Operating system is really of import package which runs on a computing machine. It controls everything of a computing machine, like it pull off its memory, it besides controls all the procedure which done on a computing machine. It besides controls all of its package and hardware. It makes the computing machine easy to understand for worlds. With the aid of operating system human can pass on with the computing machine without cognizing its linguistic communication. Computer is a useless machine without an operating system.


Operating system is a plan which allows the computing machine to run the other plans. It besides controls the public presentation of hardware and package of a computing machine.


Operating system is the anchor of a computing machine. Without an operating system computing machine nil can make. Operating system recognizes the input and processed it with the aid of direction of associating package. It manages the computing machine memory and the files on difficult disc. If there is multiuser so multiprocessing, A multitasking, A multithreading, andA real-time operating system are available for this intent. Infect there are some operating system available which allows to utilize 1000s of peoples of a computing machine.

We can understand the working of an operating system with the diagram.

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What is an Operating System

Working of operating system

Work of an operating system

When we press the button to on the computing machine the operating system must be load on it and it takes some clip to get down. It ‘s done some procedures which are as under.

ItA runs testsA to do certain everything is working absolutely.

ItA cheques for new hardware which attach to computing machine.

It thenA starts up the operating system for usage.

When it gets starts the operating system cheques and command all the hardware and package and plans which may be usage on computing machine and manage it. With this we can easy entree the cardinal processing unit ( central processing unit ) and memory. Without this a plan unable to utilize the computing machine hardware and can non done any undertaking.

The operating system ‘s undertakings, in the most general sense, autumn into six classs:

Processor direction

Memory direction

Device direction

Storage direction

Application interface

User interface

hypertext transfer protocol: //static.ddmcdn.com/gif/operating-system-architecture.gif

Phases of working of operating system

Categorization of operating system




Multi user operating system

Allows two or more than two individuals to run and utilize a same plan



Windows 2000

Multi treating operating system

Allows to run a plan on more than one CPU.



Windows 2000

Multitasking operating system

Allows more than one plan to run at the same time


Windows 2000

Multithreading operating system

Allows different parts of a individual plan to run at the same time.



Windows 2000

Real clip runing system

Responds to input immediately

Microsoft disk operating system

Types of operating system

Modern runing systems are use A Graphical User Interface, orA GUIA ( pronounced “ icky ” ) . It adjusts the operating system diagrammatically and text and icons which the operating system shows us. The names of some operating system are as fallows.


Mac OS X





Microsoft disk operating system
























Most common operating systems are

The Windows, OS X, and Linux logos

The Windows, OS X, and Linux logos

How many runing systems are available in the Pakistani market?

Answer: There are some operating system which available in Pakistani market.

All versions of Windows runing system

All versions of Mac x runing system

All versions of Linux runing system

All versions of Solaris runing system

All versions of Unix runing system

Microsoft disk operating system

Newly introduce humanoid operating system for computing machines

What is an humanoid runing system? Give some item.


This operating system largely use in the touch screen nomadic devices and besides in tablet Personal computers. This is the 1 of the most popular operating system.A Android Inc was founded in Palo Alto of California, U.S. by Andy Rubin, Rich mineworker, Nick sears and Chris White in 2003. Later Android Inc. was acquired by Google in 2005. After original release of this operating system there have been figure of updates in the original version of Android runing system.

Android Logo

Logo of Android

Android runing system is aA Linux-based operating systemA for nomadic phones.A Android was released under the ApacheA v2 unfastened beginning licence.

Android was developed byA GoogleA and theA Open Handset AllianceA ( OHA )

Android gives its operating system for the most widely deployed cellular criterions, A GSM/HSDPAA and CDMA/EV-DO.

Android will besides back up:



3GA communicating protocols, like EV-DO and HSDPA

Wireless local area network

SMS messaging


video/still digital cameras

touch screens

Global positioning system



accelerated 3D artworks

Android is a nomadic phone runing system developed by Google and used in many smartphone makers. The operating system is the package which allows your device to execute all the undertakings that it ‘s capable and does the of import occupation of usage the resources such as treating power to done some undertaking, and it runs everything swimmingly. An operating system besides determines how looks the user interface, so all phones utilizing Android. It looks really good when it comes to bill of fares and pilotage.

There are some Android latest versions.


Release Date


May 2010


December 2010

Ice Cream Sandwich

October 2011

Undertaking 2:

Provide comprehensive information about two package ‘s, which are being used in the field of Accounting and Finance.


The two of the most wanted package ‘s which usage in the field of Accounting and Finance is as under.




SAP Business one is an incorporate concern direction solution designed for turning little concerns. It is complete, integrated, extensile and genuinely low-cost package intended to run into your specific concern demands and procedures.


Histories Collectible ( A/P )

Histories Receivable ( A/R )


Audit Trail


Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )

Double-Entry Accounting



Accounting and Financials:

It pull off all of your fiscal and accounting procedures

Gross saless and Customers: A

Turn client profitableness with effectual gross revenues and chance direction

Buying and Operationss:

Automatize your full procurance procedure

Inventory and Distribution:

Manage stock list and production orders across multiple warehouses

Reporting and Administration:

Act on instant and complete information with comprehensive, real-time studies and splashboards

Increase Gross:

Fast and easy entree to real-time information from anyplace in the application helps you identify new gross revenues chances, conveying new merchandises to market rapidly, and supply business-building degrees of client support and service.

Reduce Costss

Say adieu to dearly-won ascents and insistent customizations associated with attempts to keep package compatibility.

Run on One Solution

SAP Business one includes the undermentioned built-in constituents: accounting, client relationship direction, gross revenues, fabrication, buying, banking, and stock list. Fully incorporate solutions from SAP ‘s independent package seller spouses complement bing SAP Business One functionality and farther reference your specific concern demands.

Improve Customer Relationships

Customer relationship direction weaponries your squad with relevant company-wide informations for stronger gross revenues and support.

Future-Proof Your IT Investment

Why put up with solutions you ‘ll outgrow? Eradicate slow package public presentation, outdated information, bounds on informations storage, and limitations on the figure of coincident users and locations. Derive Clearer Insight Instantly For unprecedented daily control, usage splashboards to present latest snapshots of cardinal public presentation indexs.

Be Alert to Critical Information

SAP Business One features powerful watchful functionality that is easy to set up.

Improve Efficiency

One centralized information depository dramatically boosts efficiency and provides the right information to the right people to extinguish excess informations entry.

Access Local Support

A world-wide web of qualified concern spouses provides unexcelled local support.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Take advantage of preconfigured scenes that support best concern patterns and enable easy execution so you can acquire up and running rapidly.

Support Multicurrency Transactions

Conduct concern minutess and study in multiple currencies. Talk the Language of Your Customer With the support of more than 25 linguistic communications and more than 40 states, you can pass on with clients and sellers worldwide.

SAP Business One Screenshot

Sap package working process

Procedure of utilizing

Undertaking Planing

Developing a Business Blueprint

Undertaking Realization with preparation and proving

Concluding readying

Go live

Sap package is utilizing in Unilever Pakistan LTD.


SIMMS Inventory Software can supply you with the advanced functionality you require enabling you to recover control of your net incomes. SIMMS Software has a proved path record of assisting companies of all industries manage their concern more expeditiously for over 10 old ages. We provide complete concern package systems for a diverse array of concerns.

SIMMS stock list package for little to medium concern

Features and benefits

Real-time stock list trackingA

even between multiple stores/locations

Consecutive Number Tracking

SIMMS ‘ Consecutive Number Tracking system manages an limitless sum of consecutive Numberss from the clip they are received into stock list until the clip they are issued. This information is for good recorded in the system, leting stock list control forces entree to a wealth of historical and proof information. The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking system is highly helpful when returning a faulty point to your seller or when verifying a returned point from your client.

Barcode Printing

When it comes to bring forthing barcodes, the SIMMS Barcode Module and SIMMS 2D Barcode Faculties are the smart solution-increasing efficiency while take downing costs. We besides offer complete hardware bundles and customized solutions. We understand every industry has alone demands and SIMMS offers the most sophisticated barcode, label-making faculty in the industry.

Termination Date Tracking

Assign termination day of the months to points during or instantly after having points and more.

Manufacturer Lot TrackingA

Easily and effortlessly assign points MFG batch information at the reception of goods or kitting phase so choose the tonss when required for applicable minutess

Apparel Item Matrix ( color/size/style )

Our optional SIMMS Apparel Matrix moduleA – Efficaciously manage dress and footwear manners utilizing one point figure with multiple colour and size labels With the Apparel Matrix Inventory characteristic

Item Images

With SIMMS Inventory Software you can delegate as many point images as you wish to each stock list point, so choose a default image for show in the Item Manager for easy mention.

Multi-level Classs

Adding as many classs as you require has ne’er been easier, and now you can make sub-sub-sub-categories merely as easy, supplying extra stock list point screening capablenesss within SIMMS.

Unit of measurement of Measurement Configuration

Define alone unit of measurement relationships per point. For illustration, you can configure Widget 123 to specify a box as incorporating 12 eaches in add-on to configure Widget ABC to specify a box as incorporating 24 eaches.

Shipment Method Configuration

With SIMMS, shipment methods can be configured for contact, account figure, phone Numberss and address information.

Volume Pricing and Discounts Configuration

SIMMS Inventory Management Software makes the hard undertaking of per centum monetary value price reductions based on volume purchased every bit simple as 1-2-3.

Monetary value Degrees

With SIMMS, you can delegate up to 12 alone monetary value degrees to each point so of class, delegate a monetary value degree to your client with easiness.

Tax Codes and Schedules

If you ‘re selling into different States or Counties, you may hold to roll up the revenue enhancements and go through them onto the right governments. SIMMS will allow you setup a series of revenue enhancement codifications and agendas for each country and so allow you attach a client or bill to that country so that you can bear down the right gross revenues revenue enhancement rate.

Item Code Aliases

With SIMMS, you now have the capableness of delegating your points as many assumed names as you require, and associate your assumed names to specific sellers and clients.

Multi-tier Stock Areas

Location codifications can be made up of up to a 3-character warehouse codification and up to a 10-character bin codification and can be used in many different ways.

Stock Transportation

With SIMMS, you have the freedom of reassigning points from one location to another with an easy-to-use dealing interface.

Define Automatic Reorder Points

The Re-Order Point functionality found in SIMMS stock list package provides you with a listing of merchandises and measures that are needed for stock. The recommendation is based on Re-Order Points that are setup in each Inventory Record.

Define Gross saless and Purchasing Currency and Price

Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency faculty delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting maps. Sophisticated currency direction and seamless minutess in any figure of currencies provides a planetary competitory border.

Powerful FIFO, LIFO, Average, Leaden Average and Standard Inventory Valuation Features

Easily choose the Inventory Valuation/Sale Price Method you wish to use, the options available are Standard, FIFO, LIFO, Average and Leaden Average Costing

aˆ?A Automated SKU Management and GenerationA – The SKU Configurator can be used to find the composing of the SKU figure. Selection of some characters from the point ‘s class, subcategory, seller ‘s portion figure, maker or seller will add them to the SKU figure ‘s format. Users can alternatively take that an auto-generated figure to be portion of the SKU.

Customer Tracking

Contact Information and history is a high precedence with SIMMS Inventory Software. Keep path of a contact ‘s name, reference and phone figure, e-mail reference, web references, revenue enhancement codifications, monetary value agendas, contact names, remarks, locations, default currency, gross revenues and purchase history, and other spots of of import information in the contact file.

Customer Transaction bore down

Review and bore down to the inside informations of your client minutess right from your contact item window this includes bills, gross revenues orders and quotation marks associated with the selected client, you can alsoA procedure payments for your client invoicesA right from your client item window

Vendor Transaction bore down

Review and bore down to the inside informations of your Vendor minutess right from your contact item window this includes purchase orders and grosss of goods associated with the selected seller, you can alsoA procedure payments for your grosss of goodsA right from your seller item window

Monetary value Degrees

With SIMMS, you can delegate up to 12 alone monetary value degrees to each point so of class, delegate a monetary value degree to your client with easiness.

Accounting FeaturesA


Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency faculty delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting maps. Sophisticated currency direction and seamless minutess in any figure of currencies provides a planetary competitory border.

General Ledger

The SIMMS General Ledger faculty has many powerful characteristics to assist you expeditiously pull off your general leger, including flexible accounting periods, the ability to keep non-financial information, comprehensive hunt standards, allotment entries, and the ability to see information in the signifier of saloon charts or graphs.

Histories Receivable

The SIMMS Accounts Receivable Module paths receivables, plans hard currency flow, and provides extended information and coverage characteristics to give you critical concern penetrations to be after for the hereafter.

Histories Collectible

Our SIMMS Accounts Collectible faculty provides a comprehensive solution for pull offing outgos. Beyond entering minutess and duties to sellers and creditors, Accounts Payable offers flexible cheque composing capablenesss and takes advantage of seller price reductions offered for bills paid by a price reduction due day of the month. The enlightening fiscal studies include payables aging and future hard currency demands information required for valuable concern penetrations and decision-making.

Gross saless Committees

Calculating gross revenues committees due has ne’er been easier, SIMMS can car calculated committees based on either the AR receivable or transactional methods. You will ever cognize what gross revenues committees are due to your agents and for what.


With SIMMS you can redact and add recognition card and bank histories, come ining sedimentations, reassigning financess, come ining hard currency, cheque or recognition card minutess in add-on to accommodating hard currency, checking and even recognition cards with easiness.

Fiscal Coverage

SIMMS General Ledger offers virtually limitless fiscal coverage capablenesss. These fiscal statements, back uping agendas and associated studies are critical for timely decision-making. The General Ledger faculty simplifies divisional/ departmental coverage and income statement printing within a criterion, predefined set of fiscal statements and study formats.

Flexible Chart of Account Structure

Create an history construction to suit your concern demands with up to 30 characters and 10 sections. Or take from over a twelve industry-specific charts of histories.


Maintain and enforce budgets with easiness, reassign budget sums from one history to another.

Fabrication characteristic

Servicing Software

Job Costing SoftwareA a complete service direction, occupation costing, gross acknowledgment and control system

Work Order

The SIMMS Work Order faculty provides you with complete control of the fabrication procedure and the ability to see latest work in process information. This faculty is peculiarly well-suited for companies engaged in assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order or make-to-order processing



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