It happens every game. a participant gets hit really difficult and is injured in some kind of manner. In the current yearss of football. concussions are the most common and most unsafe hurt there is and should be given more attending to protect participants and jocks. Whether it’s short term or long term. concussions can do serious harm to jocks encephalons and in serious instances put them in the infirmary. While NFL participants shake off concussions as non being that bad. they need to be taken really earnestly as kids across the state look up to these professional participants as function theoretical accounts. Fan morale is besides declined when their favourite participants get injured and can non play because of these hurts. Awareness needs to be raised so we can set a halt to these unsafe concussions. The chief ground concussions are so unsafe is the wellness hazards associated with them. Although the large trade in the media is made for NFL participants. this issue goes through all degrees of football. Jeff Victoroff. writer of the article “Diagnosis and Treatment of Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury. ” . says that “there are about 100. 000 college participants. 1. 3 million high school participants. and 3. 5 million young person participants. ”

This shows that there is a really big sum of jocks playing football with the hazard of acquiring caput hurts really high. Victoroff elaborates by stating that “between 1. 6 million and 3. 8 million sports-related concussions occur each twelvemonth. ” The badness of these hurts range from concerns for a few hebdomads. to being placed in a wheelchair like former Duquesne University football participant Preston Plevretes has. He suffered a traumatic encephalon hurt stemming from a concussion and now has altered address. arrhythmic stairss. and a dark tunnel vision. These are merely some of the serious side effects these hurts can hold on an jock over clip. Along with the wellness hazards. concussions can do a moral diminution among the really loyal fans of the NFL. If one of a fans favourite participants is injured. this fan will non desire to watch the game any longer and experience as if the hurt to their favourite participant is the mistake of the conference non making its occupation to protect the participants. This extends beyond the current NFL participants. as many retired persons have been earnestly effected over clip by hurts and are non being taken attention of by the NFL Players Association.

The preparation staffs endure really high force per unit area to let these participants to return to action. as a really big per centum of participants will state “I’m fine” and want to travel back onto the field to complete playing the game they were already apart of. While fans want to see their participants back in action. the preparation staffs truly need to restrict their participants from acquiring injured more and do it every bit safe as possible for these participants. For the participants. acquiring concussions can caused labored dealingss and do them be even more aggressive the following clip they’re out on the field. If a participants teammate gets hit truly difficult and is injured. there is about a certain fire that will be set off inside of them to travel out and avenge their ain participants injury on the other squad.

This lone causes more hurts and will do participants have bad purposes when they go out and play the game. If participants aren’t out to ache each other and merely to play for the merriment of the game. the game will be more enjoyed by participants and fans likewise. Concussions are really serious in football and should hold more done including research and regulation devising to protect jocks. The wellness hazards associated with these hurts are really unsafe. and could set an jock in the infirmary and consequence them in the long tally. There is about a strain on fans who want to watch football for the love of the game and on the participants who are seeking their hardest to set on a good show and win the games for their loyal fans. Concussions will ne’er be expedited from football. but there is a batch that can be done to assist restrict them and non hazards participants wellness and morale.

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