Short essay Customers usually engaged In complex buying behavior when a big amount of money Is Involved In the purchase, and when they assumed there are Important differences between various brands (Kettle, Burton, Deans, Brown & Armstrong 2013). This essay will indicate a complex buying behavior I have recently involved, describe and analyses the buyer decision process, which includes the internal and external influences that impacted on my purchase in five main areas, problem recognition, and Information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post- arches behavior (Kettle et. L. 2013). The complex buying behavior I recently engaged was the selection of my university education. The purchase was in high involvement because it consumed a big amount of money and involved a consideration of my long-term education, also my future career. I have passed through a learning process investigating the advantages and relative Importance about the selected university – Monish University, as well as conducting a comparison with other universities In Australia, and In other countries (Kettle et. Al. 2013).

When I graduated from High School in Adelaide, offers for further education were received from Monish university, The university of Adelaide and South Australia. My interested attributes of choosing universities were included study environment, university world ranking and educational fees. The Internal factors that Impacted on my buying process were first started with problem recognition. According to Mascots hierarchy of needs, human usually have five levels of needs which include from the lowest level to the highest level – physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs (Kettle et. L. 2013). Self-actualization need of conducting further education was appeared to me after graduating from high school; therefore an appropriate university has to be selected to create positive impacts on my education and future career (Kettle et. Al. 2013). Information search of various universities was one of the essential parts in my buying decision process, Kettle et. Al. (2013) clams that external factors are included as cultural and social influences. In my buying process, social influences such as highly attention paid on information about different universities.

For example I asked rinds, teachers, family and educational agents for their preferences, universities exhalation and conferences were also attended to gain professional advice. Among these factors, professional advice from educational agents has the greatest influence to my final decision. Monish university was not my first preference. However, as more information was obtained, my awareness and knowledge of various universities has increased, and I finally discovered that Monish university most satisfied my interested attributes of study environment, university world ranking and educational fees. 013) states that “evaluation of alternatives is the stage of the buyer decision process in which the consumer uses information to evaluate alternative brands in the choice set. ” (p. 205) In terms of my considered attributes, all of the mentioned universities provide similar study environment as they all located in Australia, the University of Adelaide and South Australia required slight cheaper educational fees.

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However, Monish University demonstrates a better world ranking, for me it was important to choose university with better education rather than other factor, therefore Monish University was selected. Shameless (2000) suggests that once a potential buyer has gathered and analyses information about various aspects of the purchase, the next step is to decide whether or not to procure the purchase. My final purchase decision made was influenced accordingly to an external factor, which includes the reputation of Monish University, high quality of education and better career outlook.

Once the purchase is made, it then comes along with satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the organization. For example, Monish University provides a good study environment, high quality education with ell trained teachers and fully academic support for students. These factors have leaded to a satisfaction after my purchase, which also creates a great impact to influences consumers to recommend the products to other people, as well as building a better reputation for the organization (Shameless, 2000). Good marketing means that the organization needs to attempt to monitor and manage customers’ buying behavior and investigate the buyer decision process. ” (Kettle et. Al. 2013, P. 207) The internal and external factors that impacted on my purchase were the need to conducting further education, information gathered room different sources based on various universities, evaluation on the advantages and attributes, and lastly engaging in post-purchase behavior.


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