We are constantly distracted by emails, alerts, messages and Faceable notifications. This hinders our ability to focus our mind, sustain attention and concentrate. Experienced this myself while reading the Article “Is Google making us Stooped. ” Interrupted by a friend’s Faceable chat, I realized one hour later, I had completely forgotten about the article. When I returned back to read the article, I had to skim the paragraphs had already read to get back In the flow of concentration. This is mostly the case while reading articles or books online. To prevent distraction I often print UT the article I have to read.

The era before the Internet, a telephone or knock on the door may have interrupted my reading. The deference between then and now is that we are connected to more people online. The probability of Interruption and diversion has increased exponentially. Due to all the distractions and interruptions on the Internet our thinking capacity and power is reduced turning us into scattered and superficial thinkers. (Nicholas Carr) Because of the Internet and virtual world, teenagers and young adults are not developing their social skills. The Internet is causing them to become more outdrawn from society leading to loneliness and depression.

Research has shown that cyber bullying, bullying that takes place through technology, has Increased because of the Internet. Cyber bullying is easier than physical bullying because the bully’s identity is anonymous. Cyber Bullying is also leading to a rise in the suicide rate (Bobby Coles). Excess use of Internet causes lethargy, especially in young adults. Instead of going outdoors, children sit playing games on the computer or on social networking sites. Physical Face to face communication and Interactions have reduced; replaced by often virtual.

Another concern with the Internet is the addiction it causes. Research has shown that after drugs, the Internet is the most addictive habit! As society becomes more and more dependent on the Internet the negative effects become more apparent. Both Nicholas Carr and Coles article make us aware of the detrimental affect memory has on cognition. We need to recognize and understand these concerns and must consciously address and minimize the Impact. Citation 1 OFF (2010) Coles, Bobby. “What are the Negative Effects of the Internet and Technology? ” Inside Technology. (2012): March 14.

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