efficient handling of holds.

4.0 Recommendations

They want to simplify the flight operations they wants to do it for all the people in the urban countries every bit good as the in the rural countries.

They want to cut down cost of air ticket which favor for all people who have the want to travel in a plane.

Reduce the labor cost.

Want to do a friendly client attention services to the clients which can be given in the whole yearss means that the 20 four hours.

Give insurance policies to the clients during the journey if any accidents may go on.

Get smart on fuel.

Promote safety, comfort and luxury journey to the clients.

Make parternership between the other air hose companies.

Aware the whole people about the installations and advantages of air hoses other than the other air hoses.

5.0 Decision

As the clip passes Kingfisher air hoses ruling the major function of air hoses in India that compares to the other air hoses every bit good as it faces a batch competition from other air hoses they confronting a batch of challenges and menaces throughout every twelvemonth and they were manage to unclutter it. But still there is some challenges they were confronting they want to pull off it other ways they lost their precedence in the air hose Fieldss.

They want to better their client attention service and they want to do illustration of other International air hoses which is really high in the place of the air hose Fieldss. Great hands of concern adult male Dr.Vijay Malia led the foundation of the growing of the Kingfisher air hoses and his thoughts give its manner the chief function in the air hose Fieldss in India.

In comparing to the offer that were given a twosome of old ages ago and now for the menus and other installations are of no more lucifer. Ticket fares these yearss have gone down to ” 0 ” every bit good, because of the monolithic competition occurred in this sector. Another stratergy that can be deployed is by accomplishing service quality, viz. the in-flight and besides the station -flight services given to the clients. Supplying excess attending to fragile countries or countries where public presentations have n’t met should be taken particular attention.

5.2 Appendixs

For the study of this presentation I read some books that tells about the success of Dr.Vijay Malia and his life narrative what are the thoughts that he used for the foundation of Kingfisher air hoses and do the figure one air hose in India. I ask some of my friends who travel in kingfisher air hoses and their experiences while going in the Kingfisher airlines. I besides got one opportunity to run into some officers who working in Kingfisher air hoses they gave me more valuable points about the Kingfisher air hoses, when I go back to India during the last career.


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