Avigale Leang is a Filipino Chinese in her early mid-thirtiess, married to an Auditor. Ms. Leang started her calling in Nielsen, Philippines as a Marketing Executive. She so moved to Ireland and held the place of a Line Manager for five old ages. In 2010, they decided to migrate to New Zealand. She was given the place of a Senior Manager in Nielsen, Takapuna. Last August, she was promoted as an Associate Director of the Marketing Department.

Overview of Nielsen

Nielsen is a transnational company found in over one 100 plus states. It provides market information acquired from a assortment of resources, extremely competitory information direction tools, chiseled analytical systems and methodological analysiss carried out by dedicated professionals so that client may work towards their coveted patterned advance.

A. Leadership Concepts



By and large, Ms. Leang positions challenges as mere chances. She even relates that she likes it to be on the top of everything that she does.

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Ms. Leang related that she maintains an “ unfastened door policy. ” She even cited that she have a “ rather affable and informal relationship ” with her squad.


Highly Motivated

Since Ms. Leang is the eldest in brood of five and has experienced fiscal trouble in the past due to loss of household concern, she is so extremely motivated. She is considered as the breadwinner of the household and geared towards supplying the fiscal wagess to her household.

Ms. Leang knows how and when to accomplish what she wants. She ever makes a timetable to steer her in carry throughing her ends. At the top of it, she ensures that she does non entirely complete the undertakings instead with winging colourss. She besides mentioned that her higher-ups are good wise mans giving simple notes to his hubby merely to thank him for maintaining up that his married woman to work beyond on the job hours. In add-on, the company all right meritocracy plan for employees who exhibits a great trade of dedication and outstanding work wonts.


Ms. Leang is self-generated and has an established background in the field of marketing peculiarly in Neilsen. Since she is considered an expert in her profession, being an Asiatic and a adult female does non impact how she delivers her occupation.


Strong Interpersonal Skills

Bing a leader of an organisation composed of a diverse squad, she stresses that she gives ample clip to cognize the background of her staff beyond the four corners of their office. In some cases, she makes it a point that she can hold a meeting over java or dinner with them.

Highly Effective Communication Skills ( Written and Oral )

Ms. Leang is good versed in Filipino, Mandarin and English. Her background provides her the chance to associate to assorted persons. In add-on, being a Marketing Alumnus from one of the topnotch schools in the Philippines, she can easy associate to coworkers, top direction and her clients.



She describes that her leading manner as authorising wherein she provides her squad the freedom to make their undertakings. She feels that their preparation is sufficient plenty to swear them that they can present the expected result.


Strong Marketing Knowledge

As a alumnus of Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management and have been working in Nielsen for about a decennary, Ms. Leang is good versed in her field. She has proven that her cognition is non confined in one state such as the Philippines given that she has worked in the same section in Ireland for five old ages and at present in New Zealand.

Contemporary development


Amidst the disadvantage of coming from a comparatively little and developing state such as Philippines, early mid-thirtiess and being a adult female, she is easy doing her manner towards the top direction of the organisation. Her singular work moralss exceeds the outlooks and ends set by her higher-ups. Consequently, it paved the manner in her calling patterned advance. At present, she has standing offers from their offices in Canada and Sydney to fall in their labour force as one of the leaders in the Marketing Department.

Restructure a support squad

Ms. Leang narrated she initiated an advanced solution during the clip that there were issues with the studies of the offshore squad. Client petition ‘s were sent to a hub and indiscriminately managed by an seaward executive. Given that circumstance, she created a undertaking such as to revamp the preparation for the offshore squad and specifically assign executives to certain clients. As a consequence, this increased answerability and higher accomplishment sets.

How the leader ‘s features relate to concern:

Leadership Concepts

Leader A

Ms. Avigale Leang

Compare and Contrast




Ms. Leang exhibits desirable behavior peculiarly being proactive and accessible. Bing a proactive leader, she sees to it that her programs are well-aligned with the company mission and achieve greater consequences with easiness. On the other manus, being an accessible leader such as Ms. Leang ensures that the organisation can bring forth a great trade of potencies and can pull off conflicting fortunes objectively.


Highly Motivated


Bing extremely motivated is the passion to work beyond money or position. Ms. Leang given her background has the strong thrust to accomplish greater things which is necessary for a leader. She possesses the optimism even in the face of failure organisational committedness.

On the other manus, assurance is a cardinal trait for a leader to achieve freedom from interior struggle and for leading to to the full be. Ms. Leang has the interior belief in her abilities to move in a dependable manner.


Highly Effective Communication Skill

Ms. Leang has extremely effectual communicating accomplishments as evident in her place as the Associate Director in a transnational company which enables her to cover with high profile clients, diverse higher-ups and multicultural squad. Hence, her extremely effectual communicating accomplishment is necessary for her to be effectual in her place and being a leader.



A goal-oriented leader is necessary to supply way and concentrate among members in line with the organisational ends. She takes on concrete programs in accomplishing her ends. By and large, in life she relates that she is ever “ playing safe. ” While in footings of deriving committedness from her squad in order to accomplish a end, she highlighted the pattern “ reward positive consequences ” and “ good pattern of meritocracy. ”


Strong Marketing Knowledge

Obviously, Ms. Leang, has an outstanding Selling background in footings of instruction and professional experience. This is required from a leader to gain regard and addition credibleness that one can present exceeding consequences.

Contemporary Development


Restructure a Support Team

Ms. Leang can be regarded as adult females of today. She is extremely competitory. She is passionate about what she is making and exemplifies the capacity to transcend the outlooks of the organisation and more of the society. A leader must guarantee that she/he is ever at least at par or stat mis in front than rivals to keep market purchase.

Ms. Leang cited that she initiated a modern-day development such as restructure a support squad. Consequently, it encouraged higher skill sets and answerability among seaward executives. This exhibits that she is willing to take on the challenge of altering how the games are being played.

The character of Ms. Leang as competitory and bring forth an advanced solution are of import in a leader. The construct of competition must be automatic along with the pressing impulse to believe outside of the box.

a. The Levels of Management and the several Leadership Styles being practiced:

Degrees of Management

Top/ Upper Management

The top/upper direction is in control of supplying way to the whole organisation. Those busying this place have a chiseled principle sing the vision of the company. In order to ease it, they are taking to construct organisational capableness.

The type of leading practiced at this degree is a combination of Autocratic and Democratic as reflected during the research workers encounter with the leader. She mentioned that she mobilise people in line with the company vision and promote engagement.

Middle Management

In-between Directors are held accountable for supplying tactical planning such as set squad ends, proctor advancement to run into declared ends, and originate disciplinary steps if needed. In add-on, they develop and implement activities in line with the vision of the whole organisation.

The type of leading practiced at this degree is Democratic. The company sees to it the inputs of the employees are considered and encourages engagement among the group. Rising from the ranks, she gives clip for mentoring Sessionss and squad edifice exercisings.

Lower- Level Management

The line directors are responsible for the day-to-day operations in which they have direct contact with possible, bing and future clients/ clients. They besides guarantee that they maintain good professional dealingss among their clients/ clients. Besides, they straight supervise employees and co-ordinate activities.

The type of leading practiced at this degree is Democratic. The company sees to it the inputs of the employees are considered and encourages engagement among the group. In the instance of Ms. Leang, she said that as a leader she does non merely depute and makes certain that she can make the things she ask of them.

How the identified leading manners relate to concern:

Degrees of Management

Existing Leadership Style

Current Thinking

Top Management


Combination of Democratic and Autocratic

As they said, there is no definite reply in specifying the most effectual leading manner. It varies from one organisation to another that focuses on the internal and external factors. However, in the present clip a combination of democratic and bossy leading manner in top direction can be deemed effectual. Democratic in footings of promoting employees engagement, shared ends and duties and doing them cognizant of the developments. On the other manus, the bossy leading manner pertains to the ability to put a boundary in the freedom of the employees to aline ends with employees ‘ public presentation.

Middle Management


Combination of Bureaucratic and Democratic leading manner is required for this degree. Since the center directors are non straight and systematically oversing the members of the squad and have assumed that the one under them are trained to present the consequences, they foster for sharing of job work outing undertakings and determination devising responsibilities. On the other manus, Bureaucratic leading manner is required in this degree since the center directors wants to guarantee that guidelines are still followed carefully by the squad.

Low Management


Bureaucratic leading is necessary in the low direction degree. This is due to the fact that the leader needs to micromanage her employees in footings of preparation to understand certain criterions and organisation policies.

Phase of Business Life Cycle:

Founded in 1923, Nielsen as a transnational company found in over one 100 states is presently at its adulthood degree. The company is able to retain a strong web of patronage for a figure of decennaries and has the possibility of spread outing to more states in twelvemonth ‘s clip. In add-on, there is a great possibility for calling patterned advance as experienced by Ms. Leang who transferred from Philippines to Ireland and to New Zealand.

Leadership manners that is most effectual for different phases in a concern life rhythm:

Business Life Cycle

Existing Leadership Style

Start Up

Telling/ Autocratic

In this stage, the concern will incur a great figure of fiscal outgo, conceptualisation stage and hiring of employees. An bossy leader is required since the freshly hired employees should be trained. Besides, there is a demand for carefully supervising of the day-to-day operations of the concern.


Selling/ Bureaucratic

During this period where the company is geting and retaining clients, there is chance that net incomes emerge. In order to go on with the patterned advance, a Bureaucratic leader is required to guarantee that modus operandis and operational policies are implemented.


Participating/ Democratic

This phase of the concern rhythm is characterized by steadiness. Stockholders can see return of investing. In this visible radiation, the leader is dynamic and at par with quickly altering environments.


Delegating/ Task Oriented

At this stage the organisation is stable and has a broad scope of clientele beyond the trueness base. In add-on, the company is in the strong place to get assets and renew concern contracts. Given this scenario, a undertaking oriented leader can guarantee that organisational ends are met within the professional constructions.

Transition/ Decline

This can be seen as passage where it is normally termed as diminution. In most instances, the working capital of the company has eroded and there is reversal of lucks.

e. Mission, vision, intent and scheme of the leader ‘s organisation:


Established in 1931, Arthur C. Nielsen defined the rules that would steer the company being a planetary leader in market research.






Monetary value




“ Our end is to assist clients do the best possible selling determinations to construct gross and net incomes. ”


“ Throughout its history, Nielsen has sought to supply its clients with nonsubjective and dependable selling information and consumer penetration that add value to their businesses. “


Nielsen as a leader in planetary market research, it provides an incorporate suite of the market information.

Across the Earth, the organisation provides their clients the followers:

Measurement ofA their market public presentation

Analysis ofA market kineticss

DiagnosisA and work out selling and gross revenues jobs, and

IdentificationA and gaining control growing chances

How the leader sees her leading feature linked into fostering the concern schemes:

Ms. Leang as a alumnus of Marketing Management who rose from the ranks, has earned regard and credibleness to present undertakings assigned to her. She narrated in the interview that she explains the vision, the ground behind it and outlooks so she can acquire the engagement from her squad. In add-on, as a client based organisation, she sees to it that her staff will acquire the necessary information to supply a trim tantrum selling suite for a distinguishable company.

g. Leadership manners that is most effectual for fostering the concern schemes:

Ms. Leang as an Associate Director who believes in authorising people is a democratic leader which is appropriate for fostering concern given the context of her organisation. As I mentioned before, no definite leading is designed to further a concern scheme. It is imperative that the individual who will supply an advice sing the most effectual leading manner is cognizant of the internal and external factors before saying the appropriate leading manner.

Part B1: Application of Leadership Concepts

Three Major Models of Change, and

McKinsey 7-S ModelA

McKinsey ‘s 7-S model is a Value Based Management ( VBM ) theoretical account that describes how one can holistically and efficaciously form a company. The corporation operates on the footing of the undermentioned factors:

Shared Value

The nucleus beliefs and attitude that the organisation base for.


Involves the working environment, professional competition and service to clients. It besides deals with the allotment of resources and designation of ends and how to transport it out in relation to organisation construction.


The organisational modus operandis, processs and procedures such as engaging public presentation assessment system and information systems.A


The human resource such as population, accomplishments, makings and personalities.


It discusses the civilization of the organisation peculiarly how the directors facilitate the accomplishment of company goals.A


Distinctive capablenesss of forces or of the organisation as a whole.

Lewin ‘s Change Management Model


In order to ease alteration, it is critical to analyze the current public presentation of the organisation. The unfreezing stage takes topographic point when you realize that there is a demand for alteration and therefore motive arise. Besides, lessening in opposition for alteration.


Changing is characterized as passage period where leaders ‘ function drama high importance since there is the demand to call up people towards the needed alteration.


This is the period where the company has achieved the coveted end or new manner of things and stabilises. In add-on, the alteration is deemed as lasting and reward desirable results.

Kotter ‘s Eight Step Change Model

Measure One: Addition urgency for alteration

Identify the crises, possible challenges or chances

Discuss and convert the employees the demand for alteration in relation to company ‘s growing or endurance

Measure Two: Make a guiding Alliance

Construct a that squad with adequate power to originate alteration

Measure Three: Develop a clear shared vision

Provides a clear way for the alteration to be achieved

Measure Four: Communicate the vision

Use every agency of communicating possible to relay and guarantee that the vision and schemes are understood by the employees

Measure Five: Empower people to move on the vision

Get rid of obstructions

Encourage people to take hazards and execute non-traditional schemes

Measure Six: Create short term Win

Plan seeable betterments so employees can witness advancement towards the end

Recognize betterments and supply wagess to employees

Measure Seven: Consolidate and construct on the additions

Geting the right set of people to implement alteration

The demand for continuity is required due to the fact that a little more alteration is necessary for accomplishing the end.

Measure Eight: Institutionalise the Change

Making the alteration permanent by linking new patterns to corporate growing

two. Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Model of Change



McKinsey ‘s 7-S Model

It is a utile diagnostic step to understand the inner mechanism of an administration such as placing the competitory purchase of the company or factors imputing to its loss. This plays high importance for directors, advisers, concern analysts and possible investors to analyze and understand.

It provides a usher for organizational alteration. The variables are connected to each other and to accomplish advancement, the direction must work on all countries.

In 1990s, the organisation who was considered effectual in relation to the model did non last. Therefore, the empirical cogency of the theoretical account became dubious and undependable.

The theoretical account can function as a usher for organisational alteration, nevertheless, the exclusive duty to work are the seven variables that extremely depends on the director who must understand and organize each one.

Kurt Lewin ‘s

Model of Change

It is simple and easy understood

Measure by measure process

Efficient theoretical account that is used today ( Mind Tools, 2007 ; Syque, 2007 ) .

Time devouring

During the refreezing phase, employees are disquieted that another alteration is nearing, so they are in alteration daze ( Syque, 2007 ) . This in bend causes employees to non be as efficient in their work.

Kotter ‘s 8-Step Change Model

The thought of success is geared towards obtaining buy-in from critical employees.

It is extremely suited for traditional organisation constructions

Since it is a top-down theoretical account, small input from everyone is non encouraged.

Consistent opposition amongst employees may crush the alteration plan.

three. Stairss in Implementing Change:

Phases in Planned Change

Acknowledge the demand for alteration.

Identify the demand for alteration such as internal or external factors. This frequently develops at the top direction or other parts of the company.

Develop the ends of the change.A

Take into history both challenges and possible chances to specify the ends.

Choose a alteration agent.A

A cardinal personality must be selected in order to originate the alteration procedure. This single must hold leading qualities and has an unfastened head to implement alteration.

Diagnose the current climate.A

The agent of alteration gathers relevant information refering to variables that can help employees in fixing for alteration.

Select an execution method.A

Leaderships should use all their resources such as webs, positions from assorted organisations, reexamining external criterions and rival ‘s purchase before geting at a determination on what method to implement.

Develop a program

This is the stage where directors create a concrete success roadmap on when, where, how and who of the program.

Implement the plan.A

Put the program in action. During the initial phases of the operation, directors should anticipate that there are drawbacks in the passage stage and well-planned eventualities are prepared in front.

Follow the program and measure it.A

The execution of the action program is non the terminal of the route. It requires rating of the old working environment, new set of guidelines or organisational alteration and the consequences of alteration. The impulse of alteration should be decently monitored by the directors and guarantee that stableness is present.

four. Measure by Step procedure to implement alteration:

Identify the job

Problem: Systemic alteration to increase work load and run into the outlooks of the ratepayers.

Variables to see:

Aging Staff

Disgruntled staff

Leader ( my co-worker ) merely took over the function from person who served for 15 old ages in the local council section.

Detect the work environment

Since my co-worker merely took over the place as the leader of a group of squads in local council section, she needs to measure the work environment and supply ample clip to understand the current behaviour of the people and how things are done. It is imperative that she earns the regard from her subsidiaries by taking them and non simply deputing.

Reassess the job

My co-worker should reevaluate the initial job that she identified. After carefully measuring the job she can supply the vision to get the better of such challenge.

Choice Change Agent/s

Since my co-worker is portion of a large organisation specifically in the authorities, it is assumed that a great figure of people are under her who is led by squad leaders. Given the figure in the section, she needs to place the alteration agents who can help her in merchandising and traveling the vision. Ideally, they are the squad leaders.

Discuss vision and promote penetrations from the group

A clear principle sing the job must be relayed to the employees for them to hold on and encompass the vision. In add-on, my co-worker should promote engagement from the members of the squad by sharing their penetrations and non-traditional schemes towards the end. Therefore, a clear and shared end is more effectual in taking alteration in organisation.

Construct the character of alteration in the signifier of a concrete action program.

Communicate the vision

A clear and shared end must make all those concerned.

Empower people

Sing the end to concentrate on systemic alteration to further effectivity in covering with increasing work load and higher outlooks by ratepayers, the demand to use and develop people with right accomplishment set is necessary.

The present work force is comprised of ageing staff. Given their experience and wisdom in covering with the section, they can easy micromanage the freshly employed staff to ease passage of a more effectual system. Their function as wise mans and adjunct squad leaders can advance positive alterations in the organisation.

Acknowledge small betterments

Given a clear and shared vision, concrete action program carried out by sceptered people, it is expected that the group of squads will be able to transport out short term wins. This can be given suited acknowledgment from the organisation.

Implement Change

The vision has reached its finish and therefore integrating it in the council ‘s civilization is the undertaking to be accomplished by my co-worker.

v. Reasons People Resist Change:


Given that my co-worker ‘s staff are comprised of ageing work force, they will most likely to defy alteration due to fear. They have been making it the certain manner with the old leader who occupied the place for 15 old ages. They might be believing that the new steps to be undertaken will non work and they may non be able to follow the new policies or they fear layoffs.


As I have mentioned given the composing of the work force, they already found their niche in the organisation given the company norms and policies. Bringing alteration to stable modus operandi or manner of making things will intend extra attempt or extremist passage for them.

No Urgency for Change

When the employees see that things are traveling good, they do non understand the ground why alteration is necessary. Therefore, it is imperative that the people know the position of the company and what is required of them to last the turning demands.


Lack of Knowledge

Awareness is a key in transfusing alteration. If you do non put importance in allowing your people know they most likely resist alteration. In add-on they do non desire to experience helpless.

Lack of trust

The leader must play importance in cognizing her squad and making a professional bond with them. Make them experience of import spouses in accomplishing the vision so as to forbear from opposition amongst them.

Heavy-handedness by leaders.

Change is a changeless portion of everyone ‘s lives yet it easy said that experienced. Consequently, leaders can do affairs worse by forcing excessively hard from the people.

six. Recommendation for a Suitable Change Model

The peculiar alteration theoretical account that I want to propose towards my co-worker is Kotter ‘s model. This peculiar theoretical account is logically and the stairss are clearly defined.

Given that she is presuming a place that was occupied for 15 old ages, we can reason that the old leader has a well-established relationship among her squad. In order for her to pull off a broad range of alteration sing marks of opposition, she needs a chiseled theoretical account of alteration to steer her.

The Role of the Leader:

In Kotter ‘s 8 Step Change Model, the leader plays the important function and less input from the people. Since she merely assumed the station, she is at the get downing stage of her leading. It is necessary that she additions alliance or construct relationships with critical employees who can be her spouses in accomplishing the ends such as addition in efficiency by pull offing work load and outlooks of revenue enhancement remunerators. In add-on these alteration agents can besides assist her win immune employees at the other terminal.

Change Schemes

Win the work force by making out, selling the vision and doing them experience active spouses in the success of the local council ( eg. Team edifice )

Recruit younger staff to be supervised by seasoned employees

Invest on technological promotions that can get by with the outlooks of the rate remunerators.

Acquisition of better computing machine systems besides requires developing the employees

Part B2: Evaluation of Leaderships from Different Organizations

Profile of the Second Business Leader

Maria Ofelia Dela Cruz is a Filipino who migrated to New Zealand in 2005. She is married to an IT professional with two adolescent childs. She is the exclusive proprietor of a retail store that offers a broad scope of Filipino Products, chiefly, nutrient. Her operations began in 2006 wherein she converted her life room as her store. Due to insistent public demand, she moved to another house with a garage to go on her concern operations until she got the chance to open her first shop in Glenfield which she named, Tindahang Pinoy. At present, she has three subdivisions such as Glenfield, Henderson and Manukau. She is pull offing five employees.

Overview of Tindahang Pinoy

Tindahang Pinoy is a little company established by Mrs. Ofelia Dela Cruz which provides a broad scope of merchandises and services such as Filipino nutrient, remittals, sub-agent of belongingss and others. It has three subdivisions found in Glenfield, Henderson and Manukau. She is presently promoting others to franchise and spread out the concern. Mrs. Dela Cruz ‘s vision is to set up a Filipino supermarket in North Shore.

Leadership Model Continuum

Tannenbaum and Schmidt ‘s leading theoretical account

Name of Leader

Leadership Model Continuum

Ms. Avigale Leang

Ms. Leang is a democratic leader. She is presently at Shares degree of leading theoretical account. She allows her squad to maps with her defined bounds.

Mrs. Ofelia Dela Cruz

Ms. Dela Cruz is a democratic leader. She is presently at Delegates place. Her shop staffs are already trained to transport out the undertaking and there is small developing necessary to be efficient in it.

Evaluation and Comparison


Large Organization

Small Organization

two. Forms of power available to each leader

Ms. Avigale Leang

Mrs. Ofelia Dela Cruz

Referent Power

Expert Power

Ms. Leang has adept power. Sing her educational making and her five old ages in Nielsen, she has proven that she is an expert in her field. Sing her patterned advance from being an executive, line director, senior director and now as Associate Director.

Legitimate Power

Bing the current Associate Director of RMS in Nieslen, she has decidedly climbed up the organisation ‘s ladder of calling success.

Mrs. Dela Cruz as the exclusive proprietor of Tindahang Pinoy has the legitimate power over operation of her shops.

Information Power

The regard she earned by presenting undertakings beyond outlooks and guaranting that a comprehensive seamster tantrum selling suite is delivered to the clients, Ms. Leang has the information power.

Bing the adult female behind a shop who carries Filipino merchandises in a foreign state, she has the information power. She knows the current market demand, competitory beginnings of monetary values, how to better her purchase and what she can make to advance enlargement such in the instance of franchise.

Reward Power

Ms. Leang has mentioned during the interview that her company patterns a good meritocracy plan. Thus she ensures that she provides employees wagess for accomplishing positive consequences.

During the interview, Mrs. Dela Cruz has mentioned that she normally reward her staff if the shop exceeds the expected gross revenues. Besides, she easy implements a salary hiking when her staff has shown great dedication and difficult work towards her occupation.

Coercive Power

three. Cultural and/or cultural factors that may hold influenced their leading

Ms. Leang as mentioned in the interview, she said that the most of import values/ethics she demonstrates as a leader is “ Practice what you preach. ” She even stressed that she earned the regard of her squad from guaranting them that she can herself transport out the undertaking and non rely entirely on deputation. Hence, she influences people by taking by illustration.

Mrs. Dela Cruz personal position on how to take her people is through swearing them that they will present the undertakings candidly and with outermost dedication.

four. The nature of the organisation the leader has evolved with and how the type of organisation did act upon their leading

Ms. Leang discussed that the organisation that she belongs to is characterized by a good meritocracy pattern and besides authorising their people. As the Associate Director, she besides ensures that she carry out the same rule in taking her people.

The nature of Mrs. Dela Cruz concern in the retail industry. Having said that, her blare is to supply first-class client service. Her rule is that she does non simply think of the clients but besides she takes attention of her employees and provides closer ties with her employees such as handling them as household instead than squad members.

Leadership Concepts

Leadership Concepts

First Leader

Ms. Avigale Leang

Second Leader

Mrs. Ofelia Dela Cruz

Compare and Contrast




Both Mrs. Dela Cruz and Ms. Leang are proactive in nature. They see life as chances for growing. They are more inclined towards being a transformational leader where they opt to accomplish things with vision and passion.

Bing a leader necessitates a high degree of aggressiveness to guarantee that you are in front or at least at par with your coevalss.


Highly Motivated


Ms. Leang is to supply a good hereafter to her siblings seeing them as her driving force. In add-on, given her background that she came from an flush household so a sudden bend of events such as loss of household concern, she feels the outpouring desire to re-establish their household. The lone manner she can comprehend of is through difficult work and doggedness to make higher evidences across the Earth. On the other manus, Mrs. Dela Cruz together with her hubby is geared towards supplying a better life to their three adolescents and with the hope of assisting more relations back place. She wants to set up her ain Filipino Supermarket in old ages clip.

Bing extremely motivated is decidedly an of import trait since you have the interior desire to accomplish greater things in front.


Strong Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Both Mrs Dela Cruz and Ms. Leang exhibit a high degree of interpersonal accomplishments in covering with their line of work. However, Ms. Leang has stronger communicating accomplishments as evident in her place as the Associate Director in a transnational company which enables her to cover with high profile clients and diverse higher-ups.



Empower people

Ms. Leang ‘s attitude toward her taking a squad is authorising wherein she provides her squad the counsel instead than ordering what she expects from them. In the instance of Mrs. Dela Cruz, she feels that needs to authorise her people so that they feel that they are confident in making their occupation.


Strong Marketing Knowledge

Sound Financial Knowledge

Both the leaders possess the expertness in transporting out the undertakings expected from them nevertheless, in a different position.

Obviously, Mrs. Dela Cruz has a sound fiscal cognition to pull off the operations of her shops. On the other manus, Ms. Leang, has a strong Selling background as required of her given that she is regarded as an expert. In this instance where undertakings are based on the demands set by the clients, she exhibits the Transactional Leadership Theory.

Contemporary developments


Hazard taker

Mrs. Dela Cruz and Ms. Leang can be regarded as adult females of today. They are passionate about what they are making and represent the capacity to transcend the outlooks of the society. Therefore, they are considered as Transformational Leaderships who are willing to take on the challenge of altering how the games are being played.


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