Passport tries to answer three questions in his essay: can anyone teach, can anyone be taught, and what subjects can be taught? First, does anyone really need a teaching license to teach because one thing is to teach a subject to the student even though they learn nothing and the other for the student to actually say that they were taught something. “Teaching may be characterized as an activity aimed at the achievement of learning and practiced in such manner as to respect the student’s intellectual integrity and capacity for independent Judgment. ” Passport argues that teaching must be aimed at the achievement of learning.

He says that one cannot say they have taught someone something when the other person has learned nothing only if they have successfully taught a person a new subject can they truly say they are teaching. Second, the question comes to can anyone be truly taught. I have to say that of course everyone can be taught otherwise we would never be able to talk, walk, and do what we do If we were not taught by our parents. Passport points out that not everyone can be taught new subjects due to their lack of understanding certain subjects. “Teachers can only teach of the student Is willing to learn.

Sometimes students lack of understanding Is not the problem. Me being still In school can see that some students do not care about learning they Just do homework and score good enough on test to pass the curriculum without given much care for the class. Passport goes on to say that this can be a problem that teachers are unable to determine when a student Is having trouble learning which leads to cheating. He goes on to say that students seem to learn more outside of schools then within them, but the fact remains that schools are needed for a better education.

People cannot upend on teachers to be able to make sure that their students learn without the corporation of the student. Finally, the question of which subjects are teachable. “The logical and psychological aspects of teaching a subject as something that has a logical grammar and Is governed by logical principles In terms of which the explanation and theories distinctive of the subject are validated. ” Passport explains that some subjects that are taught are not really subjects, but more of a skill set. Some subjects we need In order to live our dally lives such as Math and English.

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If subjects are unreachable then there Is no point In teaching them to everyone. Subjects can have formal structures, which the student has to learn to accommodate themselves to and to appreciate. Concept of learning is a really big structure which must work on all parts to be able to succeed. A teacher must be able to teach a student who is willing to learn a subject that is teachable. All these things seem to play an important role in making the concept of teaching a real success and could help improve the way people teach, learn, and how thing are taught.


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