The purpose of this report is to make clear what tools Muggiest competitors use that make their business successful. This will help the employees of Muggiest who Just set up their business. There has to be more clarity in the problems of Muggiest and the Survival, the biggest competitor, improve Maggot’s weaknesses? In this report there are given suggestions on the complications that Muggiest faces. The problem will be showed more explicit and the possible solutions for these complications will be given. To orientate on this sections, I used all the information of Survival I could find.

I elaborated all this information into this report. In this report I will give some basic information about Muggiest and Survival as an organization. Their strengths and weaknesses will be included. After Vive discusses the companies, there will be spoken about the cooperation activities of Survival which makes the company successful. Not to forget what Survival’s mission of statement is, and what them helped existing for such a long period. In the subheadings ‘Product mix, promotion’, you can read where Muggiest lacks comparing to Survival. That is why research is explained in the chapter ‘Reflection on Survival’.

At last, you will look at possible solutions upon Survival. Muggiest can learn a lot of Survival. -? 2. Competitors Maggot’s competitor’s analyses is important for its business to keep a clear focus on the activities. I am pleased to report that Muggiest is performing well against many of its goals for the second semester. However, Muggiest must not forget to keep an eye on its competitors. When Muggiest started, we knew that we would have a lot of competitors. We have to compete with big brands like Survival, Hemp and websites who give opportunities to create a unique mug.

Other big competitors of Muggiest re companies like Struck and Xenon. Struck came up with their own brand of mugs. This mug wears the logo of Struck, Just like Muggiest does. However, Struck also offers good quality coffee and other related drinks. That is the reason why Struck is one of our biggest competitors. Xenon is a big store, which sells mugs for a reasonable price and a big variety in their mug. They don’t sell one kind of mug but Xenon has a whole department with tableware and related mugs. Their customers therefore can adjust their choice of mugs to the rest of their tableware.

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This makes Xenon also a big competitor of Muggiest. I chose to reflect my report on Survival because I think they are our biggest competitors. They offer mugs with special features. Therefore I will analyses Survival as our biggest competitor 3. About Survival History Survival is a Dutch retail, pharmacy, health and beauty company. They are also located in Belgium. Families De Rice opened the first survival in 1975. Meanwhile, Survival has opened 800 stores in Holland. Survival Holding is also the owner of ICC Paris XSL and Trellises, which are a perfumery and a drugstore.

The drugstore Oarsman in Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic is also owned by Survival Holdings. Eventually, Survival Holdings was sold to a company in Hong Kong named A. S. Watson in 2002 for billion euros. A. S. Watson group is a element of the multinational organization Hutchison Hamper from Hong Kong. With more than 7800 shops in 36 countries, A. S. Watson can name itself as the world biggest health & beauty retailer. Mission Statement Survival’s slogan reads: ‘Steeds evergreens, Altair overdoing! ‘ Witch can be translated as; Always suspiring, always advantageous!

They grew as a drugstore because of the combination of low prices and a attractive and variable assortment. Survival is the undisputed market leader of drugstore Survival offers a wide range of traditional products in the field of personal beauty, where there is made room for Survival’s own brand products. More than 2500 Survival own brand products offer a high quality in combination with an attractive price. Survival also offers a frontier selection of non- cosmetic products. Survival therefore weekly serves more than 2,5 million loyal customers. -? 4. Muggiest – Business Muggiest is a unique company that sells mugs.

Our mugs are designed with our own characteristic graffiti design, designed by an upcoming German artist. We offer our customer’s quality mugs made of porcelain. Muggiest always endeavourers to continue the process of learning and developing. Maggot’s goal is to establish a reputation for unique mugs of quality as well as a unique marketing concept, which is one of our strengths. Muggiest can be found on market fairs, in schools and online. It strengths is the distinctive concept of giving our customers an opportunity to experience an authentic experience of a Muggiest in its legitimate American style.

It has strong member focus, enthusiast and ambitious employees and the use of interactive social. People Mushroom’s has 15 employees work hard and try to cooperate as a team. We deliberate every week to analyses our week so we can improve where we think we went wrong. Muggings people are very committed to develop. Supplier Holland. Yet, it’s a premeditated choice to avoid complications from abroad. Muggiest chose quality instead of quantity. However, our weakness is that our selling price per mug therefore increased with at least 2 Euro per mug. Customers Muggiest has its own identity and, as such, attracts different market segments.

Whether the customer is looking to stand out at the office with the unique mug or ants to have variety of mugs, Muggiest is the perfect option. Regardless of this diversity, Muggiest believes all their customers wants to buy, knowing that the product they purchase have been made fairly, without finding out it sells a design from someone else. -? 5. Analyzing Survival: Product mix Product Survival’s reason for its success is because of their wide range of products. The own design mugs of Survival called ‘Footwork are available for 9,95. At the online website www. survival. L you can order your Survival Footwork very easy. Customers can choose their own color, design or upload a picture on the mug. There is even an opportunity to choose weather you want the mug adapted for right-handed people or left-handed people. The mug offers a resolution of 960 x 800 pixels. This is where Muggiest lacks compared to Survival because Muggiest offers only one sort of mug. Price The product can only be ordered online. The websites offers a very easy way to order the mug the customer designed. Within the 3 ordering steps you can order your mug. The mug assortment offers variety of mugs.

You can choose whether you would like to have a ‘Panorama mow, which is higher in price because it differs from quality with he regular mug. This mug is available for 12. 95. There is also a mug available for 18,99. This mug is their most expensive one. This so-called ‘Magic mock changes from color when it warms up, it than will show the design. When it cools down the chosen design disappears into a solid color. The price, which is shown on the website, is exclusive VAT. Although Muggiest doesn’t offer a wide range of mugs, we do personal selling and we sell at different fairs. This gives our customers an easy way to buy our mugs.

Place Survival counts almost 800 stores in the Netherlands. When you order a mug online, o can choose at which store you want your mug to be delivered. It is also possible to let your product deliver to your own address, however this will costs you 7,95 extra. I think it is very wise to let the mug deliver to any shop you prefer. Promotion The promotion for the mug is mostly due online. Although, once in a while Survival offers a promotion on the mugs, this will be shown in their advertising brochure, which is sent every other week. You can also sign up for an online advertising brochure.

There is also a possibility to save points on your Survival saving card. If o sign up by ordering a saving card, the card gives you a daily or weekly mail with from the Survival store, your card automatically saves up points. Not only for the products in the shop but also for magazines, musicals and lots more. So this card gives you an opportunity to save up on your mug. In comparison with Survival, Muggiest could work more on their promotion. We do offer a discount on coffee at the Mi Cafe HESS, but that promotion counts only for one day and only for students at the HESS. Target group Every customer of Survival is different.

Because of the fact that Survival offers reduces that everybody needs for his of her daily health and personal care. It also offers the customers a cheap prizing which is attractive for everybody. The mugs are offered online for a low price and very easy way to order. The mugs are offered under the heading ‘Gifts’. This mugs therefore falls under a gift. People who would like to surprise there loved ones with an individual mug are a perfect target for this product. However because there has to be made an online transaction, the customer must be in need of online banking. Not every customer is known with this concept.

So he target group for this mug is a group who likes to order gifts online, and is known with the concept of online banking. In my opinion this is a smart way to make room for a wider range of products and possibilities for the customers. Because the average shop has a surface of 330 mm, there wont be enough space for an extensive gift shop. Because it’s online it gives the customer a chance to upload their desired picture or design. If it weren’t online it would decrease the added value of the mug. Therefore I think it’s a very good concept of Survival. Financing Unfortunately the real numbers of the cash flows of Survival are not available.

However, according to the Belgian business websites Survival hasn’t felt anything of the recession. Survival is the biggest drugstore of the Netherlands. Every year the turnover increases with at least 5% for the last 5 years. The exact numbers are unknown, but in 2011 the National Bank reported that Survival Holding would have made a turnover of 242 million Euro with a net profit of 3,6 million Euro. The mugs online must be selling pretty well because since the last 2 years they expanded their mug assortment from 2 different mugs to 4 different mugs. There are now more possibilities to create your own mug than 2 years ago.

Internet Survival’s sites layout and design is what I like to call an organized chaos. There are a lot of promotions shown on the homepage. Nevertheless, the organized chaos fits Survival’s imago because they always offer different promotions. Though, the possibility to find a desired product is very easy. Content There is a lot happening on the website. In every corner you can see a promotion or a weekly offer. All the products Survival offers in the store, are also on the website. This gives the customers a good overview of the assortment. It is very easy to find a desired product.

The website therefore is very clear. Community The way the site enables user-to-user communication is by using the customer service. You can send questions by email or call their headquarter. There is also social media available. You can like their Faceable page a keep up with Survival’s promotions by faceable. You also can sign up and receive a weekly or daily promotion by email. This way Survival’s keeps its customer very close. Customization On the website there is an ability to order all your desired products online. You can shop through all the products and the products will be sending to a chosen address.

Another possibility is to collect the shopping list at a desired store. This system works the same for the mugs. Communication The way the site enables two ways communication is by giving the customers a possibility to give reactions to the customer services with complaints or comments. There is also Connection The website is linked with Faceable and Lifebuoy, which is a television programmer on the Dutch television. This programmer has a segment where every week a health specialist discusses a product in the Survival store. This weekly video is weekly posted on the Survival site. Commerce

The sites capability to enable commercial transactions is very high. Survival is a active television commercial user. And also there promotions are weekly send to all the addresses in the Netherlands who receive advertising leaflets. -? 6. Reflections in a glimpse -? Finally, I Judge Muggiest on all the above-mentioned aspects of Survival not very positive. It has a lot of challenges. For example, Muggiest doesn’t have its own website. Which is unfortunate because I found a lot of information on the website of Survival. The website could also connect our customers to our faceable page.

We loud give our customers more information about Muggiest and the set up of the company if Muggiest had a website. I also found out that the variety in mugs is more attractive than Just one mug with one design. Customers like to choose, and mugs doesn’t give the customers an opportunity to make a choice, where Survival does. However, Muggiest does have a good innovative campaign. We don’t Just sell a mug but a whole Muggiest experience. That’s where Survival lacks in comparison with Muggiest. Next steps recommendation: Support sales by social media. Better contact options for our customers.


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