While computerized system is less clip consuming and you can avoid mistakes. It can assist to work out jobs fast and easy. It can make classs and personal information more easy and keeps the records maintain for a longer clip.

The computerized Information System for The Lord Is My Shepherd Christian School is made for the development of their manner on how the pupils fill-up about their personal information.

TLIMS Christian School is utilizing a manual system that is really clip consuming and hard for the registrar to work out for a job. The TLIMS Christian School is help by the research workers to give computerise information system for fast and easier procedure of their personal information.


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General Objective

• Design an registration system and scaling system for TLIMS Christian School that will turn to the files and information’s.

Specific Objective

• Able to develop an easy and advanced system in fixing for the registration and garnering pupil information with velocity and truth.

• Help the registrar to work out jobs of the registration and personal pupil information utilizing Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0.

• Make the plants of the registrar fast and easy.

• Produce difficult transcripts of student’s records.

Statement of the Problem

As the advocate conducts an interview with the given forces of the company. they had encountered some jobs and those jobs serve as a usher to the research workers to construct their propose system:

• It is dearly-won clip devouring and boring.

• It is a catastrophe prone country that can impact the records and files.

• It is difficult to calculate. because of some jobs that can non work out by the human cognition.

• Unorganized maintaining of records and files.

Significance of the Study

The importance of computerize information system is to managing easy work for those who have needed it rapidly. It helps other teacher give information to pupil faster than manual system. Enhance their school in their ain system in managing there information system. And for them to suit many pupils. they need to computerise the information about the pupils. For them to do their work fast and easier than the manual system they use. Besides. computerise information system keeps records neatly and orderly.

For us research workers. computerise information system develop our certification accomplishments in garnering information in TLIMS Christian School. It besides helps to better communicating accomplishments through interviews and meetings. Think for the codifications that should set in the system so that it will run.

School History

The school started its ministry to kids in 1996 as a Sunday school category. Students were challenged. The school so continued with the vision to turn harmonizing to Lord’s clip and will. God used his retainer. in the individual of Rev. Genes J. Paderan as an instrument to open up a church and set up a church based school in Antipolo City.

In the twelvemonth 1996. the Lord blessed us to get down our school but it is limited merely to Pre-school degree at Phase I Bagong Nayon II Antipolo City.

“TLIMS” Christian School which merely means “The Lord is my Shepherd Christian School” . a private non-sectarian. pre-school and simple school. run wholly under a non-stock and non-profit. whatever small sum is realized at the terminal of the school in the signifier of betterment of installations or otherwise. TLIMS Christian School was founded with God’s counsel. His Godhead word and upon the religion of Rev. Genes J. Paderan. TLIMS Christian School end is to educate non merely the kids but to learn besides the parents through the Scripture in their day-to-day lives. It is the supplication that God will reply their supplication of an owned batch and 3 floor edifice.

Every pupil in TLIMS is taught the Bible. the life truth and is being used as foundation in constructing moral values and in prosecuting our vision: Quality instruction. Moral development and Spiritual growing based on Biblical rules geared toward academic excellence in constructing a long life worth. Our push is: Academic excellence. Deep religious raising. Love of God. state. Family. fellowmen. Enhancement of gift endowments and wholesome subject.

By the Lord’s grace and counsel. a combine attempt of the disposal. module and staff whose subject is to “Pursue Excellence in Academic. civilization and spiritually” . who are dedicated and committed foremost to the Lord. second to their work. supplying a high criterion. With all the approval we have received. we give back all the glorification and award to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mission

As a Filipino Institution of Learning-TLIMS Christian School adheres to the commissariats set by the Philippine fundamental law which states that:

All educational establishment shall take to instill nationalism and patriotism. Foster of love of humanity. regard for human rights grasp of the function of state heroes in the historical development of the state. learn the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. beef up ethical and religious values and reformation. develop moral character and personal subject. promote critical and originative thought.

Towards the realisation of these terminals. TLIMS Christian School shall offer a course of study designed and enriched to develop and transfuse in the cognition. accomplishments. involvements. wonts and trades indispensable to the meaningful development of their possible as worthy member of the church. the province. the school and the place.


Quality Education. Moral Development and Spiritual growing based on Biblical rules geared towards academic excellence as a foundation in constructing a long life worth.

Scope and Boundary line


Registration system for simple schools which besides includes information pertinent informations such as Name. Grade. Date of Birth. Topographic point of Birth. Sexual activity. Home Address. Fathers Name. Mothers Name. Occupation. School Last Attended and Address of the School. This registration system is design for the usage of the material to enable them to bring forth information required by different people.

This survey besides focused on rating system of TLIMS Christian School. The coverage of this survey is limited to nine ( 9 ) subjects merely. Below are enlisted:

• English
• Mathematicss
• Science
• Filipino
• Reading
• Computer Education
• Social Studies/ Araling Panlipunan
• Technology & A ; Livelihood Education
• Christian Living

Boundary line

The research workers limited this research to TLIMS Christian School for case. about secondary. third and vocational that concerns for other or higher are non art of the survey.

Definition of Footings

– The sacred Hagiographas of the Christian church. consisting of the old and new testaments.

Course of study
– A class. particularly of survey at school or university

– Of or refering ethical motives. justness or responsibility.

– Unusual goodness or worth.

– Tidily or skilfully.

– ( The screening of ) great love for 1s state.

Research worker
– The individual that investigate and happening the reply.

– The chance or opportunity to make. utilize or develop.

– Boring and go oning for a long clip.

School Profile

Owner: Rev. Genes J. Paderan

Started: June 8. 1993

Address: Phase I Bagong Nayon II Antipolo City

Contact Number: 09294074116

Degrees Offered: Nursery. Kinder. Preparatory and Elementary

Entire Students: 170 Students

Organizational Chart

Rev. Genes J. Paderan

Jocelyn C. Paderan

Luisa L. Del Monte

Jocelyn C. Paderan
Head Teacher

Janary V. Dollesin
Head Teacher

Luisa L. Del Monte
Teacher. Pre-shool

Roselle Z. Sarmiento
Teacher. Elementary

Mary R. Palana
Teacher. Pre-School

Dannylyn O. Penilla
Teacher. Elementary

Guendy E. Raguindin
Teacher. Pre-School

Lionel V. Lacao
Teacher. Elementary

Virginia M. Escabillas
Teacher. Elementary


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