The company produced the Japanese first tape recorder in 1950. * In 1952, Baku traveled to United States and heard about Bell Laboratory invention of the transistor. He convinced Bell to license the transistor technology to his Japanese company. While most American companies were researching the transistor for its military applications Baku and Marital looked to apply it for communications.

They launched one of the first transistor radios in 1955. Soon after they changed the * In 1960, the Sony Corporation of America was company name to ‘Sony. Established in the United States which was the first Japanese company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Sonny’s product portfolio includes TV&Home Cinema, Camera&camcorders, VIVO&computing, Reader e-book, home audio, portable audio, Palpitation, Memory discs & batteries, headphones, Accessory finder, Car Audio, * Other Sony products include Secondary, Sony Computer

Entertainment, Sony Ericson, Sony Music, and Sony Pictures.Televisions * During 2009, Sony implemented measures in its LCD television business aimed at strengthening operation and improving profitability, while at the same time focusing efforts on the development of appealing products. * Developed in collaboration with Google, Sony Internet TV is an exciting new generation of television that not only offers new forms of enjoyment through unprecedented Internet integration, but is also able to “evolve” through the download of applications.

They are also developing the next generation of TV display while targeting a 20% market share over a medium term. DIGITAL IMAGING * In the compact digital camera business, Sonny’s efforts are to further increase operating efficiency and heighten the appeal of its distinctive products. * Sony released two new additions to the Cyber-shot family recently, TXT and HOAX, with an Exxon R image sensor, these are the first integrated lens digital cameras in the world with Full HAD. HOME VIDEO * Sales of Sony Blue-ray Disc players in 2009 amounted to 3. 3 million units, a year- on-year Increase AT 1

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In the Japanese market, Sony took the number one share in units shipped for the first time in four years and eight months. This achievement reflected customer appreciation of the excellent sound quality and user-friendly digital music players, as well as consumer acceptance of its diverse product lineup including the hit [email protected] S series with stand-alone speakers, and the new [email protected] W series, which is a one-piece music player with built-in headphones, PC’S * In April 2010, Sony implemented organizational changes within its PC business in order to strengthen operations.

The VIVO Business Group, which is responsible for the headquarters functions of the PC business, was moved to the site of Sony EMCEES Corporation Angina ETC, which already hosts PC design, operations and manufacturing. With this move, everything from PC product planning to manufacturing occurs in one place, leading to strengthened collaboration and a more efficient structure that will support efforts to accelerate business growth. GAME * In 2009, Sony launched a new slimmer, attractively priced [email protected] (SSW) computer entertainment system in markets around the world. Sony will work to rather expand its lineup of packaged software for the platform, as well as aggressively develop network services and content, thereby enhancing the distinctive entertainment experience SSP provides. SONY ERICSON * Guided by new president Bert Unordered, Sony Ericson commenced shipments of Expires XII, its first Android-powered communications entertainment device featuring such signature applications as Timescales and Immediacies as well as Piazza, a beautifully designed touch screen Simian phone.

Both Expert XII and Visa have enjoyed a positive reception from customers around the world. Sony Erection’s focus will continue to be on returning to profitability on an annual basis, through continued transformation of its product portfolio to target mid- to high-end open operating system based models and by providing the consumer a superior user experience. SONY PICTURES * Sony Pictures Entertainment continues to be a leader in the development, production and distribution of motion pictures, television programming and online entertainment globally. One of the most exciting opportunities for content development and growth across the entertainment industry is AD. Sony Pictures is uniquely positioned as part of the Sony Group to succeed in this exciting area. The studio has an established track record in AD production, AD visual effects and motion picture releasing. * Sony Pictures Television (SPOT) had a successful year expanding its portfolio of leading international channels and continuing a strong U. S. programming lineup.

SONY MUSIC * Sonny’s music business consists of Sony Music Entertainment (SEEM), which operates worldwide outside of Japan, and Sony Music Entertainment Pan) Inc. * Seems continuing education to great artistry also yielded strong sales (SEEM) room Beyond©, the Glee franchise, Whitney Houston, Eke$ha, Alicia Keys, Kings of Leon, Leona Lewis, Maxwell, P! Ink, Shade and Carrie Underworld. Sony Corporation Overview * Sony corporation is a multi-billion company that is based in Tokyo, Japan.

It is mostly involved in manufacturing of electronics, video, communications, video game consoles and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. * Moreover, this corporation has been involved in consumer electronics since the end of the world war 2, with their vast experienced and their involvement in the market has developed the company into one of the world’s biggest ND richest companies. Sony Electronics Inc. * One of the biggest subsidiaries of Sony Corporation of America, due to its role as US Sony based electronics and entertainment involvement. The Sony Electronics headquarters is based in San Diego. * In Europe, Sonny’s consumer electronics products and services are marketed through 19 sales subsidiaries including Sony United Kingdom Limited, Sony Descendant, and Sony France. Sales of professional electronics products, electronic components, and services are made through several divisions, differentiated by product, covering all of Europe. * Sony s engaged in the development, design, manufacture, and sale of various kinds of electronic equipment, instruments, and devices for consumer and professional markets in the “Electronics” business.

Manufacturing * Their principal manufacturing facilities are located in Japan, the U. S. Mexico, Europe, and many Asia countries. * Sony are integrated manufacturers in that they have developed the skills and capabilities that inclined to do everything in- house, from their design of the device to the fabrication of integrated circuits. * To relieve pressure on their manufacturing capacity, they have also often subcontracted mom of their manufacturing work to the electronic contract manufacturers (Seems) while retaining control over the bulk of the manufacturing and distribution work.

MISSION Japanese electronics giant, Sony, has changed its mission statement several times in its history. Previously, Sonny’s mission statement was, “Become the company most Known Tort canalling ten world-wee poor-quail Image AT Japanese products * According to the 2009 annual report, their mission statement is “To become a leading global provider of networked consumer electronics, entertainment and services. Their mission is not published in sass’s annual report. VISION * Their vision is about innovation, welcome new thinking and new ideas.


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